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Discussion in 'PC' started by Baih, Dec 16, 2012.

  1. Baih

    Baih Cursed Skull

    Me and some other people were wandering how possible it is to get prefixed armour. They are easy to get through cheating but it is said on the wiki very very rarely when you craft armour it gets a prefix.

    Please respond if you have ever gotten a prefix on armour when crafting it, or if you know someone else who claims they have. Also state which version of terraria it was in if you can thanks.
  2. PinkeShy

    PinkeShy Eskimo Zombie

    Please, send the link of the wiki that shows that the armor can get a prefix.

    But the prefix can be those attributes like movement speed, haste, more mana etc.
  3. piranha99

    piranha99 Cursed Man

    its in the toparia mod also
  4. Baih

    Baih Cursed Skull

    I believe it was in the armour section in one of the wikis but it looks like it is gone now, I am certain it was there as someone else was talking to me about how they saw it. It had it as an anomaly or something saying it's very very rare.

    I'm sure there are mods that do it but I'm talking only about vanilla terraria where you can not reforge armour with the goblin tinkerer and people use inventory editors and the like to get it.
  5. W1K

    W1K Bumping into people without being here

    Yes, there is a rare bug that gives you armor with prefixes. Still, I think they aren't supposed to give any bonuses as they should be weapons prefixes. I think no one really knows how that bug even happens.
  6. Baih

    Baih Cursed Skull

    How do you know it happens?
  7. W1K

    W1K Bumping into people without being here

    There has been some old reports of items with wrong prefixes (things like Hallowed armors with prefixes, weapons with wrong preixes like Legendary Gungnir or Legendary Megashark and such) which points out it actually is a bug.
    Every item is coded up to be able to have a prefix, but how some of them get the wrong one, or wrong one when they are not supposed to have any is still a mystery.
    Also, prefixes add some "bonuses" to the weapon you are using and only the bonuses of the weapon you are holding are applied, so an armor with a prefix equiped into an armor slot would have no effect, except you are holding it in your hands, but armors can't be used as weapon so it would be useless. At least that's how I guess it works, I used to mess up with them a bit while coding.
  8. celo753

    celo753 Clinger

    I got a Warding piece of hallowed armor. It gives me +4 defense than a normal piece of hallowed armor. I remember playing in a multiplayer server with my friend, when I crafted it and it was warding.
  9. PinkeShy

    PinkeShy Eskimo Zombie

    My god... thats +12 def if its on every piece...thats 82...ironskin +90 plus the right accesorys+94....MY LORD AN UNSTOPPABLE RAPE MACHINE
  10. celo753

    celo753 Clinger

    Nu! No rape! :c
    I think I could get even above 94 with the right acessories with the right prefixes :3
  11. Baih

    Baih Cursed Skull

    Mm I see, I guess it is probably true then, thanks guys. Though I still wander if it has happened on version 1.1.2?

    If it gets a weapon type prefix it doesn't change anything but if it gets an accessory prefix like warding you will get more defense. Quite a few people try to use this kinda stuff in PvP and I've always wandered about it.

    I have heard of people getting prefixes they shouldn't on other items too.
  12. PinkeShy

    PinkeShy Eskimo Zombie

    You sure could. Bowl of Soup is +1 def thats 95 now....what else raises def...HUMMMM Werewolf +1 so thats 96 wow. :O

    And the Schakle! Thats +1 more ....97 lord..RAPE
  13. celo753

    celo753 Clinger

    Nu! no rape!!
    Also, I can have a warding obsidian shield (6 def)
    Warding Shackle (5 def)
    Warding Obsidian Skull (5 def)
    Warding Cobalt Shield (5 def)
    Warding [Insert something that gives 1 def] (5 def)
  14. Klapp

    Klapp Eyezor

    I crafted a Berserker's Draconic Coat some time back. It had 363 defense.
  15. Nard

    Nard Slimed Zombie

    I think it would be pretty cool if armor got prefixes.
  16. Orangemm

    Orangemm Black Recluse


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