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Discussion in 'Released Texture Packs' started by Predator106, Dec 1, 2012.

  1. Predator106

    Predator106 Squirrel

    I'm working on a free/open source terraria clone for fun..and boy is it fun. It won't be successful or anything, but I need a texture pack for..mostly for tiles, at least so far. obviously i'll need more later on.

    But it *has* to be under a usable license like CC,CC-by-sa, something that is free as in freedom, since it's be total hypocrisy for me to make an open source game and have proprietary assets.

    Tiles are 16x16, I'll just need a png of the tiles/blocks basically, and i'll implement them accordingly...

    I was trying to use minecraft textures, but I figured what'd be better than using terraria textures for this kind of game.

    I *was* taking a look at and was interested in the look.

    I want to go for a non-pixelated/realistic look, if that description makes sense? With "natural" rainbow tiles :D

    So if somebody could point me to a texture pack that has this stuff in it and is already released..that'd be great.

    hopefully these forums are okay with me asking for such things ...
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  2. Modder35342

    Modder35342 Bunny

    I'd strongly suggest to keep your focus on the main goal and just use an existing pack as a placeholder until you develop the core engine to a degree where you can release the code and people will become really interested (think OpenTTD and its earlier use of Transport Tycoon's assets). You probably want to rethink the way you'll organize and name your assets though, because Terraria's implementation of this is rather horrible.

    Since it's highly unlikely that Terraria's dev will ever follow on his vague promise of eventually making the game open source (his credibility is not exactly what one would call unimpeachable at this point), I'm really looking forward to seeing your project released. When it does, I promise I will try to contribute as best as I can, both with coding and asset development. Good luck!
  3. Predator106

    Predator106 Squirrel

    not only that, the code is terrible (it's really amazing it even *worked*), and written in XNA and not portable.

    my code is indeed open source, check it out below, and some of my planned features. I started about a month ago (going to school and work on the side as well), and have been playing around with the framework a bit, and deciding some design decisions. The tilemap works, and can create an 8400x2600 map with only 40MB of ram usage (don't have chunk streaming yet, but neither does terraria. that'll come later anyways). I use a fragment shader to process the tilemap to the screen, so it's crazy fast. I've got block picking working as well, and movement (though it's not per-pixel just yet). I've got another dev writing the HUD/in game gui, and as I'm typing this I'm working on finishing the day/night cycle.

    after i "finish" the day/night cycle, i'm going to get started on collision and i am researching grid based water flow algorithms right now as well (yay for git branch switching ;)

    i'm thinking about using a Free minecraft texture pack, as nobody seems to want to allow anyone to use their work (which is sad honestly, especially in a modding community).

    patches..and assets welcomed ;-)

    i've also got a sound company lined up who are interested, and will do it pro bono. so now it's just me coding and art assets...except art assets are kind of a major step towards me seeing how the game behaves, in terms of code.
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  4. Gmodlol61

    Gmodlol61 Necromancer

    Oh christ, make a proper thread about this, I like what I hear.
  5. Modder35342

    Modder35342 Bunny

    You have no idea how relieved I am to see that you're actually progressing with this and that it's not the type of unrealistically optimistic blabber ("I'm gonna go build my own theme park, with blackjack and hookers!") that usually comes out of projects like this, only to go nowhere at the moment the speaker realizes that actually coding stuff and managing a project of this scale is not exactly as fun and effortless as he imagined it would be.

    I have A LOT on my plate at the moment and my coding skills are not what they used to be anyway, so I won't commit to the project this very second. But I can promise that I'll familiarize myself with and keep an eye on the code, and that I'll try to help out as soon and as much as I can, probably starting with minor things like individual sprites (I can certainly do a better sun ;) ) and code patches sometime around early January.

    About the textures, I'd still highly recommend to concentrate on what you do best and only a few people could do (engine coding) and leave the artwork and minor features for thousands of willing volunteers who don't know how to code and can't possibly help you in that area. If you need a sprite for internal testing, just test with a copyrighted sprite and then replace the public version with something quick and generic. Finding good enough artwork for a finished game will be the easiest part of the whole thing, trust me.

