Option to quit without saving.

Discussion in 'Suggestions Archive' started by Alethium, Jun 20, 2011.


Do you think this easy fix is worth it?

  1. Yea

  2. No

  1. Alethium

    Alethium Green Slime

    I think if they added a simple tool to go to the menu without saving, it could help a lot then having to hit control alt delete. This would also help online arena maps that need to be reset after a bunch of greifers game, just don't save when you leave, and everyone's greifed crap is gone. Also this idea could be very helpful to my online map, my spleef arena! http://www.terrariaonline.com/threads/spleef-arena-a-very-fun-game.32097/

    And it would make life easier if the host didn't have to control alt delete to get out of the game and start up the game again.

    And while adding this, why not add an opotion to save without leaving.
  2. Telepurte

    Telepurte Floaty Gross

    I support, But they should also add a save button without exiting because my computer gets bluescreens..

    Ps. You can use Alt f4 instead of alt+ctrl+delete
  3. Alethium

    Alethium Green Slime

    Hmm, I'll add that.
  4. Ps2004

    Ps2004 Cave Bat

    +1, This option should be in !
  5. Hoddmimir

    Hoddmimir Eskimo Zombie

    I say no but only because I worry it will make people not play the normal game correctly. I see your points about multiplayer but on single player people might be more willing to be reckless and then not worry about the consequences. We can haz happy mediums?
  6. Mataclysm

    Mataclysm Piranha

    This would just make it easier to duplicate items. No.

    There's an autosave option now, which in my experience so far is very effective.
  7. xamuli

    xamuli Green Slime

    Why does it matter that people duplicate items? People hack the items or download maps with all items anyway.
  8. cpy

    cpy Green Slime

    If it wasn't implemented from the start then it's obviously not the way the devs ever meant it to be. And it's also obvious why. Diablo anyone?
  9. xamuli

    xamuli Green Slime

    It's not obvious for me and I have never played diablo, Explain please.
  10. Mataclysm

    Mataclysm Piranha

    That's just not a valid argument. If the game was complete on release, there would not be any updates. And Diablo is a completely different game.
  11. kirabook

    kirabook Ex-Min

    Well, there is a server option for that I think. I don't see why you couldn't have one in the main screen. But, I think they should make an ingame menu along with that.
  12. Fiss

    Fiss Cursed Skull

    I say it would be cheating, like you just dynamited your house by mistake, you can't just exit the game without saving to get your house back. Can we do that in real life? No. This would be awful.
  13. Kilajosh

    Kilajosh Green Slime

    Can slimes and zombies attack you in real life? I don't think this game was ever meant to be realistic. + 1 support
  14. Kensai

    Kensai Green Slime

    I don't support this. It would be too easy to cheat. At least now cheaters have to kinda work for it. Without saving it would be easy to find a vein of gold, mine, exit without save, leave.

    Multiplayer servers have exit-nosave option, so that covers multiplayer in almost all situations, unless it autosaves on you. But if you care about your multiplayer map that much, just copy it before playing just in case.

    If you dynamite your house by mistake exit before the dynamite explodes. Saves your house.
  15. foodmetaphors

    foodmetaphors Cursed Skull

    If you run the TerrariaServer.exe, you can type in something like "exit nosave" minus the quotes.
  16. Xeta Corp

    Xeta Corp Green Slime

    ctrl Alt Del? Will that work?
  17. GBits

    GBits Green Slime

    I'm for a save without quitting, but I've had some crappy stuff happen and not once have I thought, "maaaan, I wish I could just reload the game". I guess when I'm playing Terraria I view it as an experience, and the crappy stuff is just part of that experience.
  18. Autre31415

    Autre31415 Zombie

    Just type help into the server and it displays all the options you can use.
  19. cpy

    cpy Green Slime

    This is not related to new updates in any way, it's a very, very basic thing. Devs don't want you to quit without saving. One of the obvious reasons is possible item duping.

    And the risk factor of course, I mean it's a sandbox game not quite in the way GTA is, for example, - the world is randomly generated, almost nothing is scripted, there are no missions where you would need save points of some kind, and no matter how bad you fuck up there is always a way to regain and rebuild everything. So an option to quit without saving would just take a lot of fun away.
  20. StevePRGM

    StevePRGM Green Slime

    what i want is the X button at the top-right........ make it save... whatever.. just close the thing... gee ;)

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