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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Darkas-Pony, Nov 11, 2011.

  1. Ix0r

    Ix0r Green Slime

    Alright guys! Where can I download Super Mario Bros X 1.3? I can't seem to find it anywhere! I am posting this on the chat thread cause no one is replyin to my other thread about this.
  2. MCMo

    MCMo Face Monster

    It's been discontinued.
  3. Rainbow

    Rainbow Green Slime

    Its a good game.
    A good game indeed, it looks awesome for a hl engine as well.
  4. Razor Knight

    Razor Knight Mushi Ladybug

    Eden Eternal's fun. Beat up monsters with a Warrior until you're almost out of HP, then switch to a Cleric and heal yourself. Wait fifteen seconds, turn into a Warrior again, and keep beating stuff to pieces.
  5. Valanthril

    Valanthril Rikku

    You guys should really try to play Tera if you can. It really is good :p
  6. OnyxAlchemyst

    OnyxAlchemyst Bone Serpent

    So far all I've seen of Tera is pictures of lolis and graphics far out of my reach.

    Plus, in my Star Trek fleet, I am now co-communications officer and caretaker of our fleet's steam page, so I really shouldn't go messing around in other MMOs now that I actually have some obligations. :x
  7. Valanthril

    Valanthril Rikku

    Hmm :p Well everyone needs a loli char !
  8. MCMo

    MCMo Face Monster

    And... Still forever alone in Terraria...
  9. OnyxAlchemyst

    OnyxAlchemyst Bone Serpent

    I've almost always been forever alone in terraria. I didn't like playing with other people for the most part.
  10. Valanthril

    Valanthril Rikku

    I never played it alone :p
  11. MCMo

    MCMo Face Monster

    I just mean forever alone in that I'm sticking with it while everyone is moving to some new-fangled MMO.
    Onyx, Add me on steam And I shall show you the wonders of Terraria mutlipayer!
  12. OnyxAlchemyst

    OnyxAlchemyst Bone Serpent

    It's not that I have nobody to play with. It's that I have no interest in playing with others.
  13. MCMo

    MCMo Face Monster

    I understood that. It's just that I'm truly BAWS at Multiplayer. I brought back a guy who hadn't touched Terraria since last week :3
  14. OnyxAlchemyst

    OnyxAlchemyst Bone Serpent

    No offense, but I have other things to do. Plus I've still got half a dozen other games I want to finish working my way through before I go start new games, or revisit old ones.

    One of them is fallout New Vegas, so that could be quite a while.
  15. MCMo

    MCMo Face Monster

    Ha, alright. Enjoy yourself with that :D
    Today my uncle gave me a copy of MW3 AND BF3. So I might try those out. But for now good night.
  16. OnyxAlchemyst

    OnyxAlchemyst Bone Serpent

    Battlefield's better, just so you know.

    Tanks man, the tanks.
  17. MCMo

    MCMo Face Monster

  18. Voffie

    Voffie Bone Serpent

    Don't forget jumping out of jets shooting a guy in a different jet then landing in said different jet.
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  19. Rake the Vulpix

    Rake the Vulpix Green Slime

    I quite like the Starbound forums.
  20. Captain Yossarian

    Captain Yossarian Cursed Skull

    The fuck is a loli

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