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  1. Darkas-Pony

    Darkas-Pony Crimera

    Release date:

    Redigit said:

    The best I can give you for it's release is that it probably won't be any sooner then November, and quite possibly sometime in December.

    Red said:

    Right now, we are aiming for a December 1st release



    for letting me know!

    After Redigit revealing 2 new ores, 1 new mode called "Hardmode Corruption"(This is actually unknown, this is what he said "(I was playing around with "hardmode" corruption today. After setting the world update rate to 100x the corruption spread across a desert, through the jungle, and completely swallowed up one of the oceans. Luckily I was able to stop it on the other side of the world by planting some Hallowed Seeds. Fun times), 1 possible new set and possibly a new biome/boss we can start speculating and discussing these stuff.

    Keep in mind, this thread is to speculate and talk about these new stuff, therefore there is no need to create a thread about it, the purpose of this is to have a little nice discussion about all the new incoming stuff.

    Here links for the new stuff:

    So I will start this by throwing a question to the air, do you guys think the new armor set will be better than molten? or just mid-tier?

    I will be throwing these question to keep the thread active and try to avoid pointless arguments.

    What we know:

    New items

    • A total of 222 new items
    • Hallowed Seeds(planted to create the Hallowed Biome)
      • Obtained by destroying Demon Altars
    • New Ores:
      • Cobalt Ore
      • Mythril Ore
      • Adamantite Ore
    • New Blocks
      • Corrupt Sand
      • Purified Sand
      • Pearlstone Blocks
      • Mythril Brick
      • Cobalt Brick
    • New Sets/Tiers
      • Set of Cobalt items:
        • Cobalt Armor (re-introduction).
        • Cobalt Drill
        • Cobalt Chainsaw
        • Cobalt Sword
        • Cobalt Glaive
        • Cobalt Repeater
      • Set of Mythril items:
        • Mythril Armor
        • Mythril Drill
        • Mythril Repeater (Ranged Weapon)
        • Mythril Sword
        • Mythril Halberd
      • Set of Adamantite items:
        • Adamantite Armor
        • Adamantite Glaive
        • Adamantite Drill
        • Adamantite Chainsaw
        • Adamantite Crossbow (?)
      • Set of white/gold items:
        • Excalibur
        • Pwnhammer (likely a placeholder name)
        • Corresponding Armor
    • New Weapons:
      • Dao of Pow
        • Ying Yang Flail
      • Buster Sword
      • Clockwork Assault Rifle (fires in short bursts)
      • Shotgun
      • Megashark
      • What looks like a Grenade Launcher
    • Holy Water.
      • Also has a purple variant.
    • At least five new accessories.
    • 21 new Accessories in total
      • Light blue-colored boots
      • Light blue-colored teardrop-shaped item.
      • Some sort of rectangular device which appears to have a screen.
      • Orange-colored snorkeling headgear/ computer
      • Light blue-colored shield with a pattern on it
      • A Cape
      • A Medallion, from the looks of it.
      • A shell
      • A Holy Bottle
    • Torches can be colored when combined with gems
      • Amethyst/Purple Torch
      • Topaz/Yellow Torch
      • Sapphire/Blue Torch
      • Emerald/Green Torch
      • Ruby/Red Torch
      • Diamond/White Torch
    • A Bell
    • A Ruler
      • Creates a grid for easier building.
    • New clothing:
      • Overalls
      • Leather Shoes
    • New Grappling Hook
      • Fires very fast and has a long reach, but only one hook
    • Statues
      • Armor Stands
      • Demon/Gargoyle Statue
      • Griffin Statue
      • Angel Statue
      • Bunny Statue
      • Bird Statue
      • Slime Statue
      • Bat Statue
      • Heart Statue
      • Corrupter Statue
      • Star Statue
    • Magical Harp
      • Used as a magic weapon
      • Silver version and Gold Version
    • Two new scepters/rods
      • Rainbow Rod
      • Ice Rod
        • Creates Platforms
    • New back walls
      • Thin vertical wooden beam
      • Stone Background with wooden plank supports
      • Glass Walls
    • Wings
    • Wiring-related items
      • Wrench
        • Allows you to see wires so they don’t ugly up your stuff 24/7
      • Wires
      • Pliers
      • Levers
      • Switches
      • Pressure pads
      • Pumps
        • Allow for transport of liquids.
    • Circular stone block
    • Some sort of crystal in the underground.
    • Ammuntion
      • Crystal Bullet
      • Holy Arrow
      • Cursed Bullet
    • More Books
      • Cursed Flames
      • Crystal Storm
    • A golden Throwing Knife
    • A New Tier of Healing potions
    • Soul of Night
    • Soul of Flight
    • A red oven/stove/furnace
    • Another crafting table-like furniture piece
    New additions

