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  1. FFfanboyX Green Slime

    Hello, and welcome to Project: Black Tower! The basic idea of this project is that, on hearing of how Corruption and the new Hallow spread in Hard Mode, I became somewhat concerned over bad things happening to the old Biomes I know and......well, okay, not love, but like to kill things in. Furthermore, as Hard Mode is, well, Hard, I wanted to have a secure base of operations for when I started it. So, one day, I summoned the Wall of Flesh on the end of this massive bridge behind me, raised by Minishark to slay the beast....and it appeared behind me, chasing me off the bridge and eventually crushing me to death. .....So, not my brightest hour.

    Anyways, I respawned long before my guide (Rest in Peace, Jack!) I decided to start building a base to pass the time, so I went to my old base (which, though nice, I had basically outgrown), grabbed the furnace I had replaced with a Hellforge earlier, plopped it next to my dinky old Obsidian Generator, and started building. I may have gotten a bit....ahem.....carried away. I have yet to even go try killing the WoF again, though waiting on my Lava Vat to refill I did finish getting Molten Gear. I used all that obsidian to-ah, just take a look.


    Yep. I spent a long time generating Obsidian. ....A long, long time generating obsidian. Anyways, here are some more images. (Fair Warning-while I write this the pictures aren't coming up, but if the actual post doesn't have them I'll try and fix it later, or just put links to the pics on my Steam account.)


    Shown here is the Active Stone mechanism which blocks things from just climbing in-as well as giving me the opportunity to lock myself out and have to climb the darn thing all the way to the top. Please don't stand in it-you'll get hurt when it closes or, worse, make it where I have to fix it!


    Shown here is the crafting area. Somewhat bare, but with the highest-tier crafting amenities available before Hard Mode contained within. The Anvil and Forge will be updated once I'm in Hard Mode.


    Here we have the Library, home to local bibliophile Jacob the Guide, close relative to my old Guide Jack!


    Immediately above the library, so that there is a medical proffessional on hand when if someone should cruelly throw a Guide Voodoo Doll into lava and cause poor Jacob to explode, is the infirmary-so that his pieces can be gathered and disposed of properly. On duty in this luxurious infirmary-equipped with quadruple beds and potion-making station-is our head nurse Katherine.


    Here we have the Armory, tended by-as is appropriate-proffessional Arms Dealer Bronson. While there is just the one set of armor here now, I plan on cleaning out my old base and old world to fill up the other Mannequins. If I still don't have all the sets, I will simply have to use any excess metals I have once the Tower is relatively complete-or at least I don't have any ideas on what else to do with it. .....Incidentally, I've caught Katherine in here a few times. So....go Bronson!


    Here is a design I am really, truly proud of. When my old Obsidian Generator proved insufficient for my needs, I designed this Mass Obsidian Generator. It uses pumps and, in the Lava Vat, a design quirk I discoverd completely by accident to allow you to use a Molten Pickaxe and gather 140 pieces of Obsidian before having to stop and let the lava refill. Using this and similar designs, I advise you to be careful not to run the lava out-if you do that, you'll have to get several bucketfuls just to prime the darn thing again. Besides, that 140 Obsidian makes for 70 bricks or 280 brick backgrounds-this thing is usually almost primed again by the time I come back to it, though I do get sidetracked often. Since it uses pumps, it even refills itself automatically without buckets!

    We at Project: Black Tower are not just about creating neat obsidian generators and overfilled libraries, however; we also care about preserving the environment. How does Project Black Tower preserve the environment, you ask? Well.....


    Digging a big chunk of it up and putting it on the balcony seems to work well! Yes, in response to the coming spread of Corruption and Hallow through sand, stone, mud, and dirt, we have taken large chunks of these elements and remade four biomes so far on our scenic balcony 'biocubes', with materials added to them in a shape 100 blocks wide and 25 blocks deep before scenic terraforming (hills, occasionally tunnels) is applied to create biomes so realistic the game can't tell they're fake! Our Desert Biome, pictured above, has actually spawned Antlions before. ....Okay, once, and I'm half convinced it was just to freak me out while I was installing the floor on the one above it, but I'm trying to figure out what qualifies a biome for monsters to spawn. ....I'd, uh, appreciate a hint on that, incidentally.


