Pre 1.2 Obsidian Generator Help

Discussion in 'Guides' started by thetravis0916, Nov 21, 2012.

  1. thetravis0916 Green Slime

    Does anyone have plans for a obsidian generator in 1.2 i cant seem to get mine to work mine is bellow if you have a better one please post and explain how to make it.
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  2. lord_vinvis Doctor Bones

  3. Classikly Frankenstein

    In what ways is it not working?
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  4. thetravis0916 Green Slime

    It wont produce more lava the level in the tank stays the same
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  5. Tunnel King Moderator

    Here's another that doesn't use pumps: I would change it to have glass blocks around the mining area to help avoid accidents.

    Lava pumps and flows more slowly than water, sometimes you need an extra pair of pumps. Also, you could do a little bucket-brigade to take lava from your outlet level and dump it into the tank; eventually the system will get primed enough to start duping. Also, try removing the end blocks next to your outlets and let the liquid run out horizontally a bit before dropping, that seems to help the dupe rate for me.
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  6. thetravis0916 Green Slime

    I dont know if this helps any but i cleared out the lava
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  7. Tunnel King Moderator

    Again, remove the end pieces at the outlet pumps (top). When that little reservoir gets filled with liquid and covers the outlet pump, the system stops. Also, where you're standing, glass block is recommended for safety, because a pickaxe won't break glass block.
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  8. thetravis0916 Green Slime

    Thanks so much for your help!!!
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  9. thetravis0916 Green Slime

    is this what you mean?

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  10. Lone Coder Bunny

    Did you try turning it off and on again?
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  11. thetravis0916 Green Slime

    ok so my water is duplicating but i don't think that my lava is
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  12. thetravis0916 Green Slime

    Just kidding it is just alot slower than water
  13. Tunnel King Moderator

    Yes to the part about outlet pump; now the outlet won't get covered until the tank is full, then the system will stop until the level falls below the top of the pump again. It's kind of the reverse to how a sump pump or bilge pump work IRL; there, the pump starts when the liquid covers the pump and activates a float switch.

    What you did with the glass is fine. The key area is where the water and lava meet and the obsidian forms at the bottom of the tanks. When the entire system is going and you're mining the obsidian with a pickaxe, it's easy to "miss" and hit one of the surrounding blocks. The single obsidian block tends to move around in the mining area due to the differing rates that the two liquids duplicate. If you had left it as snowblock, that could have punctured a hole and made a real mess. But the glass block needs a hammer to break it, so it's safer. You could have left the rest as snowblock and that would have been fine too, but what you have there should work.
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  14. thetravis0916 Green Slime

    Thanks it works now i didnt realize how much slower lava is compared to water duplication
  15. Tunnel King Moderator

    Glad it works, and welcome to the forums. When you get a chance, you should read through the rules (tab at top of page).

    For future reference, you should post questions about game-play in this sub-forum: The Guides section (this one) is meant for posting guides about how to do things, and discussion of them. I'll ask a moderator to move this one and the gardening one over for you.
  16. lord_vinvis Doctor Bones

    Obsidian generator is fun to have, but endgame, unless for grinding building materials and money(skulls) it's pretty useless ..

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