PC Portable Characters and Worlds via Dropbox

Discussion in 'Guides' started by daswickerman, May 19, 2011.

  1. daswickerman

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    I am really missing the cloud save functionality of Steam in Terraria, so I implemented a work-around. I tested this on Windows7 and it works, though I assume that once cloud saves get implemented there won't be a need for this "trick." Again, this is just a trick and not an official means of getting around the lack of Cloud Saves so try it at your own risk, back up your files, pay your life insurance, etc.

    By linking your Terraria user data to a dropbox account, and subsequently linking the dropbox share to a Terraria installation on another computer, characters and worlds become portable (up to the in-game character limit, and the size restrictions of your dropbox account.


    Microsoft Synctoy - Download
    A Dropbox Account - Sign Up


    1. Install and configure Dropbox and Synctoy with default settings on each machine you want to have access to your Terraria user data.

    2. Use Synctoy to sync the ~/Documents/Games/Terraria folder to a Terraria folder in the Dropbox share on your main PC.

    3. Repeat Step 2 for each subsequent system you want to give access to. As long as you keep the ~/Documents/Games/Terraria folder synced when you finish playing, or before you start playing you'll have the most recent version of your characters. I didn't take the time to try to automate the sync process, but I can figure it out if there's interest.

    4. Profit!

    If anyone has any suggestions or anything to add feel free to comment!
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  2. Mikhail Talbutt

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    Thank you for this post, I know that not everyone has the issue of multiple computers, but I'm working off three right now and I'd love to maintain characters/worlds when changing computers, I've been doing it via USBdrive, was thinking about setting up a file server at home to relay them, but this is better since I'm not always at home. I hope the end up implementing cloud saving through steam though.
  3. Terraria.net

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    You may also do remote backup (and share) at terraria.net
  4. DrBob

    DrBob Cave Bat

    THANK YOU! Me and my friend have been wanting to share a map so that eachother can modify it while playing on singleplayer but retain all our changes from multiplayer.

    Looks very possible with this!
  5. daswickerman

    daswickerman Green Slime

    I think you'll have to take turns using it in single player or you'll end up overwriting each other's modifications.
  6. DrBob

    DrBob Cave Bat

    Yep I figured that. We have very different schedules though so we barely ever get to play at the same time but when we do it's multiplayer anyway.
  7. BigD

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  8. jjcf89

    jjcf89 Green Slime

    Better yet you can symlink the terraria game file to the dropbox folder.

    1. Move the Terraria folder inside the My Games to a location in your Dropbox folder.
    2. Type cmd in start menu search and right click on it and Run as administrator
    3. cd "\Users\{UserName}\Documents\My Games"
    4. Run below command replacing {UserName} with your username
    mklink /d Terraria "\Users\{UserName}\Dropbox\{Location of moved folder Terraria}"

    This way you don't need the synctoy program and saves are always up to date.

    Note: You don't have to do the entire Terraria directory. You could do one map and one user seperately as long as you sync them to the proper places on the other machines.

    The can be done on your other computers.
    - cd to My Games and delete the Terraria folder IF ITS BLANK or you don't want your saves
    mklink /d Terraria "\Users\{UserName}\Dropbox\Terraria"

    And if any of them are xp you can fall back on the synctoy method.

    [Edit] Corrected steps
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  9. PointBlank

    PointBlank Green Slime

    I dislike Dropbox, plus this requires installation for it to be 'live'.
  10. GameCharmer

    GameCharmer Zombie

    As a suggestion for lower bandwidth connections or for those who pay per GB of transfer, use 7zip to compress your Terraria saves directory. I have 2 large worlds and 1 character in my Terraria saves directory that total up to 428MB of space. After compression, I am left with a 17MB 7z file (~4% of the original size). Sure, it takes about 30 seconds to compress the files, but it's worth it when syncing multiple computers on various connections.
  11. Emenii

    Emenii Bone Serpent

    I <3 Dropbox so much favorite program.
  12. PointBlank

    PointBlank Green Slime

    This really made me and my friend crack up. He told me about it and most of what I heard was laughing.
  13. KryptiqGhost

    KryptiqGhost Green Slime

    Sorry for being a Necro, but just wanted to say thanks for this.

    I found the symbolic links to work best. I've simply got a Terraria folder in my Dropbox, and make a symbolic link on all my computers that points to that dropbox folder. Easy sync that goes in all directions.
  14. Yamir

    Yamir Yellow Slime

    Thank you, this helped me out greatly when I am playing on different computers.
  15. jjcf89

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    Glad it helped.
  16. Yamir

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    Why thank you! Someone with manners. :p
  17. HunterZ

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    I don't understand why you'd do the shortcut in one direction on one computer and the other direction on another. The idea is that everyone shares the data, so no one machine is the owner or master of it.

    I tried doing it the first way (make a link named Terraria in the Dropbox folder that points to the real Terraria folder under My Games), but Dropbox didn't seem to notice when the files were updated by the game.

    The second way did seem to work for me (move the Terraria folder from My Games to Dropbox and then make a link in My Games that points to the real one in Dropbox).

    I've also thought of moving the real folder out to a shared folder on the network and putting a link to it in My Games. This would remove the need for Dropbox, with two disadvantages:
    1. If I ever want to play Terraria on my laptop while away from home, I'd lose access to my saves.
    2. Loading and saving games while playing on my laptop may take longer, as the data would need to transfer across my LAN.
  18. jjcf89

    jjcf89 Green Slime

    Good question. I'm pretty sure that doing the steps on my computer when I wrote it worked. But it does sound familiar that dropbox has a hard time watching files through a symlink. Let me try it out again and see what happens.
    I don't believe you can symlink to a shared drive. If you wanted to try that you could use SyncToy mentioned earlier to keep the share in sync. This way you'd still have access to the saves with your laptop disconnected and the loading/saving wont be affected. But you will have to watch it to make sure the syncs happen before you try to use the game on a separate machine. *Same problem with dropbox except it syncs automatically so limits the time window where you can use stale saves.
  19. jjcf89

    jjcf89 Green Slime

    I tried creating a symlink in Dropbox to a test folder i created elsewhere on my hard drive. I then added and modified files to see if it synced the changes. Dropbox did not pick up on the changes. I'll update my directions. Thanks
  20. HunterZ

    HunterZ Green Slime

    You can reportedly create symlinks to UNC paths, or temporarily disable UAC (and reboot) to create symlinks to mapped drive paths.

    Dropbox probably makes the most sense, though, as it allows you to save and load files on the local disk, then syncs them while not playing the game.

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