[Potion] a new type of hardmode potion

Discussion in 'Items' started by jowl4dog, Feb 11, 2013.

  1. jowl4dog Cursed Man

    I think would be very great if you could make potions with a new brewing stand and a new type of bottle (making them from currepted or hallowed sand to make new bottles with different effects) and could use lava instead of water if you could use some or all of this i would be really happy. - a huge fan
  2. Star and Moon Blood Crawler

    Potions made from Bottled Lava? I like it!
  3. SilverBird Blood Crawler

    add throwable potions+negative/positive effects for buffing a friend or harming an enemy= awesome
    (throwing bottles of lava sounds awesome but i think the bottles would need to be made of pearlsand or something to be able to hold the stronger potions)
  4. jowl4dog Cursed Man

    the potion glass that you would use it make the bottles would be made from hallwed or currepted sand and instead of filling them with water you fill them with lava and still use the old ingreadiants
  5. TheUnrealMegashark Flying Fish

    Seems like it would be cool, but what would be the advantage of having them made from different sand and made with lava? Longer duration? More powerful?
  6. jowl4dog Cursed Man

    yes but not too much and i was thinking potion bottles made from hallowed sand could be buffs and ones from currepted sand would be ability type things (like spelunky or gravity potions) but i dont think it really madders all that much witch ones do it
  7. SilverBird Blood Crawler

    ebonsand glass=debuffs
    pearlsand glass=buffs
    ex: ebonglass bottle with water, deathweed, and rotten chunks would probably make a potion that will damage all mobs in the area where you threw the bottle... kind of like a grenade.
  8. jowl4dog Cursed Man

    yeah i guess but arent there already granades and i personaly think abilitys are just more fun but hey thats just me
  9. SilverBird Blood Crawler

    The damage potion would instantly deal AOE damage upon hitting a surface/mob while grenades take a while then explode...
    another example of a potion: lava in ebonglass+soul of night+vile mushroom+stinger= potions that would inflict a dangerous poison to all the mobs in an area and deal a bit of damage on contact.
  10. jowl4dog Cursed Man

    yeah i suppose it would add some variaty i just hope it could be in the game
  11. SilverBird Blood Crawler

    Here is a list i made of some effects potions may obtain from certain things:
    fireblossom=fire effects
    deathweed= damaging effects
    vile mushroom=poison effects
    stingers= some poison/some damage effects
    vines= slowing/some kind of nature effect
    blinkroot= lighting (potions with lighting may make mobs/players glow when inflicted with the effect and it will make a weak light in the area where the potion is used)
    daybloom= health regen
    moonglow= magic
    mushroom/glowing mushroom=healing/better healing/weak lighting
    waterleaf= breathing/water (i could imagine some kind of potion that makes enemys drown)
    sunflower= corruption purification
    cactus=damaging/thorns effect
    feather=featherfall/less fall damage
    jungle spores= light/nature
    lenses= sight
    rotten chunks= strength/weakness (needs to be used with sunflower for strength)
    antlion mandible= ?
  12. jowl4dog Cursed Man

    yeah that all looks pritty sweet but ability are nice

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