PuLSe's Worm Pit evolves into The CraTeR vs. The Valley (WIP)

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  1. PuLSe

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    SPOILER ALERT! The CraTeR vs. The Valley Jan 4

    The CraTeR
    2014 01 05 The CraTeR.png

    The Valley
    2014 01 05 The Valley.png
    SPOILER ALERT! The CraTeR (open)

    Terraria - PuLSe's WorM PiT.jpg

    Worm Pit to PuLSe's Home.png

    LaB to SkeleTroN.png

    Saucer to Draco.png

    Haunted Castle to Cobra tower.png

    2012 10 06 Ice Dragon, Fire Dragon, Hell Fortress.png

    2012 10 06 Arachne and victims.png

    The CraTeR 17.08 The Battle.png

    2013 06 15 Ceiling Dwellers.png

    Medusa's Lair.png

    2013 06 15 CataComB RuN.png

    The CraTeR 17.09 Spider Room in Catacomb run.png

    The CraTeR 17.08 Middle Hell.png

    2013 06 15 CluB SuccuBuS.png

    The MonSTeR and the VoLCaNo.png

    WraiTH vs. Gwendelle.png

    SPOILER ALERT! The Valley (open)

    2012 12 15 Gateway.png

    The OverLorD.png

    Train Station to Golden Tower.png

    Floating Gardens.png

    2012 12 15 Mt. Eldo and the docks.png

    Minotaurs to Medieval Village.png

    Tree of life to submarine.png

    SPOILER ALERT! Videos (open)

    SPOILER ALERT! Description (open)
    The CraTeR is an international collaborative creation using a Terrarian large world split asunder, with a Tower in the middle separating a virtual Hell from a virtual Paradise. Pick your side and stroll through scenic villages and expansive waterfronts or strap on your heavy armor and summon the best that Terraria has to offer (PVP if that's your choice) in some of the most beautifully hellish terrain ever constructed. The CRaTeR CreaToRs hail from Australia, Belgium, China, Denmark, Holland, Italy, Poland, Spain, Canada, France, New Zealand, U.S.A., Wales and low earth orbit along with other places unknown.

    Gameplay is important - design will encourage the ability to move about within The Crater (though at considerable risk!) slaying mobs and bosses and enjoying incredible artwork at the same time. The Valley is Terrarian scenic beauty over half a large world (WIP)

    It started out simply as PuLSe's Worm Pit but grew into The CraTeR vs. The Valley due to the wonderful input from the users of this forum - I can't thank them enough, and I hope you'll join them by adding a comment, idea or even a creation.

    I've scoured this forum for the best out there and shamelessly asked them to contribute. If you think your art compares favorably with what you see and you've got some time to add some creepiness to The CraTeR or beauty to The Valley, let's make it happen! PM me any time!

    I post updates regularly. Your opinion means a lot to all of us - please leave your comments! The .pdf included in the .wld download contains tons of info and credits to all the wonderful builders and other contributors.

    Hundreds more pics throughout thread.

    I wish you well,
    Please offer your comments - I value your opinion and want your ideas!

    Begin original post:
    I built this Worm Pit over a corrupted area. The chests up top are filled with Worm Food and Eyes to summon the monsters. Main access is through the skybridge from above. The exposed pit is crafted such that if you fall much past the lip, you'll fall to your death - there are no ledges below to save you. To amp up the challenge, remove your lucky horseshoe and your armor, pick up a crappy weapon and call the Eater of Worlds, the Eye of Cthulhu or both. Let's Rock! -PuLSe Pulse'sWormPitNoon.JPG
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  2. PeterTheOverlord

    PeterTheOverlord Green Slime

    Interesting. And also pretty awesome!
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  3. Spoolooni

    Spoolooni Green Slime

    It doesn't really hit the high margin though it's just a worm pit so I guess that would make do.
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  4. PuLSe

    PuLSe Cactus King

    I made it a bit tougher. Pulse'sWormPit1.13.JPG
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  5. Puppetmaster