    Pictured above is the Jack Guide Memorial Park, established in honor of my old guide Jack, who died when some evil handsome man threw a voodoo doll of him into the fires of Hell. I like to sit in the bench at the far end, over the pond, to relax when it occurs to me just how many blocks I still have to place building this darn thing. This biome also doubles as something of a tree farm, as well as providing acorns for later reforestation of the land below once the Hallow and Corruption finish fighting it out.


    Seen above is our scenic Jungle Biome, which (in addition to providing a bit of extra wood [giggity]) has so far spawned all types of Jungle monster except for Hornets. While, give that the Jungle Bats keep finding their way in, I'm not too torn up over a lack of giant stinging insects, I would like to know if anyone sees anything wrong here that might keep them from spawning aside from being so far above ground.


    And, last but not least, here we have our simulate ocean. Because future generations should be able to get eaten by sharks too, darnit! Notedly, however, the only thing that's spawned here is goldfish. I don't know it it's the fact that it's so high up or so far from the edges 0f the map, but it is so far the only artificial biome not to register as the real deal to the game. I may later install a jellyfish statue on a timer-just for ambience......

    Well, that's all I have as of now; 12:07 AM of December 2011, just barely the Eve of the Eve of Christmas.

    Happy Holidays, all.

    Oh, and here's my To-Do List:

    -Oversized Storage Vault (For storing all my stuff-preferably with enough chests and barrels to do so in an organized manner!)
    -Merchant's Quarter (A fancy floor, double-wide, where the Merchant, Demolitionist, and Tailor shall sell their wares, unless I find somewhere else for them that's more appropriate.)
    -Orbital Laboratory/Observatory (Waaaay up at the top, where the sky goes starry and gravity starts failing. Populated by Tinkerer and possibly Mechanic (though I may give them a dedicated love nest elsewhere, just for laughs) with a testing area to examine, say, if Hallow spreads faster than Corruption.
    -Throne Room (....Need I say more? I NEED a comfy chair after working on this thing all day!)
    -Arboretum (To replace my old greenhouse, which is actually the Tower's current foundation. Also to host the Dryad, for....well, is there somewhere more appropriate for her?
    -Apothecary (Across from the Arboretum, preferably, with the Wizard, possibly a Bookcase, and most definitely potion crafting amenities.
    -Bathroom (Well, I have a lot of floors to fill, and since we can now place toilets and bathtubs I just about have to put one of these in.)
    -More Biomes! (A Snow Biome and a custom Meteorite Biome, likely farther out from the tower than the initial four biomes since I already have enemies that don't go through walls getting in somehow.)
    -Corruption and Hallow Distant Containment Units (Double-deep Corruption and Hallow samples. In addition to being much further out from the main tower compared to the other biomes, as a precaution against the two spreading their 'baskets' will be insulated with Pearlstone Bricks for the Corruption and Demonite Bricks for the Hallow.
    -Contributions from Viewers like YOU! Yes, I'm taking suggestions. At this point I'm considering having the tower stretch from the top of the world to the bottom, so I have to fill the floors with something!
    UPDATE-Statue Gallery

    The Black Tower Project Team:
    -The Voices in My Head (the ones that speak English words other than 'BURNBURNBURN', anyways)
    -and ME!
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  2. TheKobold666 Yellow Slime

    unfortunately the ocean biome is not recreatable
  3. Jace Altair Green Slime

    Such a cute Obsidian Generator, mine is larger than your entire Armory, Infirmary, Library, Crafting Station and Obsidian Generator and that space on the right side of it combined. . . It was built pre-1.1 patch. I still have it although it takes so much space, because I have memories of it and me just mining the heck out of it for hours on end :)
  4. FFfanboyX Green Slime

    TheKobold666; you can't recreate the Ocean? Darn. I guess future generations will have to make do with getting stung by artificially-spawned jellyfish.

