[ore]Droxelrie ore?

Discussion in 'Blocks & Decorations' started by Dex00r, Nov 21, 2012.

  1. Dex00r

    Dex00r Bunny

    How about something stronger than Hallowed equipment,weapons and tools?
  2. Dtxtream

    Dtxtream Eskimo Zombie

    Needs more info.
  3. zatchbell896

    zatchbell896 Yellow Slime

    Hallowed armour is already made from the three lesser Hardmode armours.

    I don't see how this can be reinforced further.

    Edit: After a few moments of thinking, I thought of a way this could be implimented.

    In order for this to work, You need three sets of Hallowed armour, One of Ranged, Mage, and Melee.

    You also need 75 Souls of Might, Fright, and Sight.
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