TConfig Project En (Latest Release of the "Enhanced Biomes" Set)

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  1. Jojiro

    Jojiro Hornet


    Installation instructions for adding any mod to Terraria via tConfig can be found here!

    All files here are compiled with the latest version of tConfig. You can use ModPackBuilder to recompile any of the source code, but if you use the installers it's from the latest version.

    tConfig found here:
    Phlebas is the Main Coder That's All You Need to Know!~ (open)

    Thanks to surfPup for creating tConfig and allowing all of this modding to be possible

    This modding project is Phlebas's brainchild, and he is the primary coder. I'm merely managing this thread, and handling a lot of the spriting. We have a small team so far. People who have contributed directly to spriting and coding are:
    • Phlebas
    • Jojiro
    • Orkuspay
    • Ragestuts
    • Dragonlith
    • Miraimai
    People who have contributed indirectly with suggestions or snippets of code are:
    • Yoraiz0r
    Modpacks referenced for inspiration and ideas included:
    • Omnir's Modpacks
    • mbran's Modpacks
    • Weird Weapons mod
    • TerrAsia
    • Corrupted Iron mod
    • Weegee's Misc mod


    This is split into 3 downloads: Project En is the "Enhanced Biomes" download and encompasses that part of our project, which changes little about biome generation, and merely adds a large conglomeration of items and NPCs.

    You can see the addition of Onyx Spike Armor in the banner, for example, which gives a permanent Thorns buff and is made from Obsidian and Spikes. Also, coral reefs are generated in the ocean. Other changes are enumerated in the spoiler.

    Project En (open)

    • Tall Grass now blocks your view in the foreground!
    • The Jungle offers three new arrow types focused on knockback, speed, and poison
    • Vultures now drop an early game magic item (thanks to TerrAsia for this idea)
    • Cacti can now be crafted into a sword
    • Sunflowers can now be used to make glowing shortswords!
    • Grasshoppers spawn from chopped grass
    • Coralstone can now be crafted into weapons and tools
    • Hermit Crabs and Mermen spawn in the ocean
    • Adamantite bricks now can be made
    • The blowgun and spear have upgraded version available
    • One can make a feather duster, which has high knockback but low power
    • Hell offers a few new items to set more enemies on fire
    • New potions and buffs!
    • New vanity items!
    • More uses for the Cooking Pot (soup variants!)
    • Exploding slimes during the Blood Moon!
    • Jackalope friendly NPC

    For the "New Biomes" part of the project, there are two separate packs:
    SwampPack will add the Swamp biome during world generation if it is loaded. You can see it in the banner above.
    • Leeches will swim into your inventory to sap at your health
    • Mandrake roots can be harvested, though they currently have no purpose
    • Swampwater is nearly impossible to jump out of without assistance, and blocks light
    • Cute frogs hop about while Necromongrels attempt to hunt you down
    • Cobwebs all over the world will now generate spiders
    FragileClouds will add canopy backwalls to the Jungle biome as well as a cloud layer biome above the jungle during world generation if it is loaded. This can be seen in the banner above.
    • Platforms in the jungle will appear in the canopy layer, and these are sometimes bouncy!
    • Clouds form with an entire new set of enemies and drops
    • Be careful; clouds fade in and out of the background, and it's hard to keep your footing!
    For Ideas & Suggestions, please head on over to the main WIP thread:

    Where we're working on things like Pyramid generation in deserts, an enhanced desert biome, a distillery for brewing alcohol, wild boar, snake, bear, and crocodile NPCs, and the like.

    They'll be as close to the most recent stable versions as possible. I'll update them regularly. :)

    Releases - Currently on 1.1 (open)

    1.0 -First compilation
    1.1 - Fixed cobweb bug and isolated cobwebs & spiders to SwampPack. Fixed coral and fan balancing issues. Altered recipes. Tall Grass bug reported but not yet fixed

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  2. blahblahbal

    blahblahbal Anomura Fungus

    Hey, mind if I use the Fireheart Potion in Avalon? I actually thought of the same thing, but I just haven't implemented it yet <_<. Of course, I'd change the recipe slightly so I wouldn't have to include Essence of Fire as well, and I'd give you credit, even though I thought of it too. And the Boom Slimes... I've got that in my mod too, except they're less explody.
  3. masterjen

    masterjen Green Slime

    This looks awesome :)
  4. MiraiMai

    MiraiMai Hell Bat

    Why not just use this along side Avalon? I've already had people complain because of compatibility issues with Avalon, so I renamed my item, but last thing we need is to make things more confusing for the users :p If you really want to, change the name of the potion at least so there's no problems between the mods.
  5. Jojiro

    Jojiro Hornet

    Fireheart's 1st implementation is in mbran's mod. Credit mbran. He allows use of his stuff as long as credit is given.

    Boom Slimes were 1st implemented in WeeGee's misc. modpack, except that thread was proclaimed dead.