    Jace Altair; well, maybe yours is bigger, but if yours is from pre-1.1 mine has one advantage over yours; I know you can't hardly see it in the picture, but the whole system refills itself with pumps. So long as I don't mess up and empty it entirely, my system is bucket free! Free, I say, FREE!
  5. Jace Altair Green Slime

    I didn't say or mean mine is better, I said it was just bigger, I know how pumps works and I saw the pumps in your generator and it multiplies lava, so a small Generator are okay in the 1.1 update. However my generator is huge and is Infinite so I don't need to refill or turn on a pump when I mine it :)
  6. FFfanboyX Green Slime

    Oh, I just figured I'd brag a bit. I'm particularly proud of the design quirk making it infinite I discovered after all that research. ....While I was taking the failed prototype apart. And I just leave the pump on all the time, not just while I'm mining; end fact of it is I take obsidian out faster than it puts lava in. ........Incidentally, how did you rig an infinite generator without shlepping buckets around and glitching it before pumps?
  7. septor Penguin

    None of your images load, fella.
  8. Jace Altair Green Slime

    This is my Infi-Gen version-1.3, ofc I wouldn't be able to fill it up unless I used the trick with the Lava Bucket pre-1.1 this is the third version because some guy griefed and destroyed version-1.1, I was playing on a Co-op server before with some friends, but they got bored and I asked for the copy of the map so I could continue my building, it's got two Lava Vats so two people could mine at the same time if they want. The pumps were added when I rebuilt it, to return all the lava that almost went inside our base, luckily we had a built in active block wall. So now you see how large it is LOL!
  9. FFfanboyX Green Slime

    Septor; they don't? They load for me. Is anyone else not seeing the images?

    Jace; Wow that is a big obsidian generator!

    Oh, one more thing; I'm coming up with a plan to acquire the necessary materials to continue furnishing the Tower with fine gold and other materials. So far I'm calling it Operation: Depth Charge, in equal parts because it is cool, because it is relevant to the actual plan, and because I still have that particular transformer somewhere. I'm basically going to set up an infinite water tank (via pumps) with a hole in the side on a new, small world, fairly high up, and use that to flood the world. Then I shall consume a Gills Potion, which I will amass quite a stockpile of beforehand.

    After that, I'm going to blow !*^(*^ up with dynamite!
    Now if only I could afford an insane amount of Dynamite..... Think the NPCs will buy Obsidian Bricks?

    Oh, and Merry Christmas Eve Eve, everybody!
  10. septor Penguin

    Images load now. It may have been just me. Charter kind of sucks donkey balls most of the time, so we'll blame them. :)

    Only thing I see wrong is it should be "Carpentry Station" instead of "Carpenting Station" since that word doesn't exist and I'm not sure a carpeting and wood station is appropriate for this site! :confused:

    Finally, make Obsidian Skulls with the Obsidian, they sell for roughly 40s (mayhaps more, it's been awhile).
  11. Mageziya Demon Eye

    Nice, and amazing generator; you should also try to make a money-making machine using fish statues and lava/crab statues.

    Just one thing, if you want to absolutely protect your biomes and quarantine the hallow/corruption the walls and floors NEED to be 3 blocks thick or you parts risk conversion.

    Even though the artificial environments are in the sky you can never be too safe, eh?

    Here's what I have that's similar, much smaller scale though:


    Also, watch out for Wyverns when building your space observatory.
  12. FFfanboyX Green Slime

    Septor; good to see the images actually work! I may or may not have little to no idea how to work forums aside from reading them. Also, you have just essentially funded a crazed madman's scheme to flood and detonate a small world. Possibly two. .....I have no idea what I'm going to do with all that dirt. Oh, and I don't know about the carpenting thing; I'll probably change it anyways, but I like to stick by my bad grammar. After all, where else will new words come from?

