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    Hey all. Just curious if anyone here has heard/plays Project Zomboid. It's a single player, isometric zombie survival game and shows great potential, despite being in a demo format. A quick google search can lead you there since I don't know if posting a link is against our ToS. I recently started earlier and was BLOWN AWAY at how much heart this game has. In case anyone is curious, my experience with the game is being uploaded to my channel as we speak.

    Now, I don't mean to sound like I'm advertising the game or my channel. I am just curious if anyone else has heard of it and if not, I would encourage you to give it a go. This game has the same kind of effect Minecraft has to it. While it's a simple game, the game just feels special due to it's heart and creative possibilities. Just to give you guys an idea of the imagination, I'll explain a story of my first time playing.

    After gathering supplies and food from a nearby house, I return to cook food for my wife(who can't move due to a broken leg). After making soup and bringing it to her, she yells at me for leaving the oven on, which in turn caused a fire and burnt us alive in a house. Now, I realize this sounds bland, but a simple idea of leaving the oven on really shows the creative side to this game.

    Your thoughts?


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