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Discussion in 'PC' started by Esthin, May 18, 2011.

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  1. Esthin

    Esthin Green Slime

    So a lot of people hate Steam for some reason, and don't want to use it.
    Well, I discovered a way by accident when I was looking for my world saves.

    If you navigate to this directory:
    C:/Program Files/Steam/steamapps/common/terraria *

    There will be an .EXE file named "Terraria" (Bet you didn't see that one coming)
    If you boot up this file, Terraria will launch without having to have Steam open in the first place.

    I feel this will be helpful to a lot of people who want to play without using the Steam program.
    Leave a reply or a like, let me know it helped you!

    * In a 64 Bit Windows OS, the path will be C:/Program Files (x86)/Steam/steamapps/common/terraria

    Please, keep this thread in the front page for others to see, maybe we can get it stickied :)

    This no longer works, as a recent patch fixed this.
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  2. TheWolfie

    TheWolfie Green Slime

    you can do that with every nonvalve steam game lmao

    i gess this is your first time useing steam
  3. H3xer1n

    H3xer1n Green Slime

    now show us a way to play terraria without ever having to sign up for, install, download, or interact with steam
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  4. Esthin

    Esthin Green Slime

    Not true, I have to use Steam to start the large majority of my games.

    I've had Steam for about 3 years now, so no, It's not my first time.
    The idea of this post was to help other people use it without Steam.
  5. TheWolfie

    TheWolfie Green Slime

    opps sorry, just asumed lol
  6. Esthin

    Esthin Green Slime

    I love Steam personally, I just know lot's of people complained about having it as the program to launch and buy Terraria.
  7. Toraxa

    Toraxa Green Slime

    The problem is that people start doing this and suddenly everyone's on the forums asking where all the updates are, and/or asking where to find the patches.
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  8. Opirian

    Opirian Green Slime

    That's not a windows 7 thing that is a 64 bit OS thing >.> I don't know why I pointed that out...
  9. darkie

    darkie Green Slime

    I agree, and the patches seem to be quite significant - the one last night made hosting a game on windows 7 less of an immense CPU load and more of an enjoyment.
  10. Sykozen

    Sykozen Green Slime

    Well, but keep in mind you'll need to check if there are any updates out! Because it won't update without Steam.
    Btw, I'm a Steam "lover" too. I use it for 4 years now.
  11. Esthin

    Esthin Green Slime

    Ohhhh right.
    I'll fix that :p
  12. Mugwump

    Mugwump Cursed Man

    I can't run it at all unless I start it with the steam shortcut. Running the .exe directly does nothing...
  13. Esthin

    Esthin Green Slime

    What OS are you running?

    It works on Windows 7 64Bit
  14. eyeball226

    eyeball226 Cave Bat

    Did you have Steam running in the background or was Steam completely closed? If it's the latter, this is exactly what I've been hoping to hear!
  15. eyeball226

    eyeball226 Cave Bat

    Ok, bought this and it turned out not to be true. Cracked it instead.
  16. Alluvian_Est-Endrati

    Alluvian_Est-Endrati Green Slime

    I am running Windows 7 64bit and Terraria will not start without steam already running. Attempted what you described in the OP when I had trouble connecting to the steam network this evening and the Terraria binary would not run.
  17. Decysp

    Decysp Squirrel

    Wait, so this means i can take the terraria file from steamapps and put it in a USB and it will be portable? ^-^? hmmhmmmhmmh?
  18. Bob_The Angry Bunny

    Bob_The Angry Bunny Doctor Bones

    just wait, they plan on integrating steamworks. It will prevent this from happening, and help prevent cracks.
  19. eyeball226

    eyeball226 Cave Bat

    Well, it'll just slow the cracks down. They'll still happen though (and I'll be thankful for them).
  20. The_ShadoW

    The_ShadoW Doctor Bones

    No Steam game will run without steam client. OP just had a client running in background, this way of launching is the same as doing it from client.

    If you shut down steam client, it won't work.
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