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Discussion in 'PC' started by Voyager, Jun 16, 2012.

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  1. Voyager

    Voyager Face Monster

    I would like to play another game where I can build and also fight monsters.
    Does anyone know of a good one? It doesn't have to be a retro-style game, just one that has variety.
    I tried Civilization V, what a piece of crap, they didn't spend enough time on it.
    So I am looking for one where the developer gave a darn, not just another sequel.
  2. ReznorRage

    ReznorRage World Feeder

    Try junk jack
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  3. ProsaurusRex

    ProsaurusRex Undead Viking

    King Arthur's Gold is a great game, which is both similar to Terraria but at the same time quite different.
    (I think I'm allowed to post this link, please correct me if it's against the rules) www.kag2d.com
  4. Voyager

    Voyager Face Monster

    Thanks guys, will check these out.
  5. Jaylar

    Jaylar Giant Worm

    Civ 5 isn't a bad game, in fact it's a great game! But in no way similar to Terraria which might explain why you don't like it.
  6. Blu

    Blu Moderator Staff Member

    I've heard people mention King Arthur's gold a few times, it seems pretty cool.

    Starbound and Cubeworld are due for release soon, Starbound will be at least remotely similar. Tiy, who did Terraria's graphics, is the lead developer.
  7. Garneac

    Garneac Yellow Tyrant of Death

    Tiy can code? Or am I missing something?
  8. connery0

    connery0 The Wiremancer

    how about minecraft, it has a bit smaller focus on the gear gathering, and you need to find the crafting recepiece all by yourself (or use the wiki) but it's great for building and digging...
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  9. MikSum

    MikSum Cursed Man

    Hi there. I'd like to suggest you check out Dwarf Fortress by Bay 12 Games. It's an indie game that is being made by a single person and is still unfinished although absolutely playable and contains already many games' worth of content. It has two different game modes. Firstly there's the fortress mode which is for the moment more fleshed out than the adventure mode. In fortress mode you indirectly control your dwarfs who can mine, build, craft, farm, fight monsters or wildlife while defending your fortress etc. In the adventure mode you control a single character who can roam the huge randomly generated maps in different biomes, caves and caverns at will. The game world is 3D and viewed from a top down perspective. Graphics are nonexistent as the the game uses letters and symbols just like the old roguelike dungon crawling games. That can turn some people away from the game, which is a shame as it is one of the deepest and most complex games I've ever seen. The learning curve is VERY steep and the user interface is infernal but if you can get over all that the game has a lot to offer. Considering the fact that the latest version is only just 0.34.11, it seems promising for an unfinished game. Oh and it's free too. The development is financed by donations only.
  10. Jimi

    Jimi Penguin

    Sorry, but everyone knows what Minecraft is.
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  11. connery0

    connery0 The Wiremancer

    yeah but it is the game most like terraria, while not being terraria, and most ppl here hate minecraft to much to sugest it so i did it
  12. Jimi

    Jimi Penguin

    True, well the bit about most like, untill Starbound. Most people do not hate Minecraft here though. I never said it was a bad suggestion, just he probably has tried it or knows what it is. :)
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  13. Voyager

    Voyager Face Monster

    Of course I know about Starbound! That game won't be out until September or October I bet so I was looking for a finished game to play now.
    King Arthur's Gold is an awesome idea, but didn't look finished (still in alpha). I will probably download the free version today though because the video looked so cool.
    I'm stuck with MW3 if that isn't good though.
  14. Loki ISP

    Loki ISP Moderator Staff Member

    Not that I can tell......he has three coders on staff @ Chucklefish though.

  15. Sgt. Bob

    Sgt. Bob Hell Bat

    In one of their posts it said what everyone was doing, and it said Tiy was coding something, I forget what it was though, but it shows he can code. If only I knew where it was...
  16. Rokas :3

    Rokas :3 Clown

    Yeah you guys keep mentioning that. How about a gameplay vid? Not a ordinary one, but the person playing is Pedguin! *claps-hands*

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  17. 11clock

    11clock Devourer

  18. -EagleEye-

    -EagleEye- Squirrel

    Like ReznorRage said, Junk Jack. It's not for PC though it is for iOS devices.
  19. Aeynia

    Aeynia Pixie

    There's no sandbox building element to that game, though.
  20. 11clock

    11clock Devourer

    It still has the exploration and adventure aspects. Building is not the ONLY thing you do in Terraria. A game can have similarities to Terraria without having any building involved. When I think of Terraria, I think of exploring a harsh world and finding treasure, NOT building. When I look at Treasure Adventure Game, I think of the same thing. Therefore, I consider it a game that's 'like Terraria.' It doesn't have to be a direct clone.
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