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    Perhaps making it an overworld/underground item that's costs 8 mana, and does 10 damage + 1 for every 20 points of maximum mana you have.
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    This has been an awesome story so far. Can't wait for part 5! I agree with you on the spawn rate btw, I think it's a little sad that the corruption has such a small spawn rate.
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    I find is saddening too ):
    I find hell to be worse affected, as there is rarely any imps for you to dodge, just slimes and bats, and i miss the days when i would be mining hellstone, hear shuffling and have 3 seconds to fruitlessly jump before being destroyed by 4 bone serpents ;3, good times....
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    I'd play as Legolas, Robin Hood, or some other famous archer.

    However, I really like the LoTR theme, so I'd probably be Legolas.

    Well, I have officially made a Legolas character; however, I won't be documenting his journey.

    Now, someone should make a Gimli, who uses axes :)

    Thanks for the awesome idea!
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    The Corruption spawn rate has been in no way reduced for me. Being attacked by 8 eaters at once while skybridging to the dungeon with no weapons whatsoever can be a bit frustrating. Either way, i have you to credit for trapping them in dirt boxes.
  6. Obselescence

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    Show Spoiler

    Gandalf left off his quest previously with a goal to get into that darned Dungeon and start looting some real Magical loot. He could not make do with two spells on hand forever -- he needed to become a Wizard Extraordinaire!

    But then I remembered that Meteors start falling after you start smashing Shadow Orbs. With Meteor Armor now an amazing piece of Mage equipment (especially in combination with the Space Gun), Gandalf set his sights first on gathering a set of Wizardly Combat Armor.

    This is where I suspected that Gandalf's massive skybridge would quickly become an enormous headache. :(


    By sheer luck, Gandalf's first meteor actually fell away from his skybridge -- past the Jungle. That worked for Gandalf! He tossed some dynamite in to do the initial mining and hopped in to clean up with his Nightmare Pickaxe.


    I hadn't actually run into a Meteor Head since the 1.0.6 patch took hold, so I was prepared for the worst -- especially when I read the changelog and saw that their damage had been given a huge boost.

    Gandalf was pleasantly surprised to find out that Meteor Heads were now ridiculously slow (like, seriously, these things move at the speed of tarred molasses). And they were still pretty fragile. A direct shot with the Vilethorn was plenty enough to take one out. So long as Gandalf remained alert, there was no real danger here.

    The only real headache here was being forced to switch to the Vilethorn every time a Meteor Head got too close. By variant rules, Gandalf couldn't just sit there and let his Pickaxe mow everything down -- he needed to use magic. A little issue, but still one of those things you tend to notice when you're used to mining Meteorites nonstop with your Pickaxe.


    Woah! Gandalf had barely finished up with the first Meteorite when the message fell for a second. According to the Wiki, Meteorites have a 50% chance to fall the night after Shadow Orbs get smashed, and a 2% chance to fall for nights thereafter. If those numbers are right, then Gandalf got some pretty sweet luck in having two meteorites fall in a row.

    And even better -- the second one had landed relatively close to Gandalf's spawn point. It was again away from the skybridge! Gandalf's luck was looking up!


    Or... it was. Gandalf actually ended up dying in the second Meteorite. He got really greedy, rushed in while taking the standard contact damage from Meteorite Ore and found himself surrounded by Meteor Heads. Now, those things are ridiculously slow, but they're obviously deadly if you somehow find yourself surrounded by them. Gandalf didn't last very long at all in the small swarm of oncoming Meteor Heads.

    Now, this is all going to sound like a bald-faced lie, but basically what happened after this is that I got really confident in my ability to grab my gear back. Like, dangerously overconfident. As soon as Gandalf respawned, he ran to the Meteorite and did end up grabbing MOST of his stuff back. The main problem was that he got his stuff back doing largely the same thing that had led to his first death: running into a Meteor and getting himself surrounded by Meteor Heads.

    The situation got so frantic (since Gandalf didn't have time to get his reclaimed gear in order, so no Armor) that I had to defocus the window to pause and reassess my situation. It was basically a lost cause, and Gandalf should have by all rights died again, but what happened was that when I clicked back onto Terraria to refocus the window, I accidentally hit "Save & Exit"

    Honest truth.

