Perfect mage setup, FlawLEss!=prize!

Discussion in 'PC' started by TheTylerLee, Jun 4, 2011.

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  1. TheTylerLee

    TheTylerLee Doctor Bones

    ok so whats the best possible outfit for a mage? In PVP ?

    Winner gets any 1 item in the game or some coins
  2. DMiBY

    DMiBY Green Slime

    Jungle Armour, but with Wizard Hat. Then weapons... whatever really, Flamelash... not many good magic weapons really :/

    Didn't notice there was a price, so here is my altered gear.

  3. nBaddog

    nBaddog Green Slime

    Jungle Armour to start. After that, however you feel is most versatile.

    Btw, take a look at the wiki. It has all sorts of pvp builds.

    If this is a flame thread, congrats, you have picked a fantastic topic.
  4. TheWolfie

    TheWolfie Green Slime

    all jungel armor
  5. Matsu

    Matsu Corruptor

    I'd have to say full Jungle Armor, a Band of Starpower (other accessories are up to you), and weapon wise a Vilethorn,multiple hits on multiple enemies goes through walls infinite with full Jungle, Aqua Scepter, Fast damage good for close range, a Flamelash/Magic Missile, controllable projectile good range average mana cost, and maybe a Flower of Fire, shoots a ball of fire which bounces of walls good for battles in tight areas, this is my mage setup I use and I think its pretty good.
  6. DustyDisk

    DustyDisk Green Slime

    Wolfie said it. At this point there are not many options and none are very viable.

    Just use jungle, flamelash, book of water, aqua scepter, vilethorn thru walls..
  7. Sam

    Sam Piranha

    Jungle armour with all 5 accessorie slots as band of starpower.
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  8. xd flames

    xd flames Blazing Wheel

    So basically you have no brain to think of any set by yourself so you're offering to give away items to come up with what you should wear? Honestly, there is only two sets of armor in the game that involve magic besides the Wizard Hat. Pick one.
    After that, there is some accessorys to pick from. If you have all of the items in the game why don't you read through them and find out what you would want to have when fighting someone else?
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  9. bearopolisaurus

    bearopolisaurus Green Slime

    Jungle armor
    Cobalt Shield
    3xBands of Star power
    A good sword
    Flower of Fire
    Starcannon and lost of stars if you decide the magic isn't doing it for you.
  10. Sam

    Sam Piranha

    This ^
  11. TheTylerLee

    TheTylerLee Doctor Bones

    its too much thinking , im really fucked up right now so its easier to pay for the info
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