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    Well, we've reached a month since we released Terraria to the public. And in that time we have seen a large thriving community grow and come together all over the Internet, especially here on TerrariaOnline. So to offer you an idea of the size of the community on a while, we share with you the following numbers.

    -By The Numbers- As of (06/16/2011)

    Copies/4Packs Sold Total - 350,000+ (Copies Owned - 432,000+)
    Days/Top Ten Sales List on Steam - 32 days
    Days/Top Ten Played List on Steam - 32 days
    Players Online at once - Peaks we have seen range from 14k to 32k a day.
    Facebook Likes - 28,773
    TerrariaOnline Members -
    YouTube Trailer Views - (Old-Gameplay) 1,181,691, (Release Trailer) 866,285

    We are very proud of these numbers and we would like to thank all of our fans and the community for the efforts they put in to spread the word of the game, and also contribute to it with suggestions and ideas.

    We want to send a special shout out to the team at Valve who help us with out with the general advice they send our way. The way they treat others is a great tribute to gamers everywhere. With so many game companies focusing more on profit, its great to see a company focusing more on the gamer themselves. And their support of indie developers offers a great shining example to other studios. It's as if they are saying, "Don't lose site of why people play a game." And that is also our guideline here at Re-Logic, as gamers ourselves, we know what we want a game to be like.

    As for what we want a game to be like, In my last Dev Blog I mentioned some things you could look forward to possibly be in 1.0.5. I would like to share some of the changelog items with you. Not all, mind you, as we like to keep some of it as a surprise of course. We are hoping everyone starts to see the concept for the game as we have envisioned it more and more with every update. As the game starts to come together and become more intuitive, lengthy and purposeful, we hope to quell any doubts some people have that the game will not be able to keep its 'staying power' and 'replayablity'.

    To that end, We give you, Hardcore Mode.
    I Mentioned it briefly in a tweet, to let everyone know it was on its way. I can verify now that It will be in 1.0.5 and it will offer to those who find themselves wanting more to do in Terraria, an option at just that. Yes, it will be an 'option' and wont be forced on everyone.
    Here are a few things I can say about it.
    • Its a Character Based option, so your HCM character can move between servers. Be careful though. As a non-HCM players grief can end your run quite easily
    • Its set at character creation and can not be toggled off for that character afterward.
    • If you Die, thats it, game over. You must start a new Character at that point. Your world however will not be effected by this. So this means you may start a new HC mode character and utilize the house/chests your last character left behind. You will also see a gravestone where your old character met his fate.
    • It really changes the way you play the game, as every action could be your last. Caution is a good thing. Also, There is more of a sense of accomplishment as you play.
    Now, for those of you who want to know what else is coming, here are a few tidbits from the change log.

    • Lighting code has been optimized to increase performance.
    • Servers now hibernate when no players are connected.
    • Bats, Hornets, and Eyeballs no longer enter water.
    • Slimes now float in water.
    • Spam detection is less aggressive.
    • New Item - Hellfire Arrow. (Boom!)
    Also, Mr. Guide has become a friend to all new players. A new feature for this helpful individual, is that now he can tell you what specific items that you 'show him' are for. This should assist new players in discovering new recipes they can't yet make.

    Furthermore, for those of you who like to know whats going on in your server, and are tired of simply seeing "MrMan was slain..." when someone else dies , will now have the satisfaction of seeing the likes of the following;
    "Blue fell to his death." or "Blue had his head ripped off by a Green Slime."

    PvP also becomes more interesting (and satisfying) with those kinds of specific death messages. :]
    Lastly I want to mention that Redigit has laid the framework for having NPC shops change their inventory after certain world events. It isn't certain yet it the new feature will be implemented in 1.0.5 or not, but its something you can all look forward to.

    Overall, we here at Re-Logic feel that offering to our players new interesting things to see and do, is the best way to keep them happy. And, by far, your happiness is important to us. 1.0.4 was hailed by almost all fans as a success, and we hope 1.0.5 will be as well. We have yet to set a date for that update, but more and more each day new things find their way into the change-log.

    (Looks at his Dev chat window) Whats that Redigit just said?... New Potions, Buffs?... Oh my.
  2. Kelp

    Kelp Moderator Staff Member

    Oh wow, you guys have gone a long way! Congrats.

    I am really looking forward to Hardcore, I am a diablo fan.
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  3. Grove

    Grove Demon Eye

  4. Litokunan

    Litokunan Green Slime

    Yay! Grats!
    Can't wait till new update.
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  5. Leefo

    Leefo Green Slime

    Wow just wow HC sounds awsome
  6. DuskHeart

    DuskHeart Green Slime

    Sweet. People above didn't read like I :p
  7. Super excited, new maps can keep you occupied for only so long.
  8. Serakh

    Serakh Green Slime

    Looking forward to hardcore mode.

    Congrats on the success!
  9. Solo

    Solo Green Slime

    I really want to see what these new buffs are... Plus defense? Plus attack? Awww yeah!
  10. MXU

    MXU Green Slime

    First of all, loving the new hellfire arrows. Second, hardcore mode might be something I try out. Third, I'm going to love seeing how people die. And fourth, I'm going to love seeing new stuff in stock from NPCS :D
  11. Zethell

    Zethell Green Slime

    Oh great, more griefing items.
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  12. Ninami

    Ninami Green Slime

    So there's no new items in HC? Not even better stats on the old gear if you obtain them in HC? I wanted a HC mode but what's the point if you won't get anything out of it?

    EDIT: Sorry didn't mean to sound mad or something, great job re-logic :p
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  13. shenalrhxc

    shenalrhxc Green Slime

    HC MODE!
  14. Arctorn

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    So, explosive arrows? OH BABY.

    Looking forward to new buff/potion info as well. Grats on the 1 month accomplishments.
  15. Stormbringer

    Stormbringer Green Slime

    Woot! Thanks for keeping us posted Blue, we all appreciate it.
  16. Daynasurr

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    Oh my! Congratulations.
    I wonder if you can hop over water if you keep being knocked back by slimes.
    Hellfire arrows!! More reason to be an Archer!! =D
  17. Mynod

    Mynod Yellow Slime

    Love that hardcore concept.
  18. XTripleJaxX

    XTripleJaxX Dark Caster

    HC is gunna fail hard because of the no restart
  19. Edeslash

    Edeslash Squirrel

    Hardcore mode is going to be THE BEST thing happened to Terraria ever so far! I'm really excited about this, finally a real reason to re-start! I'm going to play it as the post states, create a world and after every death create a new character. IMSOEXCITED
  20. saison

    saison Blazing Wheel

    Awesome. Although there should be more of a gimmick for HCM. I see some people wanting to try it, but it should have something that makes people want to create a new character for it c:

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