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Discussion in 'Biomes & Nature' started by onlymert07, Nov 7, 2012.

  1. onlymert07

    onlymert07 Bunny

    hi guys that is my new thing like demon orb but it gives
    *orb or light
    *electric charge
    *some charms

    demon orb summons a meteorite and hallow orbs sumon

    *Crashed Ship: it is a new drop like meteorite but it summons

    *virus(headcrap or a wtf name):hardmore version of meteorites but it is more stronger

    *spaceman: it is a new npc it sells space items

    so this ship like an home builded by a silver bricks it have some chests and it is the star loot

    and this is my thing please like

    THANKS FOR: Beans
  2. SamothUpaw

    SamothUpaw Face Monster

    I don't understand.
  3. celo753

    celo753 Clinger

  4. Relinies-the-Wizard

    Relinies-the-Wizard Face Monster

    l2grammar pls
  5. Serp

    Serp Tim

    I think it's supposed to be a suggestion?
  6. kirabook

    kirabook Ex-Min

    Come up with something other than a completely useless statement about their grammar next time. Is their grammar too much for you, then fix it for them or dont say anything at all.

    We've already warned people from posting unhelpful comments like these, please please please make the forum a better place and dont post them.
  7. Relinies-the-Wizard

    Relinies-the-Wizard Face Monster

    How about this: OP, would you please try to make a somewhat more understandable post? I can't tell what the hell you're saying.
  8. Mr.Bear

    Mr.Bear Green Slime

    If you have 'headcrap' you should probably see a doctor about that.
  9. onlymert07

    onlymert07 Bunny

    what you dont understand ? like corrupt biome but that biome is possitive
  10. bmrjw

    bmrjw Green Slime

    What they don't understand is what you're typing. No offense, but your english grammar isn't very good.
  11. onlymert07

    onlymert07 Bunny

    yes because I didnt born england

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