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  1. Kylie

    Kylie Green Slime

    LAST UPDATED 7/4/2011

    I know the devs already thought of this, I just wanna put in a lil’ bit more detail.
    Pets can spawn anywhere there’s land (which means grass). I’m just gonna put a list of pets that can spawn in that land.
    • Pandas (yes, I <3 pandas)
    • Guinea Pigs (yes, I also <3 guinea pigs)
    • Hamsters (I <3 them as well)
    • Cats/Kitties
    • Dogs/Puppies
    • Rabbits/Bunnies
    (More Coming Soon)

    They only spawn two-thirds away from your spawn (beds count), not always 24/7.
    Porkchop/Wheat is required to feed them. You can get porkchops from slimes (64% drop chance), and you can get wheat from growing farms. Wheat is more recommend’d to feed them. It is common that only one wheat can tame a pet. It is a 0.32% chance that one porkchop can tame a pet.
    Once a pet is tamed, the player that tamed the pet will be the owner of the pet. The owner can see the pet’s name, health, mana, and level. It will start following that owner. To put the pet on the owner’s head (your head), right-click on it and hold it, and then drag it to your head.

    The name will be a random name once the pet has been tamed. It can be changed by right-clicking on the pet with the cursor. When right-clicked, the Pet Command Center will pop-up. It will show it’s name, exact health (127/200 etc.), level, how many KP (kill points) away they need to go to increase another level, and it’s mana.

    When the PCC (Pet Command Center) pops up, if Auto-Pause is on, it will also pause the game same as when you go in your inventory. The owner can tell it to sit, train, fight or follow. These commands are self-explanatory
    pet starts out with 100 max hp. The owner can give it life crystals to increase max health. When given a life crystal, it will increase the pet’s health by 20 hp, as usual for a player.

    The owner can also give it mana crystals, to increase it’s mana. Pretty self-explanatory.

    The owner can also give it a weapon, the owner must drop the weapon to the pet, and it will collect it. When the weapon is still on a block that the pet can get to, the pet gets to the weapon and then collects it. If it is in a sitting mode, it will still go and collect the weapon. The owner can give another weapon when the pet already has a weapon, same as before, drop the weapon, but then when the pet collects it, it will throw the previous weapon away, allowing you to collect it.

    If the owner attempts to give the pet a gun (minishark, star cannon, etc.), it will not collect it until it has collected the ammo. Giving it a star cannon may be confusing—as stars are the ammo and they disappear in the daytime. Then give it the star cannon at nighttime. Because of that, pets will not collect the star cannon in the daytime even if they already have the stars.

    The player can also put armor on. Same as the weapon, drop the armor item and then the guinea pig will collect it. The defense and the armor’s properties are the same.

    The owner can also give it up to 5 accessories. Also the same, drop the accessory and then the pet will collect it.
    This paragraph is about fighting in Single Player. For information about fighting in PvP, see next paragraph.

    Pets can fight mobs. They attack the mob they first see. They can also fight bosses. They will fight with the current weapon they have. Their aim will depend on the level they are on. If they are on max level 20, then they will have a good aim. Especially for bosses. It will focus only on one target at a time. It will not fight when:
    • The pet is sitting.
    • The pet is on the owner’s head.
    • If it is in wounded health.
    • (More reasons coming soon.)
    Pets can also fight in Player vs. Player. Just have the owner enable PvP on a multiplayer server, and have the other player/owner enable PvP, and then the pet will focus on that first pet/player they see.


    Wow, look how much I typed. I’m tired. I’ll be writing more tomorrow.
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  2. PoundSake

    PoundSake Dark Caster

    Well pets would be good but cats and stuff. I just can't see it implemented.
  3. Neroxen

    Neroxen Demon Eye

    Good idea!

    +1 Support

  4. Langerzard

    Langerzard Green Slime

    Yes, i like it! If only there was a pony in it i would scream of happyness!
  5. xXBlueXx

    xXBlueXx Dark Caster

    I support! I can have a Guinea Pig in-game too!(I have one IRL) What would the max Mp and Hp, same as the player? And is there a max level?
  6. Kitty-dono

    Kitty-dono Green Slime

    Considering Terraria is a fighting based spelunking game, would a kitty or hamster be a good pet?
  7. Silenterr

    Silenterr Green Slime

    yes because pandas love the pork of slime while wearing full nerco armor and with their trusty lightsaber by their side
  8. Langerzard

    Langerzard Green Slime

    ANY pet would be a good idea!
  9. Fewd

    Fewd Cursed Skull

    There's another pet thread with more detail and more pets. I support the idea in general though.
  10. xXBlueXx

    xXBlueXx Dark Caster

    Yeah, I've been waiting for pets ever since Terraria came out! And we could have Guinea Pigs!? I want Guinea Pigs in terraria!
  11. Stray_Mongrel

    Stray_Mongrel Green Slime

    I'll be honest with you, I really like the entire idea of building a "Ranch" with Cows, Chickens, and Horses and stuff. The idea being that you raise, and care for them, and possibly eventually cook them for dinner.

