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Discussion in 'Dedicated Servers' started by Pazukunous, Jun 7, 2011.

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  1. Pazukunous

    Pazukunous Doctor Bones

    Paz's Ultimate Non-Hamachi Tshock SERVER

    Check Out our First SERVER VIDEO!

    Server is up mostly all day.... EVERY THIRD DAY WILL BE SHUT DOWN FOR THE NIGHT
    Not much corruption
    Community Chests
    Adventures EVERYWHERE
    So many built things to explore
    *EDIT* I have created a vote for all those people who want to start fresh in my Terraria
    For 1.1.0
    No Greifing Instant ban no excuses
    Server IP:
    Server Owner: Paz and polk
    Pass is given when worthy....
    Non Hamachi
    To get password please state this:

    Terraria name:
    Reason to be on server:
    What you are gonna do on the server:

    *Edit* I am also looking for moderators
    to sign up please state these things

    Terraria Name:
    Accepted into server: Yes/No
    Why should I make you admin?:


    How often you will be on (please state your time zone if you have a specific time):
    Are you mature:Yes/No/Sort of I can handle it

    Do you have any other admin experience?:
    Please have 3 people to reply to this saying that they recommend you to be admin.

    Thanks for signing up to be a moderator

    I will show the acceptions once people start signing up
    I will send a private message to you showing the password

    Images of the server here
    YAR YAR YAR.jpg thing for forum.jpg RomTerraria 2011-07-09 17-29-50-59.jpg
    Edit 6/24:

    Hello everyone, this is polk(sysadmin of the server) talking;

    Wow, 34 pages? I never would have expect that from my little brother's(paz) "little project", its pretty surprising really. I never had a 34 page thread about my server! Anyway, the server is down, why? Some small XML bug and the login system isn't working properly, I've also figured that this massive server cannot run properly on my home local server... sooo.... I'm moving to a full-blown Windows dedicated server with all the jazz, updated mods, irc channel, its own website and finally A TOTALLY CLEAN NEW SERVER. Mods and ops will make a protected spawn point with protected npcs and future planning will come later.

    Problem is, this is going to be quite expensive so depending on how it goes it may or may not be temporary. I'll create a completely new thread for this announcement when the server goes up!

    "Why are you doing this?" - because over 200 people have asked for credentials and the server only averages around 5 people in peak hours - people do not favor this server. Also, its extremely unstable on my local server and unreliable... Things like random disconnecting and in-home inconveniences will not affect the health of the dedicated server.

    "I liked the old world!!" - Yeah, same here, but last poll people wanted a fresh start and well, its been getting messy lately so I have to start anew.

    "Well can you send me the old world data?" Yea sure, I'll get a link up in a bit. Be patient

    "Mods?" An entire new force of mods will be chosen in the future, BY ME. I apologize to any of Paz's friends that were promised moderator positions.

    "How long will this take?" - around a week, a week and a half tops

    "You didn't answer my question." - Well if I didn't and you have concerns, comments or questions email me at [email protected]


    polkunus and pazukunous


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  2. Terraria name: Addicted2Pistachios
    Age: 18
    Reason to be on server: It's hard to find a good stable server, the fact that you restart every three days tells me greifers won't be interested :/
    What they are gonna do on the server: Well I'm OCD as hell so I'll probably organize everything on your server after exploring.
  3. Hoffy

    Hoffy Green Slime

    Terraria name: Hoffy
    Age: 16

    Reason to be on server: To get goodies :D
    What they are gonna do on the server: Make people happy when i share :)
  4. carwes3

    carwes3 Green Slime

    Terraria name:Tom

    Reason to be on server:I like helping others
    What they are gonna do on the server:Help ppl build stuff
  5. ryokashi

    ryokashi Green Slime

    Terraria name: Ryokashi
    Age: 19
    Reason to be on server: I like to explore stuff!
    What they are gonna do on the server: Uh, explore stuff?
  6. Kommandant_Crunch

    Kommandant_Crunch Green Slime

    Terraria name: CommanderCrunch
    Age: 14
    Reason to be on server: I just want a server that isn't full of griefers or full.
    What they are gonna do on the server: Explore, build, help anyone who needs it.
  7. jaymax

    jaymax Green Slime

    Terraria name: TehNoob
    Age: 20
    Reason to be on server: I love to mine and explore.
    What they are gonna do on the server: Mine to hell... Then probably flood it if that's ok with you.
  8. Restrictd

    Restrictd Green Slime

    Terraria name: Restrictd
    Age: 19
    Reason to be on server: I'm active a lot, love to build and help new people with whatever they need! I have double of most accessories also if extras are needed!

    What they are going to do on the server? Build build build! Loot jungles for easier public access to armor!
  9. Vantage

    Vantage Green Slime

    Terraria name: VantagePoint

    Age: 16

    Reason to be on server: I'm a mature player, clan leader, and all round friendly person. I'd quite like to have a break from playing with the same people all the time (my clan), and wish to indulge myself in the social enviroment that is this lovely looking server.

    What they are gonna do on the server: Seeing as I've done everything there is to do exploration wise, i'll be building on your server, if that is okay!

    Thanks for considering my application.
  10. Kommandant_Crunch

    Kommandant_Crunch Green Slime

    Has anyone actually gotten the PW yet?
  11. Selver

    Selver Green Slime

    Terraria name:Selver
    Reason to be on server:To have fun!
    What they are gonna do on the server:Build,Mine, All of the above
  12. LiquidFiend

    LiquidFiend Green Slime

    Terraria name: LiquidFiend
    Age: 24
    Reason to be on server: Bored of playing solo
    What they are gonna do on the server: Fight, mine, give whatever I find to the other people on the server cos I don't have much interest in any items
  13. ryokashi

    ryokashi Green Slime

    It got posted half an hour ago don't be so impatient!
  14. SoupcanTactics

    SoupcanTactics Cursed Man

    Name: Clusterbomb
    Age: 23
    Reason: Expanding my horizons
    What I'll do: Help other people mine/explore
  15. JamalCook

    JamalCook Green Slime

    Terraria name: Jamal Cook
    Age: 25
    Reason to be on server: Tired of crappy servers, maybe this one will be legit...
    What they are gonna do on the server: Explore, build, tunnel..whatever everyone wants to do..mainly HAVE FUN!
  16. Judd Kirk

    Judd Kirk Green Slime

    Terraria Name: Dirtyfouts
    Age: 19
    Reason to be on server: Want to play with a group of people on a dedicated server and have fun
    What they are gonna do on the server: Explore, play legitimately (no duped items, i hate getting end game stuff right away, honestly makes the game not as fun). meet people
  17. Kommandant_Crunch

    Kommandant_Crunch Green Slime

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  18. Steve Dangelo

    Steve Dangelo Green Slime

    Terraria name: Stevenorris17
    Age: 19

    Reason to be on server: Just want to play around and have fun
    What they are gonna do on the server: Build stuff, make cool things, make monies!!!
  19. Aakif

    Aakif Green Slime

    Terraria name: Aakif
    Reason: To Have Fun and Trade
    What Theyre gonna do on the server: Not Greif Like a douche and have fun
  20. speedbump

    speedbump Green Slime

    Terraria name:speed bump
    Reason to be on server:bored of single player and want to get to know the community
    What they are gonna do on the server:mine, share items, and kill bosses
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