Pumpkin Moon. How far've you gotten? What's your setup?

Discussion in 'PC' started by Knight9910, Oct 25, 2013.

  1. Knight9910

    Knight9910 Face Monster

    Actually, I am consistently hitting most of the enemies thanks to the traps I have lining my arena floor which hit everything except the Pumpkings.
  2. byzod

    byzod Demon Eye

    Spectre set, spear+spike trap, no flask, wave 12 beaten, it's morning when before I finish wave 13...
    I'll try to use Ichor flash and status heal, see if I can get to wave 15, however the main problem is I can't do damage fast enough, maybe I should try minishark+crystal bullet...
  3. Mabui

    Mabui Cave Bat

    I like how wave 15 just says Final Wave: Pumpking, Mourning Wood.

    And then I was suddenly hugged by 5 Pumpkings and scooted on by 3 Mourning woods all at once.

    Invulnerability increasing items are a godsend.

    The Horseman's blade dwarfs Terra Blades damage if you get 10+ guys all at once and just hold swing. Having 100 pumpkins that crit for 350+ hitting them all while I spam 180+ crits melts everything except the kings because they like to never get close to me.
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  4. Etrian

    Etrian Squirrel

    last night I made it to the 12th wave solo, then a friend joined me and we made it to the 13th wave. Today I made a mob trap and made it to the 13th wave solo, just added a thin layer of lava to hopefully increase the damage.

  5. DicemanX

    DicemanX Floaty Gross

    OK, finally managed to build a really compact arena that guarantees me wave 15. Here's the build:


    Here's the wiring:


    The weapon of choice is the middle cannon. When fired straight up the shots do a lot of damage, and do more damage on their way down. Not only does this tap Pumkings multiple times, but the Mourning Woods like to lodge themselves on the little platform directly below and also take the hits from the descending cannonballs.

    Here's what the typical action looks like:


    The idea is to tank directly in the middle while receiving 180 life every 10 seconds. If more life is needed, simply moving from side to side triggers the release of additional hearts (200 in total). The cannon usually makes short work of the Pumpkings and they drop lots of hearts, and when the Mourning Woods die they leave lots of hearts as well which can be accessed by pushing down to hop off the main platform.

    Vampire Knives and Greater Healing Potions are there as back-up. Note that the spawning room is directly above in case of sudden death.

    Level 15 easy and compact.

    Additional notes:

    Most important gear is Cross Necklace and Wings. Everything else is optional.

    It takes about 450 cannonballs to reach wave 15. The cannonballs hit multiple times each time they pierce through a boss (see the ~250 damage each hit does in the above pic). To fire the cannon, just hold shift and click on it so long as cannons are in your inventory.

    Directly below the main platform is a lot of empty space and a lava pit. Spikes also rain down just in case anything spawns there.

    The lava pits contain enough lava to destroy any hearts that fall in. This is important to make sure the hearts will spawn from the heart statues as there is a limit on how many hearts can be within the vicinity.

    Boss trophies complete!

  6. Infraynor

    Infraynor Cursed Skull

    Our tactic for getting into round 15 was to have like 5 or so of us on the server. None of us fully geared yet as we only restarted a couple days back for the fun of it but zerging them worked quite well until the problem shown here :p

    Quite literally impossible haha
  7. Vint

    Vint Cursed Man

    This set up+fed buff and flask of ichor gives me enough damage with Godly Vampire knives to sit still and outheal damage taken. Accessories are mixed between defense and attack speed. Knives have 45 base damage and 33% crit chance.
  8. Skyblade799

    Skyblade799 Zombie

    Wow you guys are really putting work into this.
    I ended up getting to wave 15 first try, but looking through all of the posts, it is likely because I did things the easy way. My setup was;
    Spectre armor (likely reason it went so well)
    warding star veil
    armored lightning boots
    amored ethereal wings
    warding mana flower
    warding ankh shield
    Demonic nimbus rod
    Mythical rainbow gun
    Mythical golden shower
    Mythical hydra staff