    If I had to choose a single companion for ingame, it would be undoubtedly a Dog (who would have guessed?). But I see the idea of a pack animal suggested alot as well. I'd love to have a Pack Mule following me around while I mine and build.

    Some people absolutely hate the idea of having a pet, and will never use one. I can't understand why, but every game I have ever played has a group of people that suggest pets, and always have a group of enraged opposition to pets. If the pet is only a Vanity Pet, it's hard to put up much of an argument against the idea. As far as a vanity pet, that's going to be the least invasive way to add some sort of companion, it's when you get into the idea that the pet actually fights, and adds to your DPS that problems arise. Especially for PvP.

    It took years for Runescape to incorporate a "fighting companion" to the game, and it was a convoluted mess.

    As much as I like the idea, I am not holding my breath on this subject. The mathematics used to balance combat is delicate, and adding Pet DPS to the mix is a difficult chore. What you are proposing is basically an NPC Ally nearly identical to yourself that runs on AI. So basically every player can use this game mechanic to turn into 2 people, and those that hate pets would be stuck with half the combat strength.

    PvP would turn into everyone requiring a pet in order to compete with everyone else.
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  12. Shiroiokami

    Shiroiokami Cursed Skull

  13. Langerzard

    Langerzard Green Slime

    Didnt you say in a comment that you wanted to HANG PONY HEADS ON YOUR WALL!
  14. Bicko

    Bicko Cursed Skull

    One question... how does porkchop come out of a SLIME?

    Another question: How can you put a panda on your head? Wouldn't pandas be a bit too heavy?

    And why aren't there any birds listed in your suggested pets? I'd love a falcon perched on my shoulder.
  15. Stray_Mongrel

    Stray_Mongrel Green Slime

    Yes I did say that. The rest of the Pony would be on the dinner plate.
  16. xXBlueXx

    xXBlueXx Dark Caster

    1.Maybe the slimes ate a pig? 2.Youre guy might be super strong? 3.I want a falcon too!
  17. Kylie

    Kylie Green Slime

    Um… Terraria doesn’t have gravity… And it’s fantasy… So just imagine whatever the fuck you want.

    LOL ponies. I wouldn’t consider adding ponies to the list—to much people are too obsessed with it.
    I was going to add pets in PvP to the paragraph…

    And RuneScape reminds me of the “CLUB PENGUIN SUCKS!! RUNESCAPE RULES!!” chant. Yes, I play Club Penguin FTW!
    Yep, me too! Plus it’s not even a rip-off of the MC&W mod. The mod has to be installed, not just built in-game. Plus the guinea pigs and hotdogs are the only pets (I think) that the mod adds.
    They don’t eat meat dude… But whatever this game is fantasy. I don’t think they like cobwebs and bones! I would rather give them a spare Night’s Edge FTW! And your signature made me piss in my pants LOL!
    I can see a mod in Minecraft that has kitty cats! So if there is a mod for cats, maybe we can implement that in the game!



    And I don’t expect the developers to put it in the next version, they should take some time to do the pet implementation and then while that’s going, they can release the versions.
  18. Filsk15

    Filsk15 Green Slime

    Agreed. Pets would be a cool addition as vanity, ranch animals (would love to cook some cows :p) or even to cary your stuff for you (like the mule) but putting them to fight? Give them max hp, max mana, a good accessories fighting set and the molten armor set and you'll be freaking OP. If they had limited attacks (or just one) that were not too strong, had some cooldown and that would cost YOU mana (like making them a mana weapon), okay, nice. But not making of them another player with a different sprite.
  19. Kylie

    Kylie Green Slime

    For me, I like it when it is just another player w/ a different sprite.
  20. Filsk15

    Filsk15 Green Slime

    Actually it would not make that much difference to me, me and my friends are more into co-op. Pets would be a cool addition anyway.

    Also, a good pet would be a dragon pet :D(no new powers, only the difference in the sprite). You'd have to steal a dragon's egg, take care of it and when it hatchs, it would be your pet, working in the same way as the others.

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