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Discussion in 'PC' started by Kane, Apr 24, 2011.

  1. MysticPing

    MysticPing Cursed Man

    And if you know a answer please tell it to me (sorry if im breaking any rule)

    <a href=""><img src="" style="border-width: 0" alt="Adopt one today!"/></a>
  2. Sebito

    Sebito Green Slime

    if you don't like PBat don't say ANYTHING bad about him cuz you'll get banned. Also don't talk back if he insults you, that will lead to a kick atleast.
  3. Ponygon

    Ponygon Green Slime

    Im trying to get on this on school :)
  4. Miner

    Miner Green Slime

    Beast, it's great that you're keeping such a close link between the dev's/testers and the player community
  5. Ponygon

    Ponygon Green Slime

    Actually I have got on it...
  6. MysticPing

    MysticPing Cursed Man

    Help i enter the IRC chat and before i talked anything i got banned! Without any reason!!!
  7. MysticPing

    MysticPing Cursed Man

    i actually lied i did not go on it i was banned before i got on to it :(
    it says like this:
    #terraria Cannot join channel (+b) - you are banned
  8. Reborg

    Reborg Green Slime

    Guys, stop talking about your bans here. It's not going to help you get unbanned. <_>"
  9. Ponygon

    Ponygon Green Slime

    I think they know. -_-
  10. MysticPing

    MysticPing Cursed Man

    I know but i got banned for no reason and there was another guy who posted hero who got unbaned
  11. TheGTAPro

    TheGTAPro Green Slime

    Terrific job on the IRC guys.
  12. Midigi

    Midigi Green Slime

    is it me or is the chat down?
  13. Bloodtake

    Bloodtake Green Slime

    No me as well!
  14. Midigi

    Midigi Green Slime

    is it down again? :/
  15. Poring

    Poring Cursed Skull

    I think it's down. But I'm rather new to it.
    It's constantly giving me errors and saying my username is in use even if I use some ridiculous random name.
  16. Skorchy

    Skorchy Green Slime

    What's the IRC network and channel it's on?
    I'd like to see if it's the webchat client, or if I can get in using a client of my own.
  17. Excitium

    Excitium Zombie

    Network: FOSSnet (
    Channel: #terraria

    Guys, the channel isn't down. Maybe you're getting redir'd to #terraria-unregged if you aren't registered.
  18. Pauleh

    Pauleh Green Slime

    y u no quakenet :(
  19. Sully

    Sully Green Slime

    I like the IRC Channel, what I do not like are intermittent "You are banned for 1600 minutes for spamming..." Can't figure it out since I've been in PM mostly, talking with other players. How is that banworthy? Not particularly upset, but I am confused.
  20. Telshin

    Telshin the Enchanter Staff Member

    Thanks for the update Kane!
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