    Well, of course, that bailed Gandalf out of danger and he survived when he should have died again. There was an immediate problem, however, in that he had not actually managed to pick up his Nightmare Pickaxe before exiting, so it ended up getting lost forever.

    I guess that's a good punishment for what ended up happening. Really, Gandalf should have died that second time, and I would have let him if I hadn't accidentally booted him out of the game. Losing the Nightmare Pickaxe in that light was... fair enough, I suppose. Still wish the whole debacle had never happened in the first place. No screenshot of any of this, so you'll have to take my word for it. Both times the affair caught me completely by surprise.

    Naturally, Gandalf had to go back into Corruption, break open some more Shadow Orbs and face Eater of Worlds again to replace his lost Pickaxe. Oh boy. Here comes the fourth match.


    Eater of Worlds started out pretty unthreatening and became continually easier as Gandalf upgraded his equipment. With the Vilethorn, it was pretty much a non-threat. Still, pretty fun to see Vilethorn rack up ridiculous numbers of hits like it did on Eater of Worlds. After using Water Bolt for so long, it was pretty refreshing to have alternate methods of attack.

    Though I kind of wish the whole episode had never happened, ducking back into Corruption did have a couple benefits: Gandalf found an extra Life Crystal that boosted his life up to 180, and a nifty Band of Regeneration sitting in a Gold Chest (also a Ball O' Hurt from a Shadow Orb, but Gandalf had no use for that). I guess the affair wasn't a total wash, even if it was ridiculously embarrassing on my part.


    Gandalf made out with enough Meteorite Ore from the first two Meteorites to get to full on Meteorite Armor. Lots of Meteorite all around. :p Of course, that was only the first step. Gandalf really wanted a sweet Space Gun, so he was forced to continue hunting Meteorites.

    You can see above that the third Meteorite (and, in fact, the fourth) ended up landing on his skybridge. He'd been lucky the first two times around, but inevitably some Meteorites were going to get wasted.


    Gandalf actually ended up dying AGAIN while mining the meager remains of the fourth Meteorite on his skybridge. A piece of Meteorite Ore ended up falling down below and Gandalf leaped after it.


    Can you see the problem here?

    Gandalf did not bounce when he inevitably hit the bottom of the chasm. You can be assured of that.

    Now, this was really one of my worst fears come to life. Gandalf had been ridiculously paranoid about falling to his death during his first times spelunking in the Corruption chasms, especially as a Mediumcore character. To finally end up dying from falling to a piece of METEORITE ORE was just a little disheartening.

    Seriously. Gandalf has suffered deaths more stupid and ridiculous than all of my other characters combined.

    Fortunately, Gandalf approached his death with much more common sense than his previous Meteorite "incident." Since he had a full set of Meteorite Armor before his death, the Shadow Scale Armor had been stored away in a chest. With the spare Vilethorn he had obtained earlier from a Shadow Orb, and 19 Defense's worth of Armor, Gandalf was able to farm Harpies for a Featherfall Potion with ease. He thereafter floated down into the chasm (marked by the gaping hole in the skybridge) and reclaimed his stuff with relative ease. Whew. Crisis averted.

    The good news is that as Gandalf continues to progress, shedding old gear and squirreling it away in chests, the odds that a single death will completely end his journey continue to drop. Earlier, when all Gandalf had to his name was the Water Bolt and some meager Copper gear, dying in a Corruption chasm would have probably meant the end of his journey (since I would have had to venture down with no weapons and no armor). Now that he had back-ups, complete failure was becoming more and more difficult. I'm still a little worried about what might happen if Gandalf dies in a lava pool or something, but we'll cross that bridge when we come to it.

    Are you done reading text walls about Gandalf's stupidity? I sure am done writing about them. Sorry.


    (Huh. Looks like there was some sort of minor screen-capture glitch, or maybe a glitch involved with MS Paint, that screwed things up around the torches and wood walls in Gandalf's inventory. Weird.)

    Anyhow, after some tedious nights spent waiting around for Meteorites to drop (Not completely wasted -- Gandalf spent those nights farming enough Fallen Stars to max out his Mana and save up for the Space Gun), Gandalf eventually managed to mine the necessary ore for a Space Gun!

