TConfig OLD Terraria 1.1 Mod Tconfig Setup Guide

Discussion in 'Client/Server Mods + Tools' started by Klokinator, Mar 3, 2012.


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  1. Klokinator

    Klokinator Angry Nimbus

    Please note that this post will be updated with new modding information for 1.2 when I figure it out in the coming weeks. Tconfig has been discontinued and is being replaced with tAPI. Standby for new instructions at some point in the near future.

    Old instructions that don't work with the new Terraria update![/spoiler (open)
    Hey guys, Klokinator here. When I tried to learn how to install mods, the information was all jumbled up and nobody had explained very well how you would go about setting it up. In addition, the mods themselves may have jumbled or missing information on setting up their mod, leaving some newbies confused. To top it off, aside from asking around, there's no way to know which mods are worth using, which are discontinued, and etc. SO, this post will slay two birds with one stone =)

    Mods Setup Tutorial (open)

    Before we do anything else, back up all your worlds and player files, anything can be happen and it's better safe then sorry. Go to your terraria content folder (For me it's located in Libraries< Documents< My Games< Terraria, and I have windows 7.) and make a new folder there called Backup. Copy your folders into it, as some mods erase worlds whether by accident or intention. Great, now, make another folder and name it "ModPacks". We're doing this now, because why not save a little time? You'd have to do this sooner or later anyway :p

    Allll riiiight. Now, we need two things, and only two things, before we do anything else. First, download Terraria Game Launcher from that link, and then download TConfig. (Be sure and Like their posts, they deserve it!) TConfig actually comes with TGL bundled, but it's polite to give a Like to the original author, and the TGL topic may have a more up to date version.

    Okay, this is really all you need for now. Run the TGL installer first, and after doing the automated setup, run the TConfig installer.

    Now this is the part where I originally got confused. All you have to do here, provided you're using a legit Steam copy (I don't support pirates! You're on your own!) is run Terraria from Steam as you usually would. Now, it should pop up with the TGL GUI, and from there you select TConfig or the Vanilla Terraria. Success! If it didn't work at this point, ask in a post below and we'll help you out.

    Now, you want to run mods eh? Simply download a mod from the list I'll be providing below, and place the zipped folder anywhere you like, but extract the contents to the ModPacks folder. If there's an installer in the folder (Most have one) simply run the installer and you're golden. If there's a .obj, then I think you just stick that in the folder as well. If there's an actual source folder, it probably comes with a .obj as well. Stick that in the ModPacks folder.

    So now you wanna play that awesome mod with totally overpowered and ridiculously insane weapons right? Run Terraria, open TConfig with the TG Launcher, and once Terraria is up and running you will see a menu similar to this.


    Load up the TConfig settings, and you'll see something similar to this, but different depending on what mods you've installed.


    Final success! Select what mods you wants on or off, and click the Reload Mods button! Now play the game as normal and enjoy your new OP weapons xD

    External Terraria Programs (open)
    Terraria Game Launcher
    The program used to launch other programs into Terraria. You need this to run the vast majority of mods.

    TConfig + Portal Gun + Accessories 2.0
    TConfig is a multipurpose tool that lets you create mods, as well as run them. I think it has many other uses but I don't use any of them. This page also contains the Portal Gun and a bunch of additional accessory item downloads for Terraria.

    TCCL (Custom Content Loader)
    This allows you to load many files into Terraria that would not be normally possible. A good example is easily adding custom music! It is also useful for running texturepacks and multiple texturepacks.

    A powerful mod development system. However, I think it doesn't work with Terraria 1.1.2, I may be wrong about that.

    Terraria Viewer
    A cheater's heaven, this mod lets you modify anything about your character files. Names, stats, inventory, equipment, player colors, it can modify it all. I'm unsure if it works with anything other than the default terraria or if it supports modded items and weapons too.

    Game Save Editor
    Featuring a beautiful GUI and all sorts of cool features, this is as good an editor as the Terraria Viewer itself!

    Terraria Inventory Editor
    A slightly less robust inventory editor, still very usable.

    Monster Viewtool
    It just lets you see nearby enemy and NPC mobs, doesn't really do anything else.

    Terrafirma/Terraria World Viewer
    An external program that lets you modify maps in many ways.

    World Edit
    Using the features of an ingame GUI and all sorts of cool features, this mod is very handy for helping make your world sparkle!

    A very powerful world generator, editor, and all-in-1 tool.

    Maze World Generator
    Using Omnitool, generates a world that is a humongous maze! The goal in single player is to find the 5 scattered shadow orbs and destroy them. There are tons of multiplayer goals as well.

