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    1. The basics?
    1.1 What exactly is Terraria?
    1.2 When was Terraria officially released?
    1.3 How much does the game cost?
    2. Getting started
    3. Gameplay-related questions
    3.1 How do I remove background blocks and furniture?
    3.2 What NPC's are there, and what do I need in order to make them appear?
    3.3 What's wrong with my house?
    3.4 What's the corruption?
    3.5 What's this?
    3.6 How do I craft X? Where do I find Y?
    3.7 What's at the rightmost and leftmost sides of the world?
    3.8 What's a dungeon?
    3.9 Where can I find the underground jungle?
    3.10 How can I easily find floating islands?
    3.11 How do I smelt hellstone ore into hellstone bars?
    3.12 How many sets of armor are there, and which one is the best?
    3.13 If one of my NPC's die, will it ever come back?
    3.14 How do I trigger goblin invasions?
    3.15 How do I end goblin invasions?
    3.16 What's the deal with meteorites?

    The basics

    What exactly is Terraria?

    It's quite hard to explain exactly what Terraria is, since it's so different from other games. It's heavily influenced by platformers, RPG's, and adventure- and block-building games, and by mixing these genres together the developers at Re-Digit have managed to make Terraria something completely unique. You only need two words to describe the game: Buy it!

    When was Terraria officially released?

    Terraria was officially released on Steam on May 16th, 2011.

    How much does the game cost?

    Right now, the game costs 9.99$/9.99€. The price will rise in a few weeks, so get it while it's discounted.

    Getting started

    Creating your character and world

    The first thing you will want to do when booting up Terraria for the first time is creating a character, by clicking on the "Create Character" button. You're able to change the hairstyle and hair color, eye color, skin color and the color of your standard clothing. Once you are okay with your looks, click "Create". You will be prompted to enter a character name. When you're done, hit okay.

    Now it's time to create a world. First, select your newly born character and click "Create World". You will be asked if you want to create a small, medium or large world. All options have different pros and cons, so just pick what you think sounds good. Give your world a catchy name, accept it and wait for the world to become fully generated. This might take a few minutes, but once it's done, get ready to explore the amazing world of Terraria!

    Your first minutes in the game

    When you enter your world for the first time, you will find yourself stranded in the middle of... well, nowhere. Next to you you'll hopefully see an NPC, the Guide. You're able to talk to him by right-clicking him, and he'll tell you loads of important information, as well as explaining the basics of the game. If you ever feel lost it's always a good idea to have a little chat with him.

    You won't start off empty handed though. In your inventory hotbar, floating in the top left corner of the screen, you'll discover two basic tools, a pickaxe and an axe. By moving your mouse scroller up and down you'll be able to switch between the hotbar slots

    These are the most common tools in this game:
    • Pickaxes - Used to remove almost all kinds of block. Everything from dirt and stone to iron and sand.
    • Axes - Pretty self explanatory; Allows you to chop down trees and remove wooden blocks.
    • Hammers - Used to remove background blocks like wooden and dirt walls. May also be used to remove furniture and smash certain rare items.
    The first thing you probably want to do is to chop down a couple of trees. To do so, walk near a tree with your axe equipped and just click it and hold until it breaks, spreading wood all over the place. By now, chances are that you will already get attacked by basic enemies; Slimes. To attack these slimes, just click anywhere, and keep attacking it until it dies and drops a couple of slime balls. These magic slime balls are used to make torches, which will become very useful later in the game.

    Once you feel that you've gathered enough pieces of wood it's time to make a crafting table. To do so, press ESC, which will also reveal your inventory. In the bottom left corner, you'll see a list of items available for crafting. Select the workbench, click it's icon and place it in your hotbar. In order to place the workbench on the ground, equip it and click somewhere on the ground close to your character. From now on, if you open up your inventory close to the workbench, you will be given more options for crafting. One smart thing to do is to craft a wooden sword, so you'll at least have something to defend yourself against the monsters.