    Puppetmaster Green Slime

    Sweet, looks like a devourer decided to pop by to see the progress.
    Needless to say, he wasn't met by a friendly welcoming committee.
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  6. Spoolooni

    Spoolooni Green Slime

    Ahh it got much better, but you should remove that lampost.
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  7. PuLSe

    PuLSe Cactus King

    I agree with you on the lampost. I didn't like it when I put it in either and never bothered to take it out. Thanks for the feedback.
  8. Spoolooni

    Spoolooni Green Slime

    Much better indeed.
  9. PeterTheOverlord

    PeterTheOverlord Green Slime

    Yeah indeed that looks much better than i thought :D
  10. PuLSe

    PuLSe Cactus King

    I've toughened it more still and added access to the corrupt tunnel on the left. The rules of engagement are still being tweaked, but No Cobalt Shield is probably a keeper. No Jump Boots is being considered as testing continues.

    Update: Lava tweaks.
  11. King Toad

    King Toad Dark Caster

    This looks like the end result will be insane, gl with deciding the rules
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  12. PuLSe

    PuLSe Cactus King

    I've tweaked the Corruption opening on the left side and added a lava trap. Rules now include No Cobalt Shield and No grappling devices. Battle testing incomplete so rules are likely to need additional adjustment. All testing to date has included 3 players. All have access to any armor or weapons. None have died in battles to date, though two have dropped below 50%. Current setup shown is significantly tougher than any tested to date. No-grapple rule remains untested. Testing resumes Wednesday...

    Update: I think I'm done with the Worm Pit for now. [Edit: Not!] I may add some spikes in the left tunnel or remove some platforms, depending on the quality of the players. No Cobalt Shield and No Grapples to start with. Each player then gets to decide how else they care to limit weapons and/or shields. The pit at the right is a dark, spike-ridden nightmare. No Jump Boots would probably make it a death sentence, though a Cloud in a Bottle hasn't been tested. There are many variations, but I set it up like casual poker where the dealer decides the rules. Each player gets a deal. Copper Swords at dawn can be really, really tough.

    I'm a huge fan of the artwork I've seen on this site and know that my Worm Pit doesn't begin to measure up artistically to more than I can count. Hopefully a stroll through the Elementary School of Art was entertaining... and I'd love to hear what others are doing in the way of battle configurations with Terraria.
    I wish you well.
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  13. KKslida

    KKslida Eskimo Zombie

    Its pretty decent as a building, I just think (personally) the gold for the roof and side don't go with the 'worm pit' theme. I would just suggest more ebonstone, or maybe a cover of demonite with a mixture of water and lava (either or)...just my 2 cents.
  14. PuLSe

    PuLSe Cactus King

    I have to agree with you. It started out as an arena for battle, built from the top down. Perhaps it's better instead growing out of the ground, a giant, hollow pustule into which you can narrowly drop and do battle... I've got some work to do. Thanks for the inspiration.

    Update: So I ran with KKslida's idea...
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  15. Killa17

    Killa17 Cursed Man

    That looks much more fitting, and absolutely killer! Nice work
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  16. KKslida

    KKslida Eskimo Zombie

    Well...now THAT's better -_^ b
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  17. TheKobold666

    TheKobold666 Yellow Slime

    now your cooking with Crisco ^_^
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  18. PuLSe

    PuLSe Cactus King

    I think I'm done. Again. [EDIT: Hah! Not even close!] I can't believe where this ended up - thanks to all of you who poked me in the right direction - I'm tired of dragging lava around but it was worth it. I fixed up the lava supplies at ground level and tweaked some minor decor, but it's still about the fight. I do like my new digs and certainly fed off many of you for inspiration. Thanks and be well. Pulse'sWormPit3.06.JPG Pulse'sWormPit3.08.JPG
  19. Mr.Person

    Mr.Person Moth

    Nice, but let's be careful so we don't wake the worm ;)
  20. Dralger

    Dralger Cursed Man

    This is looking great now. I remember when we were just starting to discuss the concept... it's sure morphed into something much more sinister, epic and badass than you ever originally planned. Great work making this come alive, I look forward to testing it again!!
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