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  1. Kane

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    Notice: We have moved to a new channel, if you're wondering where we've gone! Info below!

    Here's the official Terraria IRC channel; come and hang out!

    For people who would like to use the web client:

    For the other people who have their own client:
    Channel: #terraria


    Official rules for the Terraria IRC Chat

    Here are the rules of thumb for proper behaviour in the Terraria IRC.
    Remember that if you have a question or need to report something, you can at any time contact Staff.

    Double-Clicking their nickname in the Nickname List on the right side of the screen should open a window to chat privately with them.
    You can also contact most of Staff at the forum:

    Short Version

    • Behave. Don’t troll, flame, bait, discriminate or harass. Common sense!
    • If you got an issue with someone, resolve it privately or report to staff if necessary.
    • Keep it PG13. No nudity/porn, gore etc. Swearing is “okay”, just keep it minimal.
    • No illegal shit, that goes for warez/piracy too. And no malware/viruses.
    • No shady stuff like sharing payment info, giving away minors’ addresses and stuff.
    • Do not impersonate staff or other public figures. If it’s really you, contact staff!
    • If someone breaks the rules, type !ops into the chat. Don’t do this otherwise!
    • If you feel unfairly treated or want to report someone, please contact other Staff about it!
    • We do not limit topics to Terraria only, but we may interfere in loud quarrels.
    • And as always, feel free to contact Staff if you have any questions!Just don’t type the !ops command unless there’s big trouble going on.

    Long Version

    Be tolerant and friendly. Don’t troll, spam, flame or otherwise act like an ass. This especially goes for harassing other users, and discrimination will not be tolerated. Baiting people into arguments isn’t any better. Use common sense!

    Problem with someone?
    Remember, if you have a problem with someone, you can either try to resolve it privately, or contact a Staff Member to resolve it. Do not start a ruckus about it!

    You can open a dedicated window for Private Messages with someone,
    by Double-Clicking their name in the Nickname List to the right.

    Alternatively, do it by typing /query nickname right into the chat window and pressing enter.
    Make sure to remember the initial slash and replace “nickname” with their nickname..

    Explicit Content
    Keep it appropriate/PG13. While we do not directly prohibit swearing, keep it minimal
    and do not post pornography, nudity, shocking content, gore, etc.

    Piracy and other illegal activities are not allowed. Keep that topic away as best you can, especially do not encourage or share it. We are strict on this.
    Also remember that IndieIRC’s official rules apply here too. Click here to see them.

    Shady or Harmful Actions
    We do not allow actions that may lead to harm.
    Do not share payment information, sensitive information about a minor (or anyone without consent), etc.

    Malware/viruses are also strictly forbidden. Keep it safe.

    Do not impersonate or make it seem like you’re someone else. We do not tolerate it, especially impersonating Staff.

    If you are rightfully one of these people and are being unfairly prohibited, please contact Staff!

    Need Help?
    If someone is breaking the rules and Staff is needed, you can type !ops into the chat and press enter. This will notify Staff that we are needed right away.

    Do not use this command otherwise, or you will be banned!

    Have a complaint?
    If you believe you have been treated unfairly by a member of Staff, you may report it to other members of the Staff. We’re here to help!

    Do not start a public argument with staff, or evade bans. Ban evasion will result in very strict punishments.

    Final Words
    Finally, please respect that this is an English-speaking channel. Google Translate is a good option if you don’t speak English well.

    You may discuss random topics in the chat, we do not limit discussion to Terraria only. However, if an argument becomes heated or offensive, staff members may intervene.

    Staff members act for the best of the community, and not for personal agendas.
    Rules are decided in consensus for what’s best for the community.

    And as always, remember that the rules above are mostly guidelines and not necessary a complete or perfect summary. That’s why common sense is the best rule!

    - Terraria IRC Staff
    Diablodoc, Spitfire, Vandarx, Redigit, Luna, Aeroblop, Marketh, Ignoritus, TrinityFlash
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  2. aavri

    aavri Cursed Skull

    in fact, if you ask them to join alpha, you will be muted and then banned if you keep on asking. So here is a fair warning now.
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  3. Kane

    Kane Administrator Staff Member

  4. Elbow

    Elbow Squirrel

    Founded by Elbow and Joey!
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  5. Mailedd

    Mailedd Green Slime

    Epic, thanks for the link.
  6. Alluvian_Est-Endrati

    Alluvian_Est-Endrati Green Slime

    Ahh, moderated IRC. Very nice.
  7. CrazyCoco

    CrazyCoco Nipple Lazers

    Is it down?
  8. Nemexus

    Nemexus Green Slime

    I was just about to ask the same. I'm assuming that it's down. =/
  9. Overload

    Overload Demon Eye

    its running :confused: You should be able to connect
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  10. Nemexus

    Nemexus Green Slime

    You sure? I just tried again and still nothing... :(
    EDIT: Fixed it. =P
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  11. Ponygon

    Ponygon Green Slime

    I know its like been down for the last 13 hours of something? WHAT GOING ON?!
  12. Nemexus

    Nemexus Green Slime

    It's working right now.
  13. Chelicerate

    Chelicerate Green Slime

    It's up. There are a bunch of us in it right now.

    Try using a non-web-based IRC client. i recommend Pidgin.
  14. Nemexus

    Nemexus Green Slime

    I recommend Internet Explorer since it's not working well with my Google Chrome. =P
  15. Ghezra

    Ghezra Green Slime

    It works fine with chrome, a common problem is when you bookmarked it, and then try to go back to it, chrome adds "#" at the end of the channel name. So you can fix this 1 of 2 ways, 1) click on the "status" tab on the top of the IRC chat window, and type "/join #terraria-fans" or 2) go into your bookmarks and hit edit, changing the "" to "".

    Have a great day!
  16. Nemexus

    Nemexus Green Slime

    Ah, thank you very much! By the way, nice artwork on Deviant Art. I'm using one of your Terraria backgrounds right now. =]
  17. Ghezra

    Ghezra Green Slime

    Thanks, I'm glad someone likes them ^_^
  18. MikeJRemley

    MikeJRemley Green Slime

    link dun work
  19. Nemexus

    Nemexus Green Slime

    Which browser are you currently running on?
  20. MikeJRemley

    MikeJRemley Green Slime

    Internet explorer 9

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