    Mageziya; neat little biodome you have there-and with a festive candy cane annex! Ho ho ho! Oh, and thanks for the tip. To be safe, I'll add in new layers of insulation on the existing biomes. To be safe, as noted somewhere in that monster to-do list above, I am also planning to line the Corruption with Pearlstone Bricks and the Hallow with Demonite Bricks-figure one is supposed to cancel out the other anyways. ....And I might have an idea on defending against Wyverns and the like, but I'll have to experiment a bit first; I'm not entirely sure lava kills them.

    What else....Oh, I do have a moneymaker using fish set up at my old base, but it's a bit tedious selling the fish and, on blood moons, dealing with the presents currently-I have over two chests and a barrel somewhere full of Candy Cane Blocks-and I don't have a crab statue, I don't think. ...My old fish machine uses dart traps, not lava, though; it's made of wood and I wanted to toy with mechanics instead of tempting fate. Still, though a stack of fish gets a gold, it sounds like the Obsidian Skull crafting will get me more money easier. .....maybe I'll do the two in parallel. Come to think of it, I should put a factory room with a new model of Goldfish killer into the plans. Think I'll stick to darts instead of traps, though; more fun than lava. Less flammable, too.

    While I'm here-does anyone know how to make a Jungle grow trees more often? It's a lot simpler to get my wood there than find somewhere for the acorns, but they don't seem to be respawning. Anyways, I'm off to flood the world. And then blow it up. ....Because I can, and it's nearly Christmas. :D
  13. Mageziya Demon Eye

    I find to cause tree growth in the jungle you simply have to cut the grass. The grass takes up blocks the trees needs, so regularly mowing the jungle should promote tree growth.
  14. FFfanboyX Green Slime

    Hello, all! FFfanboyX here with my nightly update on progress. Incidentally, it is highly unlikely progress updates will actually be nightly, though I will try to answer posts promptly. Anyways, to start with, since Mageziya advised me on the minor issue in my last post, I'd like to say thanks. I was actually already mowing the lawn, but it turns out that works, since a new tree spawned. Yay!

    Secondly, since Jace Altair (I'm fairly sure I get half of that reference, incidentally) showed a picture of his Obsidian Generator, I though I would show off my dinky little auto thing-this time where you can actually see one of the pumps!

    Da-da-da-daaaaah! Maybe not a MASS Obsidian generator, in retrospect, but oh well. It was pretty big before I actually compared it to someone elses :).

    Next on the list of upgrades, I made a marginal improvement to the other rooms I showed you in the first post. Behold!
    Copper Chandeliers! Because, well, I wanted chandeliers and I had enough trouble finding iron for the chains without looking for gold or some such. I had over two full stacks of copper. Also, now mostly operation is my storage room, which you may have seen in the corners of some pictures!

    Yep. It's.....a room with a bunch of chests in it. .......Yay. On another note, after I came to you people bleeding for money to fund Operation: Depth Charge, you suggested two things; one was making a statue-based factory using lava to make sellable goldfish or some such. Well, here it is.



    Nice, ain't it? The bunny is a temporary placeholder for whatever useful spawner I get next-Slime, Jellyfish, or Crab. As this device is used to horrendously maim perfectly innocent and technically newborn bunnies and goldfish, I call it my Horrible, Horrible Person Machine. Because having it kinda makes me one.

    Also suggested by....I think it was Septor was selling Obsidian Skulls. Though some may call this a waste of resources that could be used to extend the tower ever higher, I do technically have an infinite supply of obsidian and far too much free time to generate it in. Also, this;


    Yep; 20 Obsidian turned into 77 Silver! And change! Granted, the unbuffed ones only sell for 54 silver, but for something you can make infinitely?

    Incidentally, my profitable day-mining all my obsidian, splitting resources between skulls to sell and bricks to further insulate my Biomes, killing a Goblin Army, working the Horrible Horrible Person Machine while the generator refilled-led to this.


