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Discussion in 'Let's Play Terraria!' started by Petraller, Feb 23, 2012.

  1. Petraller

    Petraller Green Slime

    Petraller finds himself in the strange world of Terraria, where slimes thrive and zombies come to eat his brains. He faces the unknown, battles the dark evils, and defeats all obstacles in the land of Littleroot! How will Petraller survive?

    Hello everybody! It's Petraller and I started a Let's Play and I have no views. Literally. Please give some support to my videos. I try to do my best to make the best possible videos (usually 720p, bare minimum 480p) for people to watch :D I have other videos too, but Terraria is my main thing right now.

    Leave any comments or feedback on here or on my videos. If you do, thanks ^_^

    Eh pee sowd 1

    Lay tust Eh pee sowd

  2. Petraller

    Petraller Green Slime

    To whom it may concern, episode 2 is coming out really soon.
    EDIT: (Just rendered :D)

    Come on you 10 or so people who viewed this thread but didn't reply, give some support please! You can has pie. And cookies.

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