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  1. Satvic

    Satvic Green Slime

    Satvic's Terraria world

    This thread is dedicated to videos of all my Terraria works. As of February 22, 2012, I am no longer involved with Terraria. Permanently retired.

    NOTE: early work done 100% legit; other builds done using TEdit and Buildaria, Terrafirma and TerrariViewer mods.

    For project details please see respective video description on YouTube

    Videos of the creation process:

    Video montage by me:


    DOWNLOAD world save file here: 2Shared, MediaFire
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  2. shipoopie

    shipoopie Cursed Skull

    these are all awesome but you should get a mod to change to title to something like "Satvic's creations" and you should post pictures of everything
  3. PuLSe

    PuLSe Cactus King

    You are one extremely imaginitive, creative, artistic dude and we are very lucky to have you here. Your videos are among my favorites - that's entertainment!
  4. kalvindeane

    kalvindeane Bone Serpent

    Nice projects, and nice video editing too. :D Do you ask for permission for all of the music that you use, or are they all free to use as long as you mention the artist? How long do you expect to spend between updates? You're creations are always very unique, I hope that you release new ones regularly! :)
  5. Satvic

    Satvic Green Slime

    Thank you, folks. Always happy to receive your support.

    I don't ask, and perhaps in some cases I should. My understanding of the copyright laws is that as long as you mention the copyright holder, all is well. And if that holder asks you to remove his content, you have to comply.

    Actually, for now, I take my leave, no more projects.

    In a week or two I may attempt to found an organization that supports player creations, but that's about it. This may very well be the curtains for my activity in Terraria :) I had a good time and kind support. All my ideas have been realized, and no new ideas surface from the depths of my mind. All is done, all is well, time to move on, forward to hell! :p (haha, just came up with that spontaneously)

    Almost forgot, here's something short and sweet:

  6. Satvic

    Satvic Green Slime

    I should. I will. Thank you!
  7. bamseper

    bamseper Cursed Skull

    you... are done? no more? well... allright then. it has been an amazing journey trhough the possibilities of the world of terraria. have a good life in the inside of a human body mr. satvic!
  8. Satvic

    Satvic Green Slime

    This message gave me a huge smile.

    I wish you a good life as well, mr. bamseper, a regular commentator of my YouTube videos. It has been an amazing journey indeed :)
  9. PuLSe

    PuLSe Cactus King

    Noooooooooooooo! I just got here, and... and... you're probably my favorite but I didn't want to tell anybody... Wah -hah-hah-hah-hah! (That's supposed to be crying - I'm closer to it in person than I can type it.) :eek: They don't even have a crying emoticon for me to use! Wah -hah-hah-hah-hah...

    That was sorrow. Here's the anger. NO @#$%^! WAY ARE YOU STOPPING NOW! THERE'S WORK TO DO! I HAVEN'T SEEN WHERE ANYBODY HAS DONE AN ALIEN, A PREDATOR, A (sh*!, those aren't original, so those wouldn't be your style) A, A... GET BACK ON THAT HORSE SOLDIER AND SHOW ME SOMETHING! I'M NOT THROUGH WATCHING YOU YET!

    Back to sorrow: If you really are done, know that I'm really gonna miss your work and I wish you well. The world just got a bit darker... I'm hoping something fans your flame and sends it back this way, but if not, at least fan it in another direction - your burn is very cool.
  10. bamseper

    bamseper Cursed Skull

    but well, maybe i will see projects outside of terrarias corners someday... i hope so. but for now, bye! ps. that message gave ME a huge smile too :)
  11. kalvindeane

    kalvindeane Bone Serpent

    Does this mean that I can have all of your silver/gold ores? ^^
  12. Satvic

    Satvic Green Slime

    Haha :) Well, thank you for that, it's good to know my work can have an impact. Honestly, at this time I have a sense of completion, sort of a "Mission Accomplished" feeling, and this mission lasted for a looooong time now. So I retire. IF another spark of creativity decides to cause an ignition, then I'll probably do more. We'll see :)

    :D That's a really cool quote, I appreciate the sentiment.

    If you meant my projects, then yes, that is quite possible :)

    Hah :D You'll have to scrape that off my Hive

  13. Bobrocket


    Wait for 1.1. >:3
  14. stevefox74

    stevefox74 Cursed Skull

    Amazing projects! Its very great to see non-hackers can make better things that people with hacks, cheats or basicly ivt edits. :p.
  15. Satvic

    Satvic Green Slime

    You're right. With the new lighting system my projects will make all viewers' brains explode :D

    To each his own :) I myself like doing things legit, but I don't condemn cheaters. At the end of the day it's just pixels :)
  16. Bobrocket


    Strobbbbeeeee lightinnggggggggg!
    Wow, the possibilities to make pixel art better and more colourful is fun, too! I can't wait how you'll bend that and make a super robot lava death party disco of alien and greek proportions.
  17. Satvic

    Satvic Green Slime

    I think that will cause many viewers to go into a coma, right after a whole-body orgasm and a joyful panic attack. Too powerful for any brain to handle, man :) Nice idea though
  18. kalvindeane

    kalvindeane Bone Serpent

    I wouldn't worry about that Satvic. :) Anyone tough enough to survive seeing my project completed will surely be able to handle anything you can cook up! (I may not be serious).
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  19. Satvic

    Satvic Green Slime

    Your project is so big... Does it have it's own gravitational field yet? :D
  20. stevefox74

    stevefox74 Cursed Skull

    I see what you are trying to do Satvic, murder! So you tried to put people into comas! *writes on notebook* You're coming with me.

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