    Now, what you probably want to do is to make a nice little shelter for you to hide in. In order to do so, you will need wood, doors and wooden walls that cover the background and prevents monsters from spawning in your house.

    Start by finding a nice, flat area, and successively build the "outline" of a house using the wood. You might want to take away the lowermost parts of the walls of the house in order to fit in doors. After that, you want to fill this "outline" with the wooden walls, which basically are background objects. Once everything is filled in, you're done. Congratulations! You've successfully built your first Terraria shelter!

    Early exploration

    Now that you have a nice, safe sanctuary, you'll probably want to go out exploring a little. Feel free to do so. Here's a list of good things to collect:
    • Ores. There are various ores in this game, for example the brown copper or the gray iron. They can be refined using a furnace and crafted into weapons using an anvil.
    • Mushrooms. So far we've seen two kinds of mushrooms: Small, red mushrooms and tall (or sometimes small), glowing blue mushrooms. They can be eaten to recover health or crafted into potions using vials.
    • Pots. These are found in caves and may contain everything from coins to potions. Break them by hitting them with any weapon.
    • Chests. The better version of pots, often hiding rare accessories and loads of coins inside them.
    • Gems. We don't know what these can be used yet, but they appear to be quite rare, so if you happen to see any of them, make sure to pick them up.
    • Life Crystals. If you happen to come across one of these, you're really lucky. Hitting these with a hammer and "eating" them will give you one extra max heart.
    Once you notice the night falls, either get back to your shelter and hide in safety, or get ready to slay some zombies and demon eyes. By now, it's up to you to discover the rest. Who knows what you will find in this mysterious world?

    If you happen to have any questions, look them up in the FAQ below. If I somehow haven't covered your question, feel free to ask them in this thread.

    Gameplay-related questions

    How do I remove background blocks and furniture?

    To remove wall blocks and furniture such as tables and chairs, you will need a hammer. The easiest way to acquire a hammer is to craft a wooden one at a workbench, which costs 8 units of wood.

    What NPC's are there, and what do I need in order to make them appear?

    There are several NPC's in Terraria which will appear once you have met certain requirements and built houses for them to live in. The rooms have to have at least one door, one table, one chair and one source of light. They also have to have background walls, to prevent monsters from spawning. Remember that the Guide will occupy the first house you build.

    Other than the guide, these are the available NPC's:
    • The Merchant. He sells you a wide variety of useful items, and will appear once you've found your first 50 silver coins.
    • The Nurse. She heals you back to max health after paying her a small fee. She will come by when you have discovered and used a Crystal Heart.
    • The Demolitionist. This guy has a lot of explosives in stock, and moves into one of your houses once you've looted your first bomb or dynamite.
    • The Arms Dealer. He will show up when you have your hands on your first gun, and is a great place to buy ammo for your firearms, as well as some rare weapons.
    • The Dryad. This nature-loving girl appears once you've slain your first boss, and sells you everything from sunflowers and acorns to grass seeds and the legendary Dirt Rod.
    What is wrong with my house?
    Houses do not only need furniture and doors, they also have to have a certain size. Look at this picture. House A is 9 blocks wide and 5 blocks high, which is enough for NPC's to live in. House B, however, is only 5 blocks wide and 4 blocks high. NPC's might accept some real crappy houses, but they will never live that small buildings.

    What's the corruption?

    Chances are that you've already encountered the corruption. It's main differences between the regular areas is that the grass is pale purple and that it's filled with dangerous monsters. However, it is also filled with loads of rare stuff. I personally would suggest you to wait with exploring the Corruption until you have good armor and weapons, and feel that you're ready for it.

    The corrupted grass spreads to regular over time. You can purify corrupted areas by scattering purification powder (purchasable from the Dryad). The corruption is also unable to spread past sunflowers.

    What's this?


    That is a so called demon altar. By bringing certain resources to it, you may be able to forge magical items that summon powerful bosses.

    What's this?


    This is a shadow orb. They are usually located on the very bottom of chasms in the corruption. By smashing these open with a hammer you'll receive a rare item, and sometimes even triggering boss fights or meteorite crashes.

