Planetary Space Survival!

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  1. Wherewolvese

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    Welcome to Space survival
    You (and your friends) will survive on Planets.
    Each Planet is its own Ore So you Better Find Them all!
    You will also have to complete Challenges:
    - Find The Hallowed Planet
    - Find The Curroption Planet
    - Find The Jungle Planet
    - Mine Each Planet and Make a Brick Base Out of Each of It's Own Ores
    - Find The HellStone Planets In Hell!
    - Fight All Of the Bosses ( Besides Skeletron )
    - Make An Obsidean Generater
    - Get all of the NPCs
    - Make Your Own Planet ( Optional )
    - Make a Video and Share it with me and I'll Put it on The Forum! ( Optional )
    - Do Not Hack
    - Please Make A New Charactor
    - Please ( Try To ) Complete All Challenges
    What's New!
    Version 3.1
    - Added Items in the Shadow Chests
    Version 3.0
    - Added Shadow Chests
    - Added Chests with Items in them on each planet(Besides the Main Planet)
    - Switched the Hallowed and Snow Planets around
    - Added the Guide
    Version 2.0
    - Added Heart Crystals
    - Add a Boarder around the Main Planet
    - Added a Beach at the Bottom of the Boarder
    - Changed the Hell Planets
    - Changed the Ores Around the Main planets Around
    Version 1.0
    - Official Release!
    Remember To Have Fun and Remember its a Work in Progress Map!
    Here are some Pictures for version 1.0 [​IMG]
    Here is a Video Made By -

    Version 2.0​
    Version 3.0
    Please Report Any Issues With The Map Or Any Concerns
    I'm Currently Working on a Major addition on the map, It's basiclly an Adventure Update!
    I need a Dungeon Designer!!!
    Who Ever does the Best job at making the Dungeon I will put it on the map but PM the File to me because there are people who Hate Spoilers.
    I Would appretiate it if you Use Adfly It Helps me Make Money.
    But you Don't Have To Thanks Anyway!
    - Version - 3.1 - Adfly -
    - Mediafire -
    - Direct - Planetary Space Survival Version

    - 3.0 -
    - 2.0 -
    - 1.0 -

    Have Fun! =)

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  2. Mune84

    Mune84 Squirrel

    Hey hey, sounds like an interesting concept. Might I just add that most people like to see pictures before they download (myself included) to give a better idea of what the map is. Also, kindof a sidenote, but why do people give mediafire links when they can just upload the files right here? I'm not a fan of mediafire.
  3. caleb_the_noob

    caleb_the_noob Green Slime

    can u give out ip or wut
  4. Wherewolvese

    Wherewolvese Bunny

    Yes i have pics but i need to find a website to post them on and i am trying to make money off of adfly so i can get well Stuff better stuff to make better maps with because i made this map on my laptop and sure u can give me the ip! =)
  5. alecool34

    alecool34 Tim

  6. Wherewolvese

    Wherewolvese Bunny

    Hey u do know i added pics would u want to download it?
  7. Mune84

    Mune84 Squirrel

    Would you mind attaching the file directly to your post? I try my best to avoid most commercial download sites, they run the risk of displeasing my computer. In case it's a question of not knowing how, you attach it the same way you would attach a picture, using the 'Upload a file' button. I recommend zipping the file first, because it makes the file about 1/5th as big.
  8. Halo4life090

    Halo4life090 Cursed Man

    How do you get more health? Are Heart crystal's in the world itself, not the planets?
    Anyway, good map. I've been playing it for a while.
  9. Wherewolvese

    Wherewolvese Bunny

    There are Plenty of Heart Crystals. You Just Need to Find Them look in the video if you Really need to know. And Thxs!
  10. Novate

    Novate Bone Serpent

    Just a small question,
    What size world is this created on?
  11. Wherewolvese

    Wherewolvese Bunny

    I am pretty sure i made it on medium y?
  12. alecool34

    alecool34 Tim

    Meh... Think I'll stick to Planetoids.
  13. Aydind

    Aydind Green Slime

    cool, I like it, good job: [​IMG]
  14. Nuff_Games

    Nuff_Games Green Slime

    Hey wherewovles its me xthexsilent th guy who made the video well i have just been playing/recording some space survival 3.0 and im wondering if i can post images

  15. Wherewolvese

    Wherewolvese Bunny

    sure y not send me them and ill post them
  16. Nuff_Games

    Nuff_Games Green Slime

  17. Blufire

    Blufire Green Slime

    My god people type big...
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  18. pionoplayer

    pionoplayer Yellow Slime

    how the heck do I get to the other planets!!?!? This is impossible! I'm stuck here! I need some way to get out of my GOLD rutt.
  19. Flaming_Donut

    Flaming_Donut Green Slime

    Use the gold mate
  20. pionoplayer

    pionoplayer Yellow Slime

    No, I'm asking where the heck the other planets are!!

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