    Name-changing is ok, but hardly necessary.
  6. MiraiMai

    MiraiMai Hell Bat

    Okay so after testing the mod a bit:
    • The fans need a boost, big time. Either cheaper to cast, or more damage. They are basically useless right now.
    • Hermit Crabs walk backwards :confused:
    • The Jungle looks AMAZING the way it is right now, although I think more platforms would be nice.
    • Tall grass doesn't seem to spawn very often, although that is probably good because...
    • Major bug here, in latest tConfig tall grass crashes the game. "Index Out of Bounds" error while drawing.
    • Didn't get to see the graveyard because of the previous error, the only tall grass in my world was in the graveyard.

    I'll look at the code and see what I can fix.
  7. Jojiro

    Jojiro Hornet

    Thank you!
    • Hermit Crabs walk shell forwards and look vaguely adorable that way, dontcha think?
    • The fans end up being more useful as a lighting tool than anything else. With 4 mana stars I can chop down zombies and eaters using the Blackwind Fan though.
    • Darn. Tall grass.
    • Hey Phlebas she likes your jungle!
  8. blahblahbal

    blahblahbal Anomura Fungus

    Compatibility issues? I thought I fixed those... Do you mean the worldgen issues, or something else? Cause I fixed the worldgen stuff so it's only in Tile.cs.

    And I think I'll rename the Fireheart Potion to Firesoul Potion for use in Avalon, just so it won't collide with this mod or mbran's. But I'll still credit him :p.
  9. TrinityMoon

    TrinityMoon Cursed Skull

    All three mods will work with each other right?
  10. MiraiMai

    MiraiMai Hell Bat

    The ones I had was name issues.(Such as trying to use the name "steel" for an alloy) Nothing too severe, I just renamed my item, but last thing we need is more :p
    They should yes, though right now there's a few bugs we're working out. (Tall grass doesn't spawn, except in the swamp, and if you see it the game will crash)

    If you want to play for now, I suggest not using swamp, although one bug(not sure if fixed in the downloads yet) is that the spiders spawned by cobwebs in the Project En pack are in the swamp pack, you'll just have to live with occasional errors while breaking cobwebs.
  11. Jojiro

    Jojiro Hornet

    For now spiders will solely appear in the swamppack til I can figure how to move them over.
    Coral & fans rebalanced.

    And I agree. Temporarily don't use swamp except by itself, though for me there is no tallgrass error?
  12. MiraiMai

    MiraiMai Hell Bat

    Are you using the latest version? And is the current release built with the latest version? I rebuilt the mod using the Rebuild menu right when tConfig updated.

    And for the spider, just cut out the NPC/Spider.* files from the swamp pack and put them into Project En, and remove the Tile/Cobweb.* files from the swamp pack(they are already in Project En, don't need to copy them)
  13. Jojiro

    Jojiro Hornet

    tConfig 0.28.1
    (though you can rebuild it from source)
    NPC/Spider + Tile/Cobweb doesn't work

    Item 'Modworld' does not exist. Build failed...something like that appears.
  14. Phlebas

    Phlebas Spriter

    ah, it uses a tileutils thing... you could put it in the project en and it would work, or i could edit the cs
  15. Jojiro

    Jojiro Hornet

    I'm...a scrub...? At coding?
    Even just reading code apparently?

    I looked through tileutils and moved the whole thing over and caused other things to go wrong. :(
  16. Phlebas

    Phlebas Spriter

    You need a Global/World.cs, and the line
    #INCLUDE "TileUtils.cs"
    in it. Project En already has it included, that's why I said you could put it in that and it would work.
  17. Jojiro

    Jojiro Hornet

    Do I move the entire file Global/TileUtils.cs or am I just taking a snippet of the code?

    Project En already has a Global/TileUtils.cs which looks initially exactly like the Swamppack one, but then differs after a couple tens of lines down. Not sure how to include stuff.
  18. TrinityMoon

    TrinityMoon Cursed Skull

    Alright thanks. This is a really great mod i can's wait to see it finished and whats added
  19. Jojiro

    Jojiro Hornet

    You know those ice wall backgrounds you made? Do you want to generate some kind of underground biome, like an icy cave or something, with falling icicles and custom mobs? It could generate under the snow biome, and you already have some tiles for it.

    I could be totally wrong but an underground biome might also be easier to meld with the world than the swamp, though I've gotten one or two swamps without the sudden cutoff of the world.
    TrinityMoon likes this.
  20. TrinityMoon

    TrinityMoon Cursed Skull

    Wish i could help this looks like an amazing mod imo.

    I really like the ice biome/underground ice biome idea if you could even make it so ice is slippery it would be really fun to play with. Ice materials and armor would be really fun to use as well not to mention the mobs for it. Though i'm still looking around for mushroom materials so i can build a house to look like a giant glowing mushroom in my farm deep under the surface xD cobalt looks pretty but does not give me the same feel to it.

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