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Discussion in 'Server Archive' started by Crontic, Sep 23, 2012.

  1. Crontic

    Crontic Green Slime

    Hello guys. I am currently thinking of launching a hamachi server, for about 6-7 players. However, what I need is 6-7 players to play with. You have to start a NEW CHARACTER, although you can use TerrariViewer to mod in vanity items. Nothing else!

    This server will not be running 24/7, but will be running during these times.

    3:00PM - 10:00PM



    The server will be up once 6 people have applied. You will all recieve a message of the Hamachi ID, Server IP, and Hamachi Password. Anyways, here is the application.

    Hamachi Name:
    Steam Name:
    Why should you be a part of this Co-op playthrough?:
    Other ways I can contact you (Optional):
  2. SirSkullmax

    SirSkullmax Cursed Man

    -Hamachi Name: SirSkull
    -Terraria Name: Skull
    -Steam Name: SirSkullmax
    -Age: 13
    -Why should you be a part of this Co-op playthrough?: I haven't found a good person to play with in awhile on Terraria And I thought this would be a good opportunity.
    -Other ways I can contact you (Optional): Skype = sirskull123
  3. Me_gusta

    Me_gusta Demon Eye

    Hamachi Name: TwizzlerWhistler
    Terraria Name: TwizzlerWhistler or T-Whizz
    Steam Name: TwizzlerWhistler
    Age: 14
    Why should you be a part of this Co-op playthrough?: ehm... Terraria is awesome but when its online its even more awesome and the more people the more awesome it gets... awesome
    Other ways I can contact you (Optional): PM me i always check the site for messages
  4. Crontic

    Crontic Green Slime

    SirSkullmax and Me_Gusta are accepted :)

    Four more replies and I can launch the server.
  5. Raskulle

    Raskulle Green Slime

    Hamachi Name: Rask
    Terraria Name: Rask
    Steam Name: Raskulle
    Age: 18
    Why?: The more the merrier. 6-7 People should assure that at least 2 people will have similar time zones and be able to play.
    Other ways I can contact you (Optional): PM me if you want my cell-phone number. (Text)
  6. Crontic

    Crontic Green Slime

    Raskulle is accepted.

    2-3 More replies until server launch.

    Also, giving out my Steam Username: Krontical. I'm going to send you all friend requests, so just a heads up!
  7. Baglady74

    Baglady74 Squirrel

    Hamachi: Baglady74
    Terraria: Baggy
    Steam: Bag_Of_Shenanigans
    Age: 16
    Reason for joining: Terraria is far more interesting in multiplayer.
    Alternative contact: PMing me on the forums should do nicely.
  8. Crontic

    Crontic Green Slime

    Baglady74 is accepted.

    Starting the server early, pm'ing the Hamachi ID and password to all who applied!
  9. Crontic

    Crontic Green Slime

    Sorry guys, it may be delayed for about 10 minutes.
  10. SirSkullmax

    SirSkullmax Cursed Man

    Just so you guys realise, I'm hosting the Server and we need 1 more person to fill the first Hamachi Group
    Apply if you wish...
  11. DerpyBurps

    DerpyBurps Green Slime

    Hamachi Name:DerpyBurps
    Steam Name:DerpyBurps
    Terraria: DerpyBurps
    Why should you be a part of this Co-op playthrough?: Starting a new character in multiplayer is like growing up and requires alot of teamwork and fun. ps.Terraria is fun online :D
  12. SirSkullmax

    SirSkullmax Cursed Man

    Sorry Guys...We are kinda far ahead now and we will not be taking any more people...
    Sorry for the inconvinence...
  13. :O Wow you guys play fast! xP

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