portals to another dimension

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  1. tristen

    tristen Green Slime

    i think another dimension in terraria would be cool like to heaven or other country or a pure evil dream wold like this pic
    or this pic
    or this pic
    or heaven
    or even tron
    the portals are how u get their but in 2D

    im new at this
    ...j .L
  2. coopdude

    coopdude Green Slime

    i like the idea but i think the underworld is enough wat bout a portal to the under world

    infact screw that idea do wat u want i dont own terraria :)
  3. Keirndmo

    Keirndmo Dark Caster

    I hate you for posting runescape portals...

    But i would like to go to a computer type world in Terraria.
  4. TerraformerPrime

    TerraformerPrime Cursed Man

    I do believe there is content on the way re: other dimensions etc. As for the portal idea I like it, my personal take on it is I thought it would be awesome if in each world somewhere deep underground you could dig up a portal which could be much like a "stargate" where you input coordinates/symbols that act like an address linking the gate to alien worlds, and those coordinates could only be found deep underground in your own world and other new ones you explore and dig through. Something like this could greatly extend the gameplay and excitement of exploration xD.
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  5. Varkarrus

    Varkarrus Wraith


    This has been suggested many many times and each time it is I support it fully.
  6. zaba

    zaba Cursed Skull

    i really really love the art on this page just sayin and i like the idea too+1

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