    A map creation tool which allows you to make huge changes to a map file very easily. External program, I don't think it requires any other mods to work.

    A tool for map builders, it's meant for fine tuning and tweaking, unlike TEdit which is for large scale changes.

    An older mod of sorts that came before TConfig. It may never be supported for Terraria 1.2 therefore this really is just there for show. Still, it was cool in its heyday.

    Unreleased as of this post, but it's an effort to increase the speed, efficiency, and options of Terraria. (To the mod owner, please PM me upon release and I'll update this.)

    TSL (Terraria Server List)
    A really great external program that has a list of contributed Servers to play on. However, I strongly recommend GameRanger if you really want to play Terraria multiplayer.

    T-Shock is a program/mod designed to enhance the multiplayer in Terraria in every way possible. Featuring expansive Admin commands, like kicking and banning players from your server, well worth it for anyone running a public server.

    XNB Exporter
    A program that rips files of many types from Terraria.

    I no longer list mods here, there's another topic for that purpose. I plan to start uploading videos of Terraria after 1.2 comes out, so be sure and check out my Youtube channel for many wacky antics!
  2. Klokinator

    Klokinator Angry Nimbus

    I scrolled back as far as page 9 to add as many mods as possible. From here on out, if you want more added, PM me or reply here in this topic. I have to reorganize it a bit but otherwise this is the infrastructure for our new comprehensive mod database.
  3. Sigia

    Sigia Snatcher

    I wouldn't call my "Special Goggles" OP. It takes 15 Spelunker Potions to craft. As of 0.5, it will also lessen the player's overall vision.

    EDIT: 0.5 will also (possibly) redefine how a player gets gear. On top of that, I'll be moving towards a new armor that will rival Hallow. Well, cheers on keeping the list up to date.
  4. Klokinator

    Klokinator Angry Nimbus

    Orly? I'll edit that in then.

    Edit: Fix'd.
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  5. Yoraiz0r

    Yoraiz0r The Wizard

    I just opened the spoilers here for the first time , I favorit-ed this page to my firefox hotbar , NICE WORK! @.@
    The descriptions are nicely accurate , and its all very convenient to watch.
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  6. Klokinator

    Klokinator Angry Nimbus

    I used to have a list showing all the work I've done in the past for various websites (Being a heavy posting member of around 20 communities and a mod at 1 and an admin of two others tends to make me like this) where I provided lists for them, tutorials, etc. I've been around a long time, I know my way when it comes to organizing stuff.

    hey mods, if you want to give me a tiny reward for the three hours of work I put into compiling and organizing this, may I please have a custom member title and forgo the contest altogether? Just a "Silly Klok" would make me happy, it's the one I use at every site.

    Edit: And if you think THIS list was huge, wait till you see this monster. First one I ever made, and by far the biggest.
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  7. Zetta31

    Zetta31 Demon Eye

    Wow. What can I say, thanks for the help! :) Now, if you'll excuse me, I have mods to play...
  8. W1K

    W1K Bumping into people without being here

    Pretty damn nice work with this, imo this really deserves a sticky. Also, would be nice to have every modder to add this in their modpack's thread, so ppl can easily find what they want.
  9. Purebillet

    Purebillet Yellow Slime

    Good Job! This looks very nice and tidy.

    Edit, I think you forgot Empio boss mods though
  10. Rhopalic Coward

    Rhopalic Coward Green Slime

    Security mod is outdated, the author combined it with another mod (LH Vanity Flair Kit) found here:

    It also includes Lawuara's Builder Pack from the pre 1.1 t-config days.

    A few more you missed:

    Also don't forget the Portal Mod and Accessories 2.0 from Surfpup's tconfig post.
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  11. Emcitement

    Emcitement Eskimo Zombie

    This is a great list. Hope it eventually gets stickied.

    What are the requirements to have something added on here? Simply be functional and updated to work with the latest tconfig?
  12. Klokinator

    Klokinator Angry Nimbus

    TBH, I'd really prefer if there was a way all the mod authors could find a way to swap content between all of their mods and make them a bit more... organized. For example, if someone wanted upgraded Space Armor, they'd use this mod (Unnamed, I gave it a name to be more unique), but it also has other items in it, and perhaps a person wouldn't want all those items.

    Or say, someone wanted to play the Obsidian mod, but as of this post say they didn't want all the bosses and NPC's he included, but wanted everything else? His mod is so big it sort of adds too much, IMO. Me, I want a mod that adds a whole bunch of bricks and building materials, but what if I don't want all the weapons and armors? All those spare bricks and etc are scattered around all the other mods. That's why I like Kjulo's setup, he releases a bunch of smaller themed mods, it makes sooo much more sense to me.