    Yep, that's me on the rooftop. Shooting a bunch of my Silver Bullets what I had to wait ages to actually buy into the sky. Why, you ask? Are you BLIND, people asking? I've got a Platinum Coin! WOOOOOOOO! WOOOOOOOO! I'm gonna go shoot some more. As I will no doubt be occupied with newer and shinier toys over the holidays, I may not be on this forum much, though I'll try and check it in the afternoon tomorrow and....MAYBE on Christmas. I'll try getting back to you all sometime late Monday or early Tuesday with some more progress.

    Merry Christmas to All, and to All a Good Night!
  15. FFfanboyX Green Slime

    Hello again! Sorry I missed my little self-imposed deadline-though it doesn't look like anyone was here to know it-but I had technical complications. .....Also, Skyward Sword is addictive. .....Also, I got stuck on the first Conversion Gel test in Portal 2. For quite a while. Haven't given it another try yet, actually, though I did paint the room the loveliest shade of white.

    Anyways, just informing you that there should be a new room or two and POSSIBLY a new Biome 'basket'.

    ....Oh, and I forgot to mention in the last post-I've been reinforcing the 'baskets' my current Biomes are in to three bricks thick as a safety precaution. And the next few Biomes are going to be about 70 bricks out instead of the ten my current ones are, since I keep having Jungle Bats get in somewhere.
  16. PeterTheOverlord Green Slime

    I like your style, Sir. i would take my hat off, if i had one xD Call me when you need some help, im an architect with experience! ;)
  17. FFfanboyX Green Slime

    Ah, there are people on this thread still! Good. I was kinda worried I might just not know how to get to a second page or something when nobody asked where I'd gone. Seeing as you're an architect with experience-any suggestions? I'm planning to stretch this mighty obelisk of death into the HEAVENS THEMSELVES......and I've kinda run low on room ideas already. In retrospect, the considerations for having it stretch down into Hell probably aren't much of a help......

    Oh, wait, I do have some left. I forgot I put a to-do list on here. ....Well. Still doubt it's enough to reach the heavens, but I have something to do today.
  18. PeterTheOverlord Green Slime

    Well, you have here a colossal tower, but if you dont know how to fill all the rooms, i suggest, Decorate, but not with all the ordinary and simple furniture, Im talking about structures, like columns and pillars, stairs, decorative pipes, and maybe giant mechanisms with gears and chains and stuff. thats the expensive plan, the cheap one is: build some windows, you really need those xP and always decorate whit some generic designs on the walls, or you can make giant signs for some rooms, like a big red cross in the background of the Nurse´s room, idk. Imagination and time is just what you need. its your choice. ;)
  19. FFfanboyX Green Slime

    Well, another good bit of work done.

    Incidentally, the Horrible Horrible Person Machine got it's first trial run during a blood moon.

    Does....does the fact that it's now killing corrupt bunnies and goldfish make it somehow less horrible? Or more horrible, since it's mass-producing evil fluffy things? Beats me. I also added a new room across the hall, though it's still missing a chest;


    My luxury kitchen, complete with cooking pot for healthy liquids and keg for not-so-healthy liquids! Also included is a coldbox made of snow bricks, for storing various foodstuffs, and some tables and chairs. Because soup is not a standing-up food, and I don't think kegs are supposed to produce beverages very good for standing up either.

    Oh, and I got materials for a little something else while I was acquiring snow bricks, too.


    Yep! 1200-odd blocks of snow arranged into a perfect Snow Biome, complete with Igloo! ....Igloo complete with bunny, apparently. Huh. Hey, at least I got me a Snow Bunny!

    At any rate, if I don't post more tonight, you probably shouldn't expect anything until the weekend. I will, however, try to respond to any new posts on here from other people. See you!
  20. FFfanboyX Green Slime

    Sounds like a plan. If imagination and time are what I need then, by George, I shall begin daydreaming posthaste! Midhaste, even! Prehaste! I shall daydream PREHASTE!

    ....Incidentally, since I just did something by him, who is George?

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