Other types of ore in the Underworld..?

Discussion in 'PC' started by Mugnuf, Dec 19, 2011.

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  1. Mugnuf

    Mugnuf Squirrel

    I have never seen any ore other than Hellstone in the underworld.


    Anyone else come across other ore down here?
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  2. Paranσid

    Paranσid [Insert Title Here]

    Its quite obvious that the three new ores can be spawned in the underworld, I think we all know that.
  3. PuzzledLight

    PuzzledLight Green Slime

    Yeah, hardmode ores can spawn in the ceiling of hell. Haven't actually played with white lighting long enough to see if any adamantite spawns on the floor of hell, but I'm assuming it's possible. I mean, a vein of addy next to a vein of hellstone lit by lava might be distinguishable, but I haven't tested it.
  4. Mugnuf

    Mugnuf Squirrel

    Eh, never saw it before now. So i figured it didn't spawn down here :\.
  5. Pentarctagon

    Pentarctagon Green Slime

    I destroyed every alter in my world, and no other ore spawned anywhere is hell.
  6. Mugnuf

    Mugnuf Squirrel

    Maybe it's just an uncommon occurrence.

    Anyway, I just thought it was cool to find it.
  7. PuzzledLight

    PuzzledLight Green Slime

    @Pentagon, Try using a spelunker potion and flying through hell, keeping an eye on the ceiling. You'll be surprised at how much EASIER this is than just mining for the hardmode ores.
  8. Pentarctagon

    Pentarctagon Green Slime

    Oi. No. My name is Pentarctagon.

    I actually used a map viewer to see if there really wasn't any new ore in hell, and there wasn't any. Interestingly though, there were several times where there was new ore only 3 blocks away from ash.
  9. Valkoor

    Valkoor Squirrel

    I found about 2 stacks of adamntite flying under the ceiling of hell.
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  10. PuzzledLight

    PuzzledLight Green Slime

    I'm in the same boat as valkoor. And my apologies if I touched a nerve, I was just trying to be silly. But yeah, that's weird. I've seen a lot of ores in the underworld level actually buried in ash. I did do this on a medium world though, perhaps that influences it?
  11. Darca1n

    Darca1n Green Slime

    Using hell to get the new ores is a great practice, start up a new world, slaugther WoF, then break 10-20 altars and scan hell's celling, you should find plenty of adamantite and mythril there, a little bit of cobalt too.
  12. Chocofire

    Chocofire Clinger

    I was about to *facepalm* but yup the 3 new ores rarely spawn in the underworld
  13. olem50

    olem50 Green Slime

    That ore on the picture there, is mythril, which can spawn anywhere in the world (not sure if it can spawn above ground level)
  14. Primal Greene

    Primal Greene Cave Bat

    I've found Adamantite in Hell, needing to do a double check to make sure it wasn't Hellstone. They are quite similar in appearance.
  15. Mugnuf

    Mugnuf Squirrel

    I know that. Notice how I'm wearing Mythril armor, lol (it's actually in the Vanity slot)?

    Thanks for the info guys, I've already gotten enough Adamant ore since I read your replies to make a Drill/Chainsaw :D
  16. olem50

    olem50 Green Slime

    Oh, I did not notice that xD
  17. mtq1

    mtq1 Wraith

    I find a lot of ores spawn into the roof of hell. Thats one of the best places to look because its so open and you won't have to dig to get it.

    What I did find surprising was adamantite next to one of the lava lakes in hell. Only found them in the roof before.
  18. godbisset

    godbisset Green Slime

    when you smash a demon alter it spawns 1 of 3 hardmode oars, it replases stone. i tested that on my test world.
    so since you can only FIND sut and hellstone on the floor non will spawn. how ever some times you find stone on the roof in hell it is possible to find. If you PLACE stone any where in the world (i don't know about hight) there is a CHANCE it will replace it with 1 of 3 hardmode oars when you smasha demon alter.
  19. Razor Knight

    Razor Knight Mushi Ladybug

    Most of the veins of the two rarest ores (Mythril and Adamantite) will spawn either in that ash roof, or close to it, from what I've seen through five hardmode worlds.

    And there's a slight, small chance that Adamantite will form down in the "ground" part of hell. I run by one three times and didn't notice it because Hellstone and Adamantite look pretty much the same for me.
  20. Vaztes

    Vaztes Bunny

    Hell for me is the best way to farm ore. Last night I got about 550 adamantite ore along woth 300 mythril and so many cobalt I had to stop mining it. When you see a hole in the roof of hell fly up and check for ore, if nothing go down and continue on.

    Of course I figured this when I had full hallow armor "sigh"
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