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  1. Alizarin

    Alizarin The Groom

    The Official Terraria

    Room Rules:
    Banned Songs:
    Steam Group:

    Permanent Events

    Suggestions for 1 Hour Themes - Saturday (00:00 EST)
    Video Game Music Day [VGM Day] - Sunday (00:00 EST)

    Summary of our Plug.DJ room
    Our rooms allows most kinds of music, besides the ones on the banned list. This does not necessarily mean that you cannot be skipped for playing something not on the banned list, because if a song gets enough mehs it will be skipped. We also have moderators online 24/7 from many different time zones.


    Currently Servers Being Hosted for the Room!

    Official Terrarian.DJ Terraria Server
    Port: 8377

    Official Terrarian.DJ Minecraft Server (the irony)

    Official Terraria Mumble
    Port: 8683

    Official Terrarian.DJ ECS Gaming Teamspeak (Direct Link:

    Summary of how to use Plug.DJ:

    Thanks to the following People and Communitys:

    ECS Gaming For hosting are Teamspeak -

    2D Forts! for hosting are Minecraft and Private Terraria Server -

    Thanks to Biya for Hosting are Public Terraria Server -

    Thanks to Teehee経験 for making a PlugIn for Plug.DJ -

    Finally, Thank you Cenx and Redigit for helping with the Room and Hosting the Official Terraria Mumble!!!!

    Information Related on Future Updates and Information on Plug.DJ in General and are room:

    1.) We got a Room Spotlight Woot!!! Thanks to Luna he really represented are room well :D
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  2. Alizarin

    Alizarin The Groom

    Contest, Events, And Future Updates of are Terraria Room!
    First Contest!
    New Terraria Music Remix and Parodies!
    First Event!
    The Cult War Event!
    This Event we will be Hosting will be a war and challenge for people to work together the main goal is to gather every type of Armor Set and display them on a Mannequin each. Stealing is Fare Game in this Event and is encouraged as it spices in some true PVP aspect into this. The Rules are quiet simple:​
    1.) Don't Destroy Each others Bases​
    2.)You need a Fresh Character To join be apart of the game.​
    3.)Don't Switch teams constantly you will have to pick one team and if we see you change with out an excuse then we will kick you.​
    4.) Play to have Fun and Try to help the team out. This is a Fun Event were hosting :)
    Event Time:
    July 28,
    3 :00O'Clock PM EST
    12:00 PM PST
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  3. D3athSt3nch

    D3athSt3nch World Feeder

    Plug.DJ is a wonderful site, and i implore you all to explore it and use it as much as you can. It is a great site to share your music and listen to that of others, while also talking about any number of things.

    I am currently only a Bouncer of the Plug.DJ room, but will do my best to help the room whenever i am available
  4. Dunco

    Dunco Slimed Zombie

    Hey guys, King Luna here, I'm one of the two Co-Hosts of the room. I help manage rules, banned songs, etc. alongside Pickred as well as help new users and generally help manage the room. Feel free to join:
  5. Malaana

    Malaana Oh Canada

    I'd like to thank you for hosting the room. I've never used the site before last night, and I already love it.

    Keep up the good work.
  6. terrariaBurak

    terrariaBurak Piranha

    I like Both musics and hosting. Keep up the good work. :)
  7. D3athSt3nch

    D3athSt3nch World Feeder

    It is a great room, and im glad that you like it. I can safely say that i will be doing my best, as the other bouncers, managers, co-host's, and the host will no doubt also be able to do.
    Musics is good
  8. Dragonized

    Dragonized Illuminant Slime

    In here, we play 1950s jazz to Knife Party bass drops and chat with Redigit while at it. It's great.

    Warning: site may become addictive.
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  9. kirabook

    kirabook Ex-Min

    I think some of the stuff in the OP can go in spoilers or something... it just seems like a huge ad rather than encouraging people to join the official chat. XD
  10. Dragonized

    Dragonized Illuminant Slime

    I have to agree with kirabook, the How To's can always be covered in the site itself, not necessary to expose it all.
  11. Alizarin

    Alizarin The Groom

    True i was waiting for one of my Co Hosts to make me a summary of my room. Since i am doing stuff But the Second comment is why i made this which will be updated now :)
  12. Loki ISP

    Loki ISP Moderator Staff Member

    I'm going to spoiler it now.

    You should make a staff list for the op

    I must say it is a lot of fun spinnin tracks and spoilertrollin...I mean dropping real game info...with Red and the plugdj crew.

    Shits addictive...gonna make me miss my monthly on gw2. ;)
  13. Alerek

    Alerek Arapaima

    You need to get in here. All the cool kids are doing it.

    Please make awesome music <3
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  14. Malaana

    Malaana Oh Canada

    What do fans do? Are they just there to say that people like what you are playing?
  15. Loki ISP

    Loki ISP Moderator Staff Member

    pretty become my fan it
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  16. Dunco

    Dunco Slimed Zombie

    Don't ask for fans :p
  17. Loki ISP

    Loki ISP Moderator Staff Member

    Indeed......I'm just giving Twi shit and he knows it though. ;)
  18. Alizarin

    Alizarin The Groom

    If someone fans you while DJing you gain a point also i makes your fans stand in the front of the crowd to party with you :)
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  19. Aka1000

    Aka1000 Corruptor

    I remember when Pickred named the room after things I said in the early IRC days, you've grown from that, haven't you? Congrats!
  20. Alerek

    Alerek Arapaima in a nutshell <3 (open)

    • Hit up the best room on <3
    • Sign in with Twitters, Facebooks etc.
    • Change your name & avatar down at the bottom right of the screen.
    • Add something you like (music!! :p) to your playlist at the top left, then click join @ the bottom right~
    • Jam out to some tunes. Click "Woot!" or "Meh!" next to the DJ booth according to your tastes~
    • Songs in the History tab @ the top left should not be re-played until they are at least beyond the history of the last 50 songs.
    • Fan someone if you REALLY enjoy their stuff. You can also add the current song to your playlists at the top left. Songs in the channel history tab can also be added this way.
    • Wooting / Mehing will earn yourself a point, Woots earn that playing DJ a point, as do fanning them & adding their songs to your favorites. The more points you earn, the more avatar choices you will unlock <3
    • There are several bots in place to make life in plug more fun <3 /props or /bleh will add to a counter for the current song that does not count for points. Other bots will answer simple questions, dispense tacos, and auto-skip songs in the history.
    I think that about covers it!
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