    How do I craft X? Where do I find Y?

    A list of all items and crafting recipes can be found at our official wiki.

    What's at the rightmost and leftmost sides of the world?

    On both ends of the world you'll find a shore and a very deep ocean, which will stop you from exploring the world. You may go further, down to the sea floor, but sooner or later you will hit the "edge" and be unable to proceed.

    What's a dungeon?

    If you happen to come across a huge building made out of green, blue or hot-pink bricks, you've just discovered a dungeon! A lot of treasures and valuables hide down there, protected by the undead. Before you enter the dungeon, however, you have to defeat the old man wandering around the entrance of the dungeon. If you don't, you will get killed as soon as you venture down the dungeon by giant flying skulls.

    In order to battle the old man, you will have to talk to him during nighttime. I warn you though, he's much stronger than he looks. You should really wait with the fight until you have decent armor and hard-hitting ranged weapons.

    Where can I find the underground jungle?

    The underground jungle is usually to be found on the opposite side of the map the dungeon is. If the dungeon is located on the right side of the map, you should search around the left side of the map. One of the things that may indicate an underground jungle nearby are large piles of mud. If you have a depth meter, 700 feet under the surface should be a good depth to begin with.

    How can I easily find floating islands?

    I threw together a quick little video showing you how to find floating islands without having to spend an awful lot of time.

    How do I smelt hellstone ore into hellstone bars?

    In order to smelt hellstone, you will have to stand next to a hellforge. Hellforges are red furnaces you can find in the hellworld, and you could either smelt the ores down there or pick the forges up with a hammer. Other than the hellstone ore, you'll also need pieces of obsidian. 6 hellstone ore and 2 obsidian is enough for one hellstone bar.

    How many sets of armor are there, and which one is the best?

    Right now, there are 9 different sets of armor: Four basic mineral sets and five advanced sets. The basic sets have no effect other than adding defense, but the advanced equipment boost various stats, like your attack speed or mana regeneration. The sets are ordered like this:

    Copper - Iron - Silver - Gold - Meteor - Shadow - Necro - Cobalt - Molten

    If one of my NPC's die, will it ever come back?

    Yes, as long as you have available room, the NPC's will respawn after a random amount of time.

    How do I trigger goblin invasions?

    The chance of having an army of goblins raid your world is about 1/15. However, you have to have at least 200 HP (10 hearts of health) in order for the goblins to spawn.

    How do I end goblin invasions?

    Goblin invasions end once you've slain a set amount of goblins. On singleplayer worlds, you will have to slay 150 goblins for them to stop spawning. On multiplayer servers, it's between 150 and 500 goblins.

    What's the deal with meteorites?

    Sometimes, meteorites will crash into your world, causing damage to the environment leaving behind huge piles of rare meteorite ore. The easiest way to trigger meteorites is by breaking shadow orbs, but sometimes they will spawn completely on their own.
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    Very nice, and well written. I'm sure it will help many people.
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    I also have high hopes that you will add more qb. And I also have hopes that this thread will cut down on some of the askings that get... well asked a lot of.
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    You might want to link to the wiki as well, since that would answer some questions as well.
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    Don't rage at me, but in my opinion, the wiki sucks right now. I remember Blue saying that only about 10% of it is correct in the IRC yesterday.
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    Thanks alot! I'll do my best to catch up, and I'll try and add as much as I can tomorrow :)
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    I won't rage at you.

    I figured that the wiki sucks right now, since there are only a few people that have access to the game.
    All the information that is on there is from the few videoes that are out and not real game info.

    I am sure that information will change as soon as more people start playing it.
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    Thanks for the support guys. I always turn into a wiki-o-holic no matter what game I play, because I just like knowing a lot. It's even better sharing it though :)

    And yes, I got all this info from watching the LP's.
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    Holylifestar: Yeah, I'll add a bunch of stuff that's in my head right now. I'm won't be able to update this guide tonight, but tomorrow I'll do what I can and add info about things as the NPC's, glowing mushrooms and grass, and falling stars and mana.
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