"Please launch the game from your steam client"

Discussion in 'In-Game Support Archive' started by Killersdream123, Jun 16, 2011.

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  1. Killersdream123 Green Slime

    >Read title for issue

    I get this message no matter how I try to start it. I've tried the shortcut, hotbar, game directory, steam directory, game file, and manual. I've also tried to reinstall it, didn't work either. I had NO issue with Terraria last night, or the day before that. Tell me forum, whats wrong with it?
  2. RedRupple Green Slime

    Could you show images please? I may know what's wrong.
  3. Killersdream123 Green Slime

    What do you mean by images? All I get after the "Preparing to launch Terraria..." is a simple error box saying what the title says.
  4. RedRupple Green Slime

    Well I just meant to post picture of what had been happening. Is your firewall blocking it..?
  5. Killersdream123 Green Slime

    No, my firewall douesn't block any of my games. This is the only game on my steam that's doing this.
  6. RedRupple Green Slime

    Hmm, how about just restarting your computer?
  7. Kelp Moderator

    While I look for a possible solution do the following:

    1. Go to your Steam Library
    2. Right click Terraria and go to "Preferences"
    3. Go to "Local Files"
    4. Verify integrity of game cache.
  8. Killersdream123 Green Slime

    Done and done. Didn't help though :s
  9. Kjkillercom Doctor Bones

    Just restart Steam and if that doesn't work, restart your computer.
  10. Killersdream123 Green Slime

    Alright, thanks. It worked like a charm!
  11. Kjkillercom Doctor Bones

    Awesome! Glad to help!
  12. RedRupple Green Slime

    Haha, that's what I was trying to tell him:p. But glad to see it's fixed.
  13. Frankie Colson Green Slime

    Same I installed terraria game launcher and have been having trouble ever since
  14. nave01 Slimed Zombie

    Try this page: http://terraria.wikia.com/wiki/User_blog:Mathmagician/Installing_Reborn_Mod_-_Walkthrough

    It says what to do at the bottem of the page. "If you get to Step 7 and the Game Launcher repeatedly gives you the error message "Launch the game through your Steam client." -- it's probably because you aren't running Steam from your administrator account, as mentioned in Step 1."
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