Pinky's Revenge: Re-Boot to the Face

Discussion in 'Server Archive' started by Keui, Jul 8, 2012.

  1. Keui

    Keui Green Slime

    With some finality now, Pinky's Revenge is dead. Due to lack of commitment on my part, rising hosting costs, persistent lag and downtime issues, and dwindling interest, I will no longer be hosting this server.

    It was a great run. I hope everyone had as much fun as I did and can find another server to enjoy. Starbound will be explored for future Pinky's Revenge-style server prospects.
    Pinky's Revenge! It's bigger! It's badder! It's too much for you noobs!


    No griefing. DO NOT build more hellevators than needed.

    No hacks which are overt or intrusive. Inventory editing? Fine and dandy. Invisibility? God mode? Butcher? Dropping spawned items randomly? No, no, no, and no. (Again, bear with us as we sort the hard and fast code-backed rule enforcement).

    Respect others' houses. They ask you to leave? Leave, please. At the same time, please avoid using blocks to lock your house. It's kinda ugly. And refrain from blocking major walkways with impassable constructions.

    Please mark houses with a sign naming the owner of the building. For two reasons: 1, so we do not erroneously ban you for "griefing" your own house (if you're into some post-modernist shenanigans or something); 2, so we may ensure it is properly protected in all aspects.

    For your sake and ours, if you build something nice you want to keep, please remember to /stakeregion to protect it. This is a temporary form of protection. When an admin comes along, they can check that the region has something worth protecting and is appropriately sized and make it permanent. Help us help you help griefers to help no one help helping them.

    Please avoid trading on this server. Things are very chaotic and enforcement against scamming is... non-existent. If you get scammed, it's very unlikely any retribution will be possible.

    Use of explosives will auto-kick. Demolition has to be done the ol' fashion way (or by an admin with tile-edit if you ask really nice and they're not busy).

    Got banned?

    Server INFO:

    Port: 7777
    Password: There is no password; if you are prompted for a password, you have /register'd in the past with a password, use that.
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  2. Imnotahuman

    Imnotahuman Cave Bat

    Been waiting a long time for this!
  3. Minifrij

    Minifrij Cave Bat

    Glad this is back! :D
  4. ShadowShock

    ShadowShock Demon Eye

    noooooo...stuck at found server
  5. <Iron Waffle>

    <Iron Waffle> Lava Slime

    [​IMG] YYES! YYESS!!
  6. X-Richard-X

    X-Richard-X Green Slime

    not amazing
    not worthy of bacon

    EDIT : Servoiar crashez
  7. LucasTheBeast

    LucasTheBeast Zombie

    lost connection
  8. ShadowShock

    ShadowShock Demon Eye

    SErver is up
  9. uiomancan

    uiomancan Lava Slime

    wait I haven't been on yet...
  10. walnut man

    walnut man Green Slime

    its stuck at connecting to blah blah blah is it just my computer or is it the server?

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    nvm its up
  11. nababoo

    nababoo Dark Caster

    The server offline?
  12. walnut man

    walnut man Green Slime

    im still bluey and is there any way you can change your name on this?

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    and btw im stuck and found server again lol

    Ok it's up
  13. Aeria

    Aeria Demon Eye

    Read the forum rules first. There you will find all your answers. And please do use the edit button if you want to add something. Double posting is considered spam here.
  14. Loki ISP

    Loki ISP Moderator Staff Member

    Walnut mentioned, please refrain from double posting.

  15. Deadpool

    Deadpool Bone Serpent

    Thank god! Now back to building! :D
  16. IGNHere

    IGNHere Green Slime

    Did the server just go down?
  17. Classikly

    Classikly Vampire

    Is there a password?
  18. <Iron Waffle>

    <Iron Waffle> Lava Slime

  19. OmegaStorm0511

    OmegaStorm0511 Cursed Skull

    Password is your account password.
  20. The Phasesaber

    The Phasesaber Green Slime

    Well the first day was fun. Finding out that night now spawns groups of bosses all the way until daytime. Rohan, Black and I were playing today and well, 2 skeletron primes spawned.
    We only killed one before daytime.

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