PC Plantera's Bulb Exploration?

Discussion in 'Guides' started by Zype, Oct 13, 2013.

  1. Zype

    Zype Squirrel

    Well I've come the near last part of my journey in 1.2 and I've been intrigued by the Plantera's Bulb, but the only thing that bothers me is how it really spawns.

    I hope to extend the Terraria Wiki with the info I can get from the community.

    Based off the experiences I believe they randomly regrow somewhere else after broken.

    So my questions about this are.
    • Do they regrow?
    • Do they move around?
    • Are the amount of the bulbs in the world always the same number no matter how many are broken?
    • Do they grow under water?
    • Do they grow under lava?
    • What is the highest level they spawn at?
    • What is the lowest level they spawn at?
    • Do they override items by destroying them? (pots, boulders, vines, plants.)
  2. Kawarino

    Kawarino Cursed Skull

    The regrow when: you broke one and when you kill a mechanical boss in hardmode (twins, skeletrons prime etc) after a long period. I never see one under water or lava.
  3. Zype

    Zype Squirrel

    Yeah I'm aware that they spawn in random places after killing bosses but then it's like how do they come back? Are you trying to say they come back after killing another hardmode boss?
  4. Kawarino

    Kawarino Cursed Skull

    Only The Destroyer, Skeletron Prime and the Twins. No golem. Kill the destroyer and you will spawn one, kill the twins too and you will spawn a second one
  5. Zype

    Zype Squirrel

    But I've already found 5 by digging...Are you saying that killing one hardmode boss will spawn 1 bulb?
  6. Kawarino

    Kawarino Cursed Skull

  7. Dashiell

    Dashiell Demon Eye

    If you want to search them rather fast then farm chaos elementals in underground hallow for rod of discord, i know rare drop but it makes running in caverns very easy skipping digging almost entirely.
  8. ShadowKitty

    ShadowKitty Cursed Man

    I only fought each mechanical hardmode boss once before going to the jungle and I started spam killing Plantera. I've had Plantera bulbs 'respawn' in places that I already destroyed one. I think there's probably a certain number constantly in the world, and when one is destroyed, another grows.
  9. Leinfors

    Leinfors Black Recluse

    1. New ones grow, they don't necessarily regrow except by coincidence.
    2. They don't move, but since they grow randomly, you will need to look in new places or research old places for them.
    3. I do not believe so . . . in my initial search, they and Heart Fruit were very rare. Days of playtime later, there seem to be a larger number present in my world . . . much, much more common.
    4. I have seen one underwater on junglegrass, but I may have flooded it inadvertently.
    5. If they have, I've never seen one.
    6. I can't give you coordinates, but I've seen one within a screen or two of the surface. But they tend towards deeper.
    7. I don't find them often at lava level. They exist, but for one reason or another they seem to be harder to find.
    8. I can only assume that they DO override items, as I have found them in places where previously there was nothing but jungle rubbish. I would guess there is a check to spawn them on any eligible 2 block wide plot of jungle grass, replacing any pre-existing jungle junk, but I doubt it overrides chests or pots.

    I have read that fighting Plantera immediately spawns another, but I can't confirm it. The Jungle is huge, and a serious search is almost out of the question most of the time. Think of it as a randomly respawning plant, except it triggers a boss fight instead of being harvested. I HAVE seen an instance of someone using jungle grass for a herb farm and having a Plantera bulb growing in it, but this is probably not exploitable. The chance to grow in a spot is really low. That said, you might be able to set up a very large network of jungle-grass rows and trim them from time to time. I bet you would get Heart Fruit too.
  10. PeggleFrank

    PeggleFrank Cursed Skull

    I've had them appear in flooded places that I haven't visited for months. I don't think it actually matters anyway, since I doubt furniture can detect whether water or lava is occupying it's space.
  11. HealerMage

    HealerMage Squirrel

    After you kill any mechanical boss. It automatically spawns anywhere in the jungle as long as it has the jungle wall (because i found my first plant in a small dead end cave near the surface). Yes , it does regrow after you destroy it but it will regrow in a different place.So you have to find it again. I guess the plant spawns anywhere as long as it has a space to spawn.
  12. Nuxohiz

    Nuxohiz Blazing Wheel

    The lowest one I've seen was in the underworld, about 3 screens above hell stone level. That's the only thing I've to add to the answers that have already been given.
  13. ShadowKitty

    ShadowKitty Cursed Man

    "3 screens" is very relative, because we don't know how big your screen is lol
  14. Airborn

    Airborn Tim

    I wonder if it regrows after destroying it or after killing planterra. If I want to kill Planterra, I look on the map for a light pink square on the map. I you do that, it will get easier to find it.
    If you kill multiple destroyers only one plant grows.
  15. MLP

    MLP Corruptor

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  16. Neverium

    Neverium Angel Statue

    Would like to point out, something to make finding the bulbs a bit easier. Popping open the world map, you can scan around areas of the jungle that you've revealed for a pink square, this will be the bulb on the map.

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