Playing Terraria NOW!!!

Discussion in 'Let's Play Terraria!' started by vralin, Jul 13, 2011.

  1. vralin Green Slime

    My IP address is

    I just created the world, waiting for others to join me.
    Hope you play well with others.
  2. vralin Green Slime

    still waiting for players to join me.
  3. Jdhs06 Green Slime

    whats the server port?
  4. Jdhs06 Green Slime

    cant connect
  5. vralin Green Slime

    server port should be 7777
  6. Coopershaw14 Green Slime

    I cant connect either. is this a lets play or are we just building
  7. vralin Green Slime

    just play, i have the world set up, gonna find dungeon and hopefull run through it.
  8. Zako Green Slime

    Can't connect either. Did you forward the port?
  9. vralin Green Slime

    forward it?
  10. Zako Green Slime

    Yeah so people can connect to it
  11. vralin Green Slime

    well how do you forward it then?
  12. Zako Green Slime

    Try typing into your address bar.
  13. vralin Green Slime

    its asking me for a login and pass
  14. Zako Green Slime

    Default is admin for both
  15. Zako Green Slime

    should i make a new character or just use the one i have

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