    Bigger =/= better. But anyway, if you wanna be on this list, it just needs to function properly and that's all that matters. If it doesn't work with TConfig, that's fine but I need to include a disclaimer mentioning that.

    Edit: Thank's Coward, for that list. I'll add all those.

    I went ahead and added all of those except that kit. It has no screenshots and no replies in the thread, therefore I cannot verify what it does or if it's legit.
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  13. Sigia

    Sigia Snatcher

    Show Spoiler

    I think that a player should make a request to the mod maker if they wanted something in specific from the mod. As a modder bent on (attempting) the betterment of Terraria, I'd be glad to separate certain aspects of my mod at the request of someone. But, being a not well known modder, I doubt I'll get any requests anytime soon. Well, back to work on 0.5. Cheers.
  14. Klokinator

    Klokinator Angry Nimbus

    After the 20th of march, I might try and help the community organize and define and name their mods a bit more clearly. Currently, naming a mod "Obsidians Mod" is alright, everyone knows what it is, but if people made the names more relevant to their content, it'd benefit themselves (People who see a descriptive name are more likely to click) and it'd benefit everyone else (People who see a descriptive name are... more likely to click xD).

    But this will be in a couple weeks.
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  15. W1K

    W1K Bumping into people without being here

    Thing is, you can't use Vampire's Blood in a recipe if Vampires spawns in another pack (taking my modpack as an example). Organizing things for modders is much esier if all is in a single modpack, I can easily balance everything without having to release 3 different modpacks every time I do a little change. If someone wants a little pack with a selection of thing separed from the normal pack, he can simply request for it.
  16. Klokinator

    Klokinator Angry Nimbus

    That would be an exception though, as it's a necessary part of the pack. But I think it was Dream who made the large pack with all those bosses in it? I'd like to class her under the Bosses category as it needs more entries, but her kit also includes a heckuva lot more than just bosses, and they aren't dependant on the bosses to get items, for the most part.

    However my solution is to remove the "Popular" category and replace it with the "Large" category. Monster hunter is a large mod, but it's Themed therefore it goes in the themed section. Large is for a big jumbled up mod with various niceties and etc.

    If a person wants their mod under multiple categories, like building and bosses, they need to make seperate packs in the post that seperate said content from each other, otherwise it'll go in the large category.

    Everyone wins =)
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  17. Emcitement

    Emcitement Eskimo Zombie

    That's exactly how I feel. I plan on doing the same thing with any mods I release so there will be a bunch of packs and people can choose just what they want rather than getting loads of content they won't even remember.
    That is, if anyone even wants to use them. I'm mostly making things for my own use.

    I don't like adding things into the game that I don't even know exist. I have nothing against the people with hundreds of items but that's just so much and without any sort of official list or wiki, it can get a bit obnoxious to even get ahold of everything in-game.

    Like with Obsidian's mod, I took out everything but the ice furniture.. unfortunately the furniture didn't work well so I removed it, but nonetheless I normally do that with any mods that have specific things I want.

    It saves the trouble of doing that if they just release smaller individual packs though and it also makes it easier to get the exact same mods any people you play multiplayer with use.
    Say everyone just wants the weapons out of one pack and no monsters or anything else.
    If every person has to edit the source themselves and just leave the weapons.. chances are someone is going to do something a tad different whether it be leave an item in or take too many out.
    And that's going to bring up errors.
    By having just a pack for "weapons" that doesn't need to be edited, then all the players can download that and not worry about getting any issues.
    Note, if the items and monsters relate to each other - like new crafting materials then what I said doesn't apply.

    Though even one-style packs can be a bit much. Like on the 'dyes and colored glass' one. I'd prefer to see the security pack and la-something's building pack as a separate mod.

    Good idea with the large category instead too.
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  18. W1K

    W1K Bumping into people without being here

    Well, my modpack actually have an official list of items and npcs with pretty much everything written (hard work of my brother, but it's worth it) but actually the problems is different. I, personally, don't like to do too big or game-changing additions, so that's why I decided to not divide my modpack in parts. If someone will request it, i'll probably split it in little packs if needed/possible.
  19. Super Weegee1

    Super Weegee1 Blazing Wheel

    I feel honored. All three of my mod topics made it here :)
  20. Sigia

    Sigia Snatcher

    Congrats on getting this thread stickified!
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