    Yes! After his death to fiery beasts and dark bottomless pits (eerily similar to the death of that other Gandalf fellow, huh?), Gandalf had finally been reborn as a true SPACE WIZARD. Metamorphosing from Dirt Mage to Watermancer to SPACE WIZARD, Gandalf quietly grew ever stronger.

    More importantly, Gandalf now had a really solid weapon that was independent of Gandalf's Mana supply. Gandalf had been worried by the nerf that Mana Potions received in, but now he was no longer forced to rely on them in extended engagements. Excellent!

    Meteor Armor was obviously a bit less protective of Gandalf's fragile wizardly form than Shadow Scale Armor was, but it was an excellent trade-off, all said.

    With his new gear, Gandalf decided to celebrate. And what better way to celebrate than by honoring Gandalfs lost?


    When you think about it -- aren't we all victims of gravity?




    Silliness aside, Gandalf now considered himself ready to face Skeletron. He doesn't have as much life as you'd normally want, but I actually sort of like the idea of Gandalf staying at a low life over the course of his adventures. The squishy wizard and all that. 180 Life would be fine, hopefully.

    After readying the requisite Alchemical buffs (with a full stack of Lesser Mana Potions just in case Water Bolt or Vilethorn would be needed), he headed off to the Dungeon.


    Oh, uh, okay. That should make the fight with Skeletron interesting. ;)


    Gandalf downed a cocktail of Ironskin, Regeneration, Magic Power, and Thorn Potions, and decided to begin his dreaded confrontation with Saruman of Many Colours. Surprisingly, the game did not seem to think Gandalf capable of besting Sarutron in a fight. Well -- Gandalf would prove him wrong.

    I actually think it's sort of interesting that the Old Man refers to a Master in this piece of dialogue. Usually he seems to refer to his problem as a Curse. It may just be an alternate way of him saying Skeletron, but I can't help but wonder if this "Master" of his is actually something different altogether (Sauron?). I think it would be very, very interesting if Re-Logic expanded on the backstory of the Old Man. Perhaps in 1.1?




    Surprisingly, Skeletron wasn't actually all that difficult. His overall health seems to have dropped, and his hands (which are now a fair bit more fragile, I believe) are really the main thing that seem to set Skeletron apart from a more docile Eye of Cthulhu.

    Once the hands are gone, Skeletron mostly ends up hovering in position. He occasionally uses his spinny-skull-rush thingamabobber, but that's pretty easy to dodge. Once the hands are gone, Skeletron is basically a non-threat.

    On the whole, I think a lot of Terraria bosses could use some tweaks that would make them more interesting and a bit more difficult to walk right over. Currently, the combination of "ram into the player" strategies and some general nerfs made by 1.0.6 seem to have made them a little too easy.


    Well, that's all she wrote. Gandalf is now free to enter the Dungeon.


    I think I'm going to cut things off here. I know I promised that this would be the part where Gandalf would venture into the Dungeon, but a lot happened before Gandalf could actually get to the whole "Dungeon exploration" part, so I think I'll pick that up on Part 6, where I have not already written another overly-long report.

    Stay tuned!

    The tale of Gandalf: to be continued!
  7. Brohad

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    I'm enjoying this so much.... I need moar!
  8. Sage of Thyme

    Sage of Thyme Dark Caster

    These stories are awesome.

    Keep up the great work!
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    Well, I think thats a bit overpowered for an overworld chest. Maybe if the speed was toned down to normal or slow.
  10. JamesRaynor

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    If you find it early you'll likely not have any/much mana to begin with.
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    I can't believe Gandalf is more successful than my current Softcore character.
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    Still reading through this but I love it so far! I was thinking of doing an LP with my new 1.0.6 fresh start-100% natural-no added sweeteners character but I didn't feel like doing video... seeing yours here is proof that text and images work great. I may steal a page from Gandalf's playbook, sir. ;)

    (If only I'd started shooting screens right away... whoops.)
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    Wow, this is great- I'm totally staying with this :)
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    Hey, guys. Sorry this took so long. Summer's over and all that jazz.

    PART 6

    I GUESS.

    Show Spoiler


    Bravely does Gandalf venture down into the depths below. This is kind of a touchy thing for me here, since Gandalf actually ended up dying twice previously. One of those deaths ended up being to the Dungeon Guardian, but regardless -- one does not simply walk into Mordor. Or the Dungeon.



