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Discussion in 'Console' started by 505Games, Jan 3, 2013.

  1. 505Games

    505Games 505Games

    Hi everyone,

    Happy Christmas, New Year, holidays!

    To start 2013 - there has been another pop up challenge posted on Twitter - Check it out here and answer correctly (On Twitter only) within 24 hours for your chance to win one of these USB's.


    Good luck!! :)

  2. Jeckel

    Jeckel Little Red Fire Ant

    I like that you guys are running these contests, but why the twitter only restriction? I want to participate, but I'm not going to wade into the cesspool that is twitter to do it. In the future, maybe we could also answer these popup challenges in their threads here on the forum?
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  3. 505Games

    505Games 505Games

    Hi Jeckel,

    Thanks for your feedback - we'll see what we can do for the next one.

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