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  1. aavri Cursed Skull

    The Original Slime Clan

    Hello, and welcome to the Original Slime Clan of Terraria! we're for all Slime lovers and we're always recruiting!

    About Us
    The Slime Clan is a group based around the love of those cute little slimes bouncing across our worlds. The Slime Clan values fun and player engagement, rather than any specific gameplay element. If you want to get far in the Slime Clan, make sure to post and be active in discussions and servers, get to know people, and just generally be a friendly person. if you want a promotion you need to be active! We do our best to have both a public server for anyone and everyone, plus a private server for high ranking members.

    Clan Website

    Steam Group!


    The Slime Clan has fairly simple rules and values. Just uphold common courtesy, and please make sure to have tangible evidence for any accusations of another Clanmate breaking these codes of conduct.
    --the Slime Clan does not endorse Trolling or Griefing. anyone on these lists caught Trolling on any thread or server, regardless of who runs said server, will be delt with severly, either by demotement or by being banned from the Clan. if you see anyone doing such things, please report them to the Clan leadership immediately so we can deal with them. please, the Slime Clan is a respectable and positive group of people, let’s keep it that way--

    Official Membership List

    By Magnus743 (open)
    By Magnus743 (open)


    By Tejedu (open)
    By Tejedu (open)


    By Silver (open)
    By Silver (open)



    Other Sections
    The Slime Clan has branches in both Minecraft and League of Legends. If you would like to be a part of these groups, follow the links below to the corresponding branch.

    Minecraft Division
    [coming soon!]

    League of Legends Division
    [coming soon!]

    [if you have a Clan, you can request an alliance with us!]

  2. Silver Cursed Skull

    So are you joining? You better!
  3. aavri Cursed Skull

    Of course I'm joining =p, I am the original slime on this board. It is like an obligation for me to join.
  4. Silver Cursed Skull

    Yes, and if I ever have ranks, with a high rank too!
  5. aavri Cursed Skull

    whoooo! awesome.

    *this post is not a two word post*
  6. Bobb1118 Green Slime

    I wanna join =o
  7. Silver Cursed Skull

    Congrats you're a member!
  8. Bobb1118 Green Slime

    Yay. :p Can't wait for this game!
  9. Silver Cursed Skull

    Yes, and as soon as it comes out, I WILL HAVE A SERVER RUNNING! Oh, and just remember, this isn't a slime loving, or hating clan, it's a general clan about slimes, for lovers and haters :D
    (Mostly Lovers)
  10. Bobb1118 Green Slime

    I will love the slimes. With my blade.
    The Shadow likes this.
  11. Silver Cursed Skull

    Heh, great! :)
    Anyway, what should the color of the slime on our logo be? Blue?
  12. Bobb1118 Green Slime

  13. Silver Cursed Skull

    Hm... Blue green? I like the green slime but I also like a little bit of blue because green slimes are too common...
  14. Bobb1118 Green Slime

    Sounds good
  15. Unit2417 Green Slime

    Count me IIIIINNNNN.
  16. Silver Cursed Skull

    You're in!
  17. aavri Cursed Skull

    Awesome! yay more members :3
  18. Bobb1118 Green Slime

    aavri I think your signature is too suggestive....
  19. aavri Cursed Skull

    It's hard finding a slime girl that isn't used in some preverted fantasy that :mad: most of the ones from google even with safe search on look suggestive x_X

    I am looking for one that doesn't look suggestive but it's going to be going through like, 70% porn, 29% suggestive, and then finding that 1% tame x_X.

    Edit: found one faster then I thought**. Still suggestive but not as suggestive as some of the cat girl pictures form the minecraft forums =p
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  20. James Bell Green Slime

    I'm totally freaking joining the slime clan.
  21. aavri Cursed Skull

    Yay, welcome to the clan!

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