    Gandalf got into his first Wizarding Duel here. Since the Skeleton Mages seem to make use of the Water Bolt themselves, it was naturally Gandalf's choice for this battle of... magick... things.


    As it turns out, Gandalf can hurl so many more Water Bolts than Skeleton Mages. No contest!

    Of course, shortly after this, Gandalf actually fell down that chasm you see there. And he, uh, died. The Skeleton Mage may have ended up getting the last laugh after all. I'm really not sure why I keep dying to long falls in chasms -- I have a Grappling Hook. I should be able to swing my way to safety when I end up doing some unintentional skydiving.

    But for whatever reason, it doesn't work like that. Mostly when I end up falling down a chasm, my brain seizes up and all I can think is "OH WHAT." And then "Gandalf has died shows up."

    So that's pretty bleh.

    This little incident did have the good fortune to alert me to a problem I hadn't thought about earlier: I cannot afford to die in the Dungeon. Especially due to any sort of random chance. This is going to hold true for a lot of end-game areas (I definitely do not want to get melted into a pool of lava as I journey down to Hell), but the Dungeon especially. This is largely because the Dungeon is pretty mazelike for me. If I die in some deep forgotten hole down there, there is a distinct possibility that I will not be able to find my way back to my stuff, and that will not be a good thing.

    So, with the experience gained from dying in the Corruption Chasm, Gandalf farmed up some Harpies for a Featherfall Potion (thus ensuring that he could not die to another "accident") and reclaimed his stuff without further incident.

    Really glad that I got all the dying out of the way here. I don't really want to think about what would have happened if Gandalf had been splattered further into the Dungeon.



    Here's Gandalf getting one of those newfangled Golden Keys. Stupid Golden Keys -- never around when you need them. I think Gandalf passed over some three or four locked chests just trying to find this one.

    Also, let me just take this time to say that Featherfall Potion works out to be absolutely perfect for the Dungeon -- especially if you don't have those fancy accessories like Rocket Boots and Lucky Horseshoe. Not only does it protect you from "accident" falls, but it makes all the platforming and trap-dodging that the Dungeon requires about a bazillion times easier. I hadn't really cared all that much about the "floaty" effect that you get from Featherfall Potions earlier, but in the Dungeon it was mindbogglingly helpful.

    The only thing that's really keeping me from using Featherfall Potions all the time is that it's just a bit of a pain to farm Harpies for them. I guess maybe that's the point, but really -- Featherfall has proved to be just astoundingly useful. I will definitely remember it after Gandalf's grand journey.


    Aha! The Aqua Scepter. A very nice find for Gandalf. As the fourth Magic weapon of this journey, the Aqua Scepter would prove to be very useful. The "continuous spray" effect eats up a lot of Mana, but it's the closest thing Gandalf has to a Melee weapon. Now, Gandalf can afford to get up close and personal with his enemies -- as opposed to relying on his sometimes horrific aim to deal with them from afar. Excellent find indeed.

    On a completely unrelated note: Did any of you guys forget about that locked chest that was just sitting around up here on the Floating Island (back when Gandalf had first tried to hunt for Harpies)? I sure had. I was bugging out of the Dungeon to restock on Buff Potions when I finally remembered that this was up here. With the magic of a spare Golden Key, Gandalf found...


    The Lucky Horseshoe! Yeeeeesssss. It's not the Starfury (though that would have been very nice too), but it's almost essential nonetheless. No longer will I be forced to live in fear of falling victim to gravity!

    Naturally, Gandalf stuck this to his Human Foot right away.


    With the combined water pressure of about a kajillion fire hoses, Gandalf has finally put an end to the Zombie insurrection. The riots are over! Peace at last!

    Yeah, I couldn't resist playing around with the Aqua Scepter.

    But back to the Dungeon. Gandalf's not finished with it yet!


    Perfect. Though Gandalf cannot, by variant rules, use the Muramasa himself, it's an essential part of his Victory Condition (creating the Night's Edge). With this in hand, Gandalf is no longer obligated to continue exploring the Dungeon.

    But he kept it up anyway -- hopefully there would be some more treasure to be found!

