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    Firstly, if this is not allowed, I will bring it down without a problem ; )

    Note: Please understand that the only one that will see these will be the one that has them installed on their computer. If you go onto a server, no one will see it but you.

    For the program/tutorial for custom sprites (Texture packs):

    Requests are closed
    Yep, I'm done. I did far, far more than I meant to, and I've been working on my modpack.

    What is this about?
    I am creating sprite sheets based on the sprites in my thread(clicky). I do not promise I will finish all of them, and I might take a bit of time to make some. I plan on 5 every week, about, though no promises. (I basically finished them all >.>)

    And -if- the devs release anything that looks like these, and even if they would seem to be "complete ripoffs," and I do not get credit, please understand that I'm completely fine with it :D I would be honored if they were inspired in the least bit : P Though there is the possibility that we thought of doing things the exact same way (happens more often than you'd think).

    I am taking a break


    Samus (Power, Varia, Gravity Suit) *Game= Metroid series*
    Phazon Suit Samus is attached to the post for now :)

    Darth Revan (Cape and no cape versions) *Game= Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic*

    Commander Keen *Game=Commander Keen*

    Bowser (Teeth and See Players eyes) *Game=Super Mario Bros series*

    Sauron *Book/Movie= The Lord of the Rings*

    Zero *Game=MegaMan X/Rockman X Series*

    Jason *Game= Blaster Master*

    Faxanadu's Final Armor *Game= Faxanadu*

    Sailor *From=Real life profession*

    Guyver *Manga= Bioboosted Armor: Guyver*

    Black Mage *Game=Final Fantasy 1*

    Red Mage *Game=Final Fantasy 1*

    Luigi Done by Delra12
    *Game= Super Mario Bros series*
    *will have to reupload*

    Granny Miggins *Request for suggestion*

    Mario Tanooki *Game= Super Mario Bros 3*

    Crono *Game= Chrono Trigger*

    Iria *Game= Tales of Innocence*

    Spada *Game= Tales of Innocence*

    Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers
    *TV Show= Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers*

    Nightmare *Game= Soul Caliber*
    done by Re6ellion

    Ashitaka (Normal/Hooded/Normal with Arrows/ Hooded with Arrows)
    *Movie= Princess Mononoke*

    San *Movie= Princess Mononoke*

    Altair *Game= Assassin's Creed* -- Screeny
    Concept help = Scottyknows

    Gunner *Game=Disgaea 3*

    Krogan *Game = Mass Effect*

    White Mage *Game = Final Fantasy (1)*
    Screenshot Later

    Black Belt *Game = Final Fantasy (1)*
    Screenshot Later

    Fighter *Game = Final Fantasy (1)*
    Screenshot Later

    Thief *Game = Final Fantasy (1)*
    Screenshot Later

    Screenshot Later

    Planned list: (open)

    Samus (Power, Varia, Gravity) Done
    Darth Revan Done
    Commander Keen Done
    Bowser Done
    Sauron Done
    Zero Done
    Jason (Blaster Master) Done
    Spinjumper Done
    Faxanadu Done
    Sailor Done
    Guyver Done
    FF Black Mage Done
    FF Red Mage Done
    Black Done
    White Done
    Iria Done
    Spada Done
    Granny Done
    Tanooki Done
    Crono -- Done!
    Power Rangers -- Done
    Ashitaka -- Done
    San -- Done
    Altair -- Done
    Gunner (Disgaea 3) -- Done
    Krogan -- Done
    FF White Mage - Done
    FF Black Belt - Done
    FF Theif - Done
    FF Fighter - Done

    Megaman/Roll/MegamanX/Vile addicted2pistachios is making them. (clicky for his thread)

    Here are 2 awesome videos made by fellow poster Pedguin

    Edit: Yes, these are free to use (within the bounds of Terraria), though I would like credit : ) They replace the copper armor, currently

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  2. Pinkie

    Pinkie Green Slime

    Great job, but they arnt working....


  3. Omnir

    Omnir Reaper

    I think I get it, now.
    I'm betting when I uploaded them, Photobucket removed the transparent border.

    Thank you very much for the report

    Edit: Nope. Photobucket was being weird with my uploads. It added somethings to it.

    But let me know if that doesn't fix the problem
  4. HateMeh

    HateMeh Demon Eye

    photobucket occasionaly resizes things without letting you know.
    this could pretty well fuck up the sprite sheets
  5. Omnir

    Omnir Reaper

    Ahh, good to know : ) That would definitely make sense
  6. Minepow2

    Minepow2 Green Slime

    Are they fixed yet?
  7. Omnir

    Omnir Reaper

    Should be : D BUT please report any problems
    And I don't know why I wasn't alerted to your post O__o
    Uploaded Revan (cape and no cape versions)
  8. saison

    saison Blazing Wheel

    You should post at least a single screenshot of what they look like IG? Cuz idek what Revan is, I assume that he's a personal character?
  9. Omnir

    Omnir Reaper

    He is from Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic.

  10. saison

    saison Blazing Wheel

    Ohh okay. Well I love your sprites (and you *cough*) ^w^ My vote goes for the Bowser suit!
    Omnir likes this.
  11. Omnir

    Omnir Reaper

    Thank you sir : D

    I'll be working on him, soon >: }
  12. Muramasa7

    Muramasa7 Penguin

    :eek: I love zero :)
  13. Lantistos

    Lantistos Green Slime

    lol. nice work. that bowser suit will be great for my mario series :D they all look great
  14. I want to see the black mage soon. One of my favorite characters.
  15. Haed Shootar

    Haed Shootar Green Slime

    which armor do you need to wear to see it, when I'm wearing famlair items / nothing it doesn't show it so ...
  16. Omnir

    Omnir Reaper

    Both should be the copper set :)
  17. HateMeh

    HateMeh Demon Eye

    Omnir if you could make me a commander keen sprite i would be forever in your debt
  18. Omnir

    Omnir Reaper

    this guy?
    if so, that'd be turbo easy.
  19. saison

    saison Blazing Wheel

    Looks like you can just slap him in the game, as-is, lol. Might need to make some frames though.
  20. Omnir

    Omnir Reaper

    almost XD
    I'll be working on him, but sneak peak (and be honest with how you want him XD!)
    Rogue gray pixel by the heel -- ignore that. Also ignore the skin tone.
    Molos Elethros likes this.

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