    • New Biomes:
      • Hallowed Biome (anti-corruption biome)
        • Underground Hallowed Biome
        • Hallowed Desert
      • Corruption can spread further
        • Corrupted Deserts
        • Corrupted Jungles
        • Corrupted Oceans
      • Deep Corruption
    • An Orb of Light Upgrade(Looks like a fairy)
      • Can be multiple colors
    • A new lighting engine:
      • Allows for colored light.
      • Torches give off a warmer glow.
      • Lighting is now much smoother, and the overall brightness has been increased.
    • New Feature: Capable of destroying Demon Altars
    • New Feature: You can use items that you are holding with your mouse instead of just dropping it.
    • New Hotkeys:
      • Torch/Glowstick Hotkey
      • Context Sensitive Tool Key (uses tool suited for whatever you are moused over)
      • Lighting Mode Hotkey (White/Color /Retro/Trippy)
    • Smoother Transitions
      • Smoother transitions between background walls
      • Smoother transitions between certain blocks (wood and dirt, stone brick and dirt)
    • New background vista for the surface.
      • Pine forest w/ mountains
      • Sand dunes
      • Will utilize parallax
    • Random Character option
    • New Mechanic- Wiring
      • Looks like it can spawn creatures from statues.
    • New Cloud and Sun sprites
      • All, or at least close to all, armors will have female variations.
      • Requires a new character.
    • NPC Housing In-Game Help
      • Tells if a building is suitable for an NPC
      • Allows you to designate the housing of NPCs
    • Certain Items have prefixes, which grant them special buffs
      • An NPC, presumably the Goblin Scientist, will help edit these buffs
    • Items now tell their critical chance and their knockback in the tooltips.
    • New Rarity levels
      • Purple.
      • Gray
    • Changes to the max stacks of some items
    • Traps will be pre-generated underground, adding some interesting challenge.
    • Underground abandoned hovels
    • NPCs have names.
    • Something to cause you to turn into a water breathing reptile whilst underwater.
    New NPCs
    • A Total of 39 new monsters
    • New Mob: Wraith (200 HP)
    • New Mob: Giant purple floaty death hammer of doom and death
    • New Mob: Clingers (300 HP)
    • New Mob: Armored Skeleton (140 HP)
    • New Mob: Giant Bat (200 HP)
    • New Mob: Corrupt Slime (splits similar to Mother Slimes)
    • New Mob: Corrupter (400 HP)
    • New Mob: Unicorn
    • New Mob: Werewolf(could be a vanity set)
    • New Mob: Mummy
    • New Mob: Long, Wingless Dragon.
    • New Mob: Bird(looks like a seagull)
    • New Mob: Skeletal Archer
    • New Mob: Gastropod
    • New Mob: Possessed Armor
    • New Mob: Pixie
    • New Mob: Angler Fish
    • New Mob: The Hungry
    • New Mob: Illuminant Slime
    • New Mob: Mother Jungle Slime.
    • "At least" one new boss.
      • Wall of Flesh (will be in Hell)
        • 8000 Health
      • Harder versions of the pre-existing bosses
        • Skeletron Prime
          • 30,000 HP
          • Four Arms
        • The Destroyer
          • 80,000 HP
          • Doesn’t split
      • 4 new bosses in total.
      • More Mini-Bosses (stated indirectly in the IRC)
    • New NPC characters (All must be rescued)
      • Found in the dungeon, and can be injured whilst there
        • A Wizard
        • An Engineer
        • A Goblin
    New Music
    · Hallowed Biome theme
    · Underground Hallowed Biome theme
    · Underground Corruption
    · 2nd Boss theme
    · 3rd Boss theme
    Bug Fixes
    · Certain ways around the death-coin penalty have been fixed
    Process for initiating Hard Mode
    · You must summon and defeat the Wall of Flesh to start Hard Mode
    o May require the Guide Voodoo Doll
    · World will get MUCH more difficult.
    Thanks GermanJesus!
  2. Blazingmind

    Blazingmind Penguin

    I think the sword from the cobalt thing will be an upgraded nights edge, but since nights edge is OP enough, this one will add a debuff to enemys. Maybe the crafting thing would be like 1 Night's Edge + 25 mithril = 1 XXXXXX
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  3. TacoStone

    TacoStone Green Slime

    This is so awsome its almost insane, when this comes out its going to be just amazing.