    Also, let me tell you, it felt so amazing to not need Featherfall Potions. Gandalf could now jump straight off a cliff and not have to worry about it at all. That's not to say that the Featherfall's worthless (like I said above, it's really amazing if you don't have all the fancy accessories), but it was no longer necessary to hunt Harpies for Alchemical purposes.

    Good thing too. Hunting Harpies is


    For the birds.


    As it turns out, that whole "More treasure" thing was a bit of a lie. Gandalf had reaped many spoils from the Dungeon -- the full list going something like the Muramasa, Aqua Scepter, a Shadow Key (Score!), and some Life Crystals. However, after those initial jackpots, Gandalf's luck simply ran out. Again.

    Gandalf opened up quite a few Golden Chests on his continued voyages through the Dungeon, but apparently it refused to yield anything more than repeats of what Gandalf had already claimed. Now, it's not necessarily a bad thing that Gandalf has a spare Aqua Scepter, in the event of his death... But it wouldn't have hurt to find a Magic Missile or something, would it? A Magic Missile would have been really nice.

    Also, there were a couple close shaves on Gandalf's voyages through the Dungeon. I'm starting to notice that there's a "pattern" of sorts in how enemy spawns seem to work. For long stretches of the Dungeon, there will be maybe one or two Skeletons/Skeleton Mages/Dungeon Slimes that will try to harass you. Then, at some point, you run into an absolute horde of Skeletons and such that have managed to get bunched up into a single place (often with accompanying traps), and that's when it can get a little bit deadly. It's an... interesting approach to the way things are handled, I guess, but Gandalf was on the verge of death at least a couple times when he ran into supermobs of Skeletons and accompanying Mages.

    Thankfully, "boxing up" is still a totally viable way to get out of trouble. You can see Gandalf doing it above, and it ended up working out really well. As long as you can keep enemies out via block-laying, waiting it out can save you from pretty much any hairy situation. I kind of wish that there were better ways to heal than this -- but Gandalf is simply not too proud to box up in order to save his Mediumcore skin.

    In a wooden box, though. Gandalf has sworn off dirt boxes forever.


    After some more disappointing chest finds, Gandalf decided to quit while he was ahead and get out of the Dungeon. I'm a little sad that I couldn't find some of the other noted Dungeon goodies, like the Magic Missile, or the Cobalt Shield, but I felt it was time to move on. Demoralizing chest finds and the continuing threat of dying in the maze of the Dungeon contributed to this decision, but really I wanted to move Gandalf ahead. He has to finish his journey someday!

    So, yeah. I'm going to consider the Dungeon mostly finished. Maybe if some other biome ends up being a little frustrating in the future, Gandalf will try going down into the Dungeon again to dig up additional firepower -- but for now, I think he's doing fine.

    So here's his current layout up above.

    Also, Gandalf is also now looking for some suggestions on what he should tackle next -- the Underground Jungle or the Underworld. The Underworld is technically "last" in the general progression, but Gandalf has heard many... unpleasant stories about the difficulties of the Underground Jungle in 1.0.6. Also, with his sweet new Shadow Key, Gandalf would theoretically be able to ransack some excellent goodies from the Underworld (Flamelash. Flamelash. FLAMELASH).

    So if anybody wants to point Gandalf toward the next step in his journey, he's accepting suggestions.

  15. Icefire99

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    The Underworld. Definately. The enemies there are nothing he hasn't seen before, and the Flamelash Would help out IMMENSLY.
  16. caesar100

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    I'd say the Underworld for a few reasons. One, FLAMELASH (to bad it may not even spawn :( ). Two, the Underground Jungle has no stuff for you (a mage.) (what'll you do with feral claws???)
  17. JamesRaynor

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    Flamelash does not spawn in 1.06.
  18. ExplosiveCrate

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    You still need the Blade Of Grass, so you may as well head to the Jungle. Don't think you even need to go to the Underground Jungle, just get enough Spores and Stingers to make the BoG, and hightail it out of there.

    Then again, the UJ is apparently harder than the Underworld due to the Hornets...
  19. JamesRaynor

    JamesRaynor Green Slime

    It's not a magic item.
  20. caesar100

    caesar100 Yellow Slime

    Yeah it does, but not in small worlds :/

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