Ponies, Ponies, Ponies! (Sprite Pack)

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    Disregard that go home part. I'm unable to continue the pack, so here's a release of the resources for anyone brave enough to continue this! It's quite the chore, so be warned!
    Link: http://www.terrariaonline.com/threads/ponies-ponies-ponies-sprite-pack.45257/page-11#post-1607533

    So, I made a pony texture pack and have been making it since 1.0.3. C:
    It changes the character into ponies, zombies and skeletons into zombie and skeleton ponies, respectively, and demon eyes into parasprites, among other things.


    If you want to advertise this in your signature, here's some signature-ready ponies:

    DOWNLOAD LINK: http://www.mediafire.com/?mrqz47ic3gmdo9d
    BONUS PACK: (Ponified Chell[from Portal] sells guns!) http://www.mediafire.com/?15jp37a3q3d6d9h
    BONUS PACK: (Strawberry Burst sells guns!) http://www.mediafire.com/?15jp37a3q3d6d9h

    There are also three bonus packs within the main download.
    They are: Original Shadowscale(in case you don't like the Shadowbolts. :C ), Original NPCs (in case you don't like the idea of Rainbow Dash/Twilight Sparkle shipping), and Muffins! (changes potions into cupcakes and muffins)

    Here are the installation instructions:

    If you don't and want to uninstall it, just delete the images folder, then go into your Steam Library and right-click Terraria. Click properties, go to the Local Files and click "Verify Integrity of Game Files" and it should redownload the files!

    I hope you enjoy! This was a lot of work to make. :)

    -THE ARE NO TAILS (Giving the character tails is impossible because of how Terraria handles the sprites)

    You want some music with your ponies? Check out Subzero's music packs!
    Regular: http://www.terrariaonline.com/threads/the-terraria-pony-music-pack.43948/
    Remix: http://www.terrariaonline.com/threads/the-terraria-pony-music-pack-remix-edition.44922/

    (Banner by Bloodglory/DJ P0N-3/Vinyl Scratch)
  2. Pedguin

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    Why are these forums full of Pony lovers lol. :p
  3. Mike

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    I have no idea. I do think it is pretty cool how Jackbread changed all of the character sprites and armors.
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  4. SASMarco

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    Thanks for this, it was a pain finding this for the first time.

    Maybe you could make this into a full fleshed out texture pack?
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  5. PoundSake

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    Added to the List of texture packs.
  6. JackBread

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    I would get the picture that says "Because Ponies!" but I don't have the time.

    Thanks! :D

    You're welcome!

    It already is. :p I don't see a reason to change the ground and everything. That's why I made it in Terraria's style. ;)

    LATE EDIT: Bad use of "your".
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  7. egosok

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    I'm using this and I love it. Goes great with Sub-Zero's music for Terraria.
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  8. JackBread

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    Thanks! It seems I forgot that I wanted to include his music pack in the OP. :eek:
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  9. SASMarco

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    It seems as though the haters are avoiding hating.

    For now.
  10. ThatAmazingPerson

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    I'd use it, but I just love terraria's textures.
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  11. Allie

    Allie Green Slime

    Why are there so many ponies on this forum?
    Even your background picture has a pony in it? Damn, that's getting a bit creepy.
    But yeah, I guess this is a good texture pack for those who want it.
    Edit: Does Terraria play on Windows 98?
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  12. JackBread

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    Because, ponies!
    I never knew it was creepy to have something you like as your wallpaper. ;o
    Thanks. :)
    And I don't know. I have Vista and my laptop is terrible, so I changed it to the '98 style so I can get some better performance.
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  13. It's not even just on these forums. IT'S EVERYWHERE!!!(seriously though, it's all over the place)
  14. WarStalkeR

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    No, not everywhere. In Soviet Russia ponies are food and vodka is everywhere, because it's vodka!
  15. That is very true.
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  16. Allie

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    It's not really creepy, but it's strange.
    The ponies are literally everywhere, like Jack said earlier.
    This forum is filled with the ponies though.
    I didn't know changing the style to Windows 98 actually improved the performance. Must be a VERY old laptop.
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  17. ProStatus

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    This is really amusing. I love it.
  18. Crenox

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  19. Amy Heo

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    awww, it is so cute! i am so tempted to try it :(
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