Discussion in 'PC' started by David22548, Jan 4, 2013.

  1. David22548 Slimed Zombie

    I want to know how to port forward a tshock server. I want people to start coming on! :D

    plz help by giving me steps on how to port forward.
  2. APocketofLel Green Slime

    To PortForward Simply Throw UR Monitor Out The Window
  3. David22548 Slimed Zombie

    *throws monitor out window* like that?
  4. Star and Moon Blood Crawler

    Just search Port forwarding in the forum search bar, there are many tutorials on how to port forward.
  5. David22548 Slimed Zombie

    umm...i did and theres no results
  6. Star and Moon Blood Crawler

    Also try google.
  7. David22548 Slimed Zombie

    can someone just tell me how to port forward! :mad:
  8. Gregorius Demon Eye

    Step 1) Go to the 'Guides' section of the forum.
    Step 2) Open your eyes and expect a miracle.

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