    Once again, good luck. I hope more people will realize that what you're trying to do is the future, and what we have here is a dying mix of unrealized potential and false promises that will flatline as soon as a handful of modders who've been keeping it on life support for a year will decide to move on to something less. . . cadaverous.
  6. Predator106

    Predator106 Squirrel

    What do you mean, a proper thread? Announce this in some other section, etc?
  7. Predator106

    Predator106 Squirrel

    Sounds good :)

    Yeah, I'm not an "idea guy", I probably should have made that clear to begin with haha, as there are a lot of people like that who for example, want to write their first game, and what do they decide to make? An MMO, lol.

    I've got several years of experience under my belt, albeit as an application developer, not a game developer. So, it's certainly a learning experience for me.
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  8. rasputin

    rasputin Blazing Wheel

    Look at all those walls of text.
  9. Gmodlol61

    Gmodlol61 Necromancer

    Yes :eek:
    This sounds awesome and I'm looking forward to it :D
  10. TheCraziestFox

    TheCraziestFox Face Monster

    Like I said in the PM, I would be willing to lend my pack to this endeavour provided you convince me you are serious with this project.
  11. Predator106

    Predator106 Squirrel

    just look at the code here as a bit of proof

    working on entity ->tilemap collision right now, just finished a bit of refactoring.
  12. TheCraziestFox

    TheCraziestFox Face Monster

    Just for the record, I am not a good coder, at all...
    I know only a little bit of C++ and I barely passed my java class. (on the second attempt...)
    Color me interested, though.
  13. Magician Xy

    Magician Xy Eskimo Zombie

    This is mostly me not understanding the idea of open source and freeness vs. freedom... Would someone explain how he can use the textures from Terraria legally at all? I'm not trying to rain on any parades or anything, just curious since I don't get it.
  14. Predator106

    Predator106 Squirrel

    I can't. And that's not what I was asking for.

    Anyways, I've got a capable artist and now a programmer helping me out.
  15. TheCraziestFox

    TheCraziestFox Face Monster

    The problem with open source is that you waive all the legal claims to your work. That's the main reason I am reluctant to release my textures as open source, because I would immediately lose any and all rights connected with them.

    He can't. That's also not what he's asking for, what he is asking is one of the spriters to provide their own textures as open source. He can't use the textures used in terraria, but the fan-made texture pack have no legal connection to terraria and therefore are free to be used without infringing upon the terraria's copyright thingies.

    You do? Awesome. I wish you guys success.
  16. Predator106

    Predator106 Squirrel

    Not exactly. You don't wave rights, you just extend them to everyone else. For example, e.g. I could at any point make my game cost money, and other people could sell it as well, just as long as they extend those rights to others, and keep my stuff open source and any changes I make.

    Also, what rights are you concerned about wrt your texture pack? I don't see what you'd have to worry about. Not like people could take them and claim them as their own. And even if they could, who cares? They'd just be ants essentially, vs. e.g. me providing credit for it.
  17. Magician Xy

    Magician Xy Eskimo Zombie

    Ah, I get it now. I misunderstood what was being asked for. I can see how using other textures based on Terraria but not the same would be legal. Thanks for the info! :cool:
  18. Modder35342

    Modder35342 Bunny

    It's nice to see you gaining members. My first attempt to compile the SDL branch under Win 7 was entirely unsuccessful, but I didn't really have enough time to dig into it. Probably some problem with the prerequisites. Did anyone else try to port this to Windows?

    Well, God forbid that someone would sincerely thank you and then try to use your icons to create free, new and interesting games enjoyed by thousands. If that ever happens, you can forget about exhibiting your unique artwork in the Louvre or about selling it for millions to some art collector. Because we know that's what going to happen to it sooner or later, right?
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  19. Morpher

    Morpher Green Slime

    "you can forget about exhibiting your unique artwork in the Louvre or about selling it for millions to some art collector. Because we know that's what going to happen to it sooner or later, right?"

    Hhahah, Yeah man, your "not yet even fully contemplated" barely starting project is going to use his masterpiece of a lifetime's work - to make Bill Gates cry in awe and sign over Microsoft Games to you, so TheCraziestFox can lose potentially billions in potential income... You know for the textures that will probably collect binary dust as soon as his Terraria attention span runs out and they just start sitting in a forgotten folder on his computer till the end of time :)

    But yeah other than the obvious retardation, he is right (;

    With that mentality wikipedia would have never even started.

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