    Edit: As for the new armor, im guessing the rairity is going to be comaprible to the rairity of Demonite ore, being more rare of course, without the ability to get it from boss drops. As for the power of it, to get Hellstone all you have to do is dig to hell and kill some parts of EoW to get shadow scales+demonite ore for the pick, but imagine if you had to get your full set of demonite without it being droped by bosses? Having to mine it all? I have a feeling you would have quite a bit of Hellstone before then. Also, as of now the Molten pick cant break any blocks that the nightmare pick cant, so this might be the solution.

    My guess is that its going to be better then molten, but my guess is as good as yours.
  4. Standale27

    Standale27 Cursed Skull

    I think not, Mithril and Cobalt can be found underground, and maybe even as rare as Gold or Silver... So it would probably be after Gold but before Shadow. But, if you needed say a Molten Pick to mine it, and everytime you touch Cobalt ore, you get Metallic poisioning and Mithril gave you temporary Blindness, then it would be much better than Molten.
  5. Blazingmind

    Blazingmind Penguin

    Actully, redgit said that it would only appear in the world AFTER some thing was meet, lets say hardest boss EVER, or simply getting a molten items (only said this about cobalt, but i suspect mithril will be also)
  6. Darkas-Pony

    Darkas-Pony Crimera

    Where they say that?
  7. ButterBuns

    ButterBuns Green Slime

    It will be higher than Molten
  8. Standale27

    Standale27 Cursed Skull

    Ah, I just read it, check the third page of the Dev Blog with the picture of the Cobalt Ore... Too lazy to post a link

    I found it!!
  9. Blazingmind

    Blazingmind Penguin

    In the evil desert thing (is the spelling right? i dont wanna make sand yummy >.>)
    The new ores will be placed in your world after accomplishing a specific task. You will of course have to find them on your own, though the creatures you encounter underground won't be so easy this time around...

    The hallowed seeds are one of the ways to create a new biome that will help to stop the spread of the corruption
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  10. Darkas-Pony

    Darkas-Pony Crimera

    Oh my, I didnt read that :O! finally sounds like quests.
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  11. Standale27

    Standale27 Cursed Skull

    I FOUND ITT@!!!!!!


    Yep you spelled it right, but it would be AWESOME if you could eat sand without dying... from razor sharp fragments of rocks going down your throat... -Shudder-

    Also, if you have to create a new world to get new update stuff, like the Aboveground Jungle, how do they plan to add Cobalt and Mithril? Would it just... sprout underground from stone like Mushrooms, Glowing Mushrooms, and the Alchemic Plants?

    Also, thanks a lot for creating this thread Darkas, now we can avoid the people who keep adding unneeded threads... Also, is ughmaster's 4:57 thing a meme now? Am I allowed to spread it around? On the forums?
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  12. Jackard

    Jackard Doctor Bones

    I believe you are misquoting him. The devs have stated in the past that they wished the Corruption was more threatening, that players would take more of an active role in stopping its spread.

    The quotes around hardmode implies it was a poorly chosen word communicating just how virulent the new Corruption is, not that it is somehow linked to character difficulty. (Exactly how would that work anyways?)
  13. Par4d0x

    Par4d0x Dark Caster

    I wonder if people will start replacing the pick axe with the drill. I guess it depends on how powerful the drill is and what else it can do, if it does anything else.:D
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  14. Blazingmind

    Blazingmind Penguin

    i think it will be a new boss, or you would have had to kill ALL the bosses, i hope its somthing creative, like have all the npc, kill all the bosses, and have gotten a molten pick and hamaxe, or somthing ENTIRELY new that they would add. Anyone else hopeing for a new rare enemy drop?
    OH AND, darkas, arnt ya gonna stickey this?
  15. ThatAmazingPerson

    ThatAmazingPerson Bone Serpent

    I think the new arm would be the same tier as molten, molten being melee, cobalt being ranged/magic and mithril being ranged/magic
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  16. Darkas-Pony

    Darkas-Pony Crimera

    If I see just 1 thing about the 4:57 I will start giving 1 week vacations.
  17. kirabook

    kirabook Ex-Min

    If the drill is anything like the drill in this thread *many of his suggestions 'happened' to be in the updates to come after he posted*:

    Then oil would be needed too!
  18. Darkas-Pony

    Darkas-Pony Crimera

    What do you suggest me to put there then?
  19. ButterBuns

    ButterBuns Green Slime

    *sighs about 12-year-olds on powerdrives that have nothing better to do that either piss people off because they are ignorant or just wanna troll*
    But yeah, the new sets look nice. Wondering what the event will be.
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  20. Jackard

    Jackard Doctor Bones

    I suggest posting his exact words instead of your possible misinterpretation. No offense.
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