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Discussion in 'PC' started by Roddy, Nov 22, 2012.

  1. Roddy

    Roddy Cursed Skull

    Hello there everyone.

    I have doubts about some aspects of NPCs spawning in pre 1.1.2 worlds.
    My girlfriend is a big Terraria fan and the thing that does it for her is flattening and leveling her worlds.
    (Seriously, you wouldn't believe how long she spent doing this kind of thing).

    Now she's trying to get some new stuff, especially the stuff you can get from the Tinkerer, but even killing the Goblin Army he is nowhere to be found.

    So, the question is: Is it possible to spawn the "new" NPCs in pre 1.1.2 worlds?
  2. Tunnel King

    Tunnel King Moderator Staff Member

    The Tinkerer doesn't appear by defeating the Goblin Army; he appears by defeating Skeletron, but he wasn't introduced until 1.1 (per the wiki). If Skeletron was already defeated in the pre-1.1 world, then there is no in-game event that will trigger him now.

    You could try loading the world into TEdit (save a backup first); if that works, then you can force the Tinkerer to spawn, I believe. I guess that if you've already successfully loaded the world into 1.1.2 Terraria, then it's been saved as a 1.1.2 world, so I think that should work. I have no idea whether this means he would spawn bound or unbound.
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  3. Roddy

    Roddy Cursed Skull

    Thanks, I will check it when I have the time.:)
  4. celo753

    celo753 Clinger

    You're doing it wrong, bro.
    The goblin tinkerer randomly appears underground after the player has defeated the goblin army.
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  5. EpicTurdle

    EpicTurdle Voodoo Demon

    What Celo said, the tinker is found in caves after the goblin army is defeated.
    By chance, the tinker can be found more often than not in the dungeon, simply due to the fact that there are more open spaces within easy reach of one another, but he can be found anywhere underground.
    The wizard is the same way, but he only requires hardmode.
    Mechanic on the other hand can only be found on the dungeon.
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  6. Tunnel King

    Tunnel King Moderator Staff Member

    D'oh, I was thinking of the Mechanic, sorry about that. She's the one who spawns (bound in the Dungeon) after defeating Skeletron, so if you want her, you can do the TEdit thing I said above. The world won't be full of generated traps, so you won't be able to get any dart traps, or loads of free wire and pressure plates to scrounge.

    For Tinkerer and Wizard, they don't just spawn in some specific remote area; if you go down into the Dungeon or into the cavern layer, they will spawn somewhere near you (i.e. you don't have to search the entire world for the "right place").

    I blame my error on distractions of the Thanksgiving Day meal :p.
  7. Roddy

    Roddy Cursed Skull

    Ok, she decided to make another world since she wants to enter hardmode later. Thanks a lot, anyway!

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