PInky's Revenge 3.0: Third Verse, Same as the First! [Custom]

Discussion in 'Server Archive' started by Keui, Feb 10, 2012.

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  1. Keui

    Keui Green Slime

    Use this thread, please.


    Back to our roots, Pinky's Revenge 3.0 shares a lot in common with Pinky's 1.0. Don't be fooled, there is a lot of new stuff and, as always, a wonderful community to keep you coming back every day.

    Non spoiler highlights:

    Activating wiring which crosses a sign will cause the text from that sign to be sent to the activator. Some tweaking will likely be in order for this.

    Boomerang statue has some very experimental extended functionality as well.

    Boot statues now work as a teleportation system. Should the wiring feats required become too troublesome, other methods of statue-based teleportation shall be devised.

    Eye statues, goblin statues, angel statues all spawn related monsters.


    No griefing. Obviously, I can't trust everyone to their word on this and we're in a very vulnerable place right now (me knowing nothing about TShock's administration; very few ops), so bear with us for the time being.

    No hacks which are overt or intrusive. Inventory editing? Fine and dandy. Invisibility? God mode? Butcher? Dropping spawned items randomly? No, no, no, and no. (Again, bear with us as we sort the hard and fast code-backed rule enforcement).

    Respect others' houses. They ask you to leave? Leave, please. At the same time, please avoid using blocks to lock your house. It's kinda ugly. And refrain from blocking major walkways with impassable constructions.

    Please mark houses with a sign naming the owner of the building. For two reasons: 1, so we do not erroneously ban you for "griefing" your own house (if you're into some post-modernist shenanigans or something); 2, so we may ensure it is properly protected in all aspects.

    For your sake and ours, if you build something nice you want to keep, please remember to /stakeregion to protect it. This is a temporary form of protection. When an admin comes along, they can check that the region has something worth protecting and is appropriately sized and make it permanent. Help us help you help griefers to help no one help helping them.

    Please avoid trading on this server. Things are very chaotic and enforcement against scamming is... non-existent. If you get scammed, it's very unlikely any retribution will be possible.

    Got banned?

    Server INFO:

    Port: 7777
    Password: None, just remember that 8! (If you register, you will be asked for a password. It is the password you registered with.)

    Few notes: Thanks to Ryth (of desucraft?) for providing the hosting so this is possible. If you notice any bugs, please speak up! Need help? Speak up! Wanna say hi? Say hi! Wanna kill bosses? Kill bosses! Wanna run, hide, cower in a corner, because PINKY'S REVENGE IS COMING FOR YOU!?!?!? Run all you want. You'll never run fast enough!
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  2. X-Richard-X

    X-Richard-X Green Slime

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  3. uiomancan

    uiomancan Lava Slime

    YAY I am going to join now!
  4. Kingshadowx9

    Kingshadowx9 Eskimo Zombie

  5. OmegaStorm0511

    OmegaStorm0511 Cursed Skull

    ASDFGHJKL *starts up Terraria*
  6. X-Richard-X

    X-Richard-X Green Slime

    servers kind of buggy, random lag spikes are everywhere...
  7. roguegravity

    roguegravity Green Slime

    servers full
  8. Keui

    Keui Green Slime

    Notes: Too few slots right now. Trying to get that fixed!
  9. Kingshadowx9

    Kingshadowx9 Eskimo Zombie

    luv that they spam destroyers lol
  10. Keui

    Keui Green Slime

    Here's the plan: Bugs have been sorted out as they've popped up. Boomerang statue is still non-functional (though, a random other statue MIGHT be functional. Such is the trials and tribulations of debugging.)

    But I digress. Actual plan: Tomorrow evening (Saturday evening) we will have a spawn building event. Taking suggestions on what to be built. This will be on a new map. This new map will be the permanent one.
  11. TheFinalBiscuit

    TheFinalBiscuit Demon Eye

    I would usually post some sort of strange reaction regarding the reopening of the server. However, I just got up and I'm tired, so I'll settle for YEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAHHH!

    EDIT: According to Robert, I can be re-adminified if I post here on the forum thread. So...yeah, I made an account and stuff on the server.
  12. Pssartist

    Pssartist Green Slime

    Welcome back guys. Long live Pinkys and all that!

    I`ll jump on a some point and check out the real Pinkys Revenge. I never had the chance on the original server.
  13. bamseper

    bamseper Cursed Skull

    W00T! joining naow
  14. edichez

    edichez Green Slime

    Posting mainly to be notified on posts
  15. X-Richard-X

    X-Richard-X Green Slime

    about 5 destroyers spazzing about on the server... Destroyers stay during day and start spazzing out
  16. themurderousbanana

    themurderousbanana Green Slime

    can you please stop spamming destroyers and maybe spam EoCs and EoWs or even better: pinkies and king slimes!

    P.S The Destroyer is not very easy for me :(
  17. OmegaStorm0511

    OmegaStorm0511 Cursed Skull

    I think Keui modded them so they would stay around 24/7. Also, worms that aren't spawned naturally are very buggy, as you explained. Hope this is fixed, I can't build with me "randomly" dying.

    This server is for people who have gotten the best armor, weapons, have over 400 platinum, stuff like that. It's for people who want a challenge. If this is too hard for you, get better gear in single-player. Also, the bosses are automated and random. For instance, 1 night we got 2 EoCs, 1 King Slime, and Skeletron Prime. The next night we got 2 King Slimes, and an EoW.
  18. Keui

    Keui Green Slime

    Actually, I think what's causing them to explode violently like that is that I tried to make them smaller so we could have more of them around. I'll take a look into it post haste.
  19. OmegaStorm0511

    OmegaStorm0511 Cursed Skull

    The ones that don't explode have only the head spawn...yeah. We mad.

    Also, tone the Pinky's HP down a bit. 25000 seems a bit drastic as killing 1 spawns 2 more.
  20. Keui

    Keui Green Slime

    I don't know what I did!!!?!?!

    Which is to say... I agree, but am not sure why that's even happening. It really shouldn't be...
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