Nyantarts' Creation Compendium Entries

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  1. NyanTarts

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    Nyan's Creation Compendium Entries

    Hey guys! This is where I put all my statues/creations for the Creation Compendium entry. All the creations I made were made legit, no cheats, etc, so I took my time and effort making these creations!

    This thread will update every week for new creations, so keep an eye out for them!

    CC Week: Favorite Animals
    Cat and Balloon (open)

    CC Week: Memes
    No Because Kane (open)
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  2. Enzym

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    Nice pixel art mate:)
  3. NyanTarts

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    Thanks! :D
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  4. NyanTarts

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    Now for CC Week: Memes. Took me some time to make, since it was built legit, and stuff.. So, here it is!

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  5. connery0

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    That meme made my day.
  6. TehDarkNoob

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    You should rename the thread nyantarts nyanarts.
  7. DragonFury33

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    I always want to know the origin of "No, because Kane"

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