    In short; I stood on a platform where the trees couldn't get me in my boss arena (bunch of floating platforms) and had two clouds raining down through all of the pumpkings and any enemies below me. The spectre armor, with all of the defense and the invulnerability time increase, made me invincible, since I was gaining health so fast. The rainbow rod, golden shower, and hydra staff just made things easier, as the nimbus rod really gave me all of the health I needed, but that's not to say they didn't help. Looking back, I probably didn't even need the wings specifically, and the ankh shield is likely better as a paladins shield (I assume the enemies don't give any debuffs, that is). I didn't have to move for this to work. it is so cheap that later on that it got the point where I was never going below 400 hp, and I could just manage my inventory without worry since there was no threat. Edit; I did this similar setup later on using only the golden shower for a weapon, and it still worked.
  9. Arenthor

    Arenthor Undead Viking

    Okay so on my online world here I am getting the Pumpkings and Mourning Woods every single night after using the Pumpkin Moon medallion. I can't stop them from showing up, it is EVERY night.
  10. rakrimes

    rakrimes Zombie

    Beat it wearing chlorophyte chest and legs and a shroomite helm. Vamp knives, inferno fork, traps set up similar to those above in other posts, potions, I forget what all accessories. But made it till morning of course I died in the midst of it all but I did get a candy corn rifle, stake launcher, and i forget the name but it launches explosive pumpkins, horsemens blade, raven staff, bat staff, necro scroll, a crap ton of spooky wood, spooky hook, cursed sapling. During the fight I switched to the stake launcher was doing 122 ranged damage with a 51% crit chance was awesome. then morning came and those stats dropped.

    Here is a video of me showing you the weapons I listed in case you didn't get them you can see their stats.

  11. rakrimes

    rakrimes Zombie

    SAME HERE!!!!! I finally quit out.
  12. Dragon lord7132

    Dragon lord7132 Slimed Zombie

    I can't kill pumpking.

    Can't progress :C
  13. Arenthor

    Arenthor Undead Viking

    Did it keep happening when you went back in? Maybe relogging is the answer.
  14. rakrimes

    rakrimes Zombie

    I didnt wait till night lol made a quick vid n got out
  15. Arenthor

    Arenthor Undead Viking

    I just tried it, it still happens.

    It was kind of a mistake to not have a hard definitive end to this in the first place.
  16. Zaflis

    Zaflis Bone Serpent

    Make sure your server is I noticed that Terraria client CAN connect to pre-hotfix 1.2.1 server.
  17. Arenthor

    Arenthor Undead Viking

    It is, yes. Still happens.
  18. byzod

    byzod Demon Eye

    Ok, finally wave 15
    I setup cannon like DicemanX did, but that only brought me to wave 13. I got two box of mob status to provide enough hearts to survive, the key is not enough damage output.
    Then I hook up a infinite TNT system to bring pumpking down quickly, then finally wave 15.

  19. I cant seem to get by wave 9, and thats without using fancy trap setups.
  20. frogspoison

    frogspoison Bunny

    Final Wave (Infinite kings+wood wave), using a setup with a hole at the bottom, spectre armor, nimbus rod, and the new bat scepter. Put down the nimbus rod for continual heavy damage on everything, bat scepter on the kings (That thing does intensive single target damage, i can down a pumpkin king in about 15 seconds with it, but it lacks the multi target oomph of the inferno fork). I also have a rope setup, so I can be stationary, and 5 super dart traps at the bottom on a 3 second timer (I could probably get a few more darts to shoot out of them if i changed the timer setup)

    I use full menacing reforge, and I have a star necklace (For the extended immunity+tiny bit of extra damage, stars only do 1 damage), Sorcerers emblem, Obsidian Shield (Just need vitamins atm for the Ahnk Shield), Lightning Boots (Plan to replace it with destroyer's once I get it, 10% damage+8%crit is a overall 18% damage boost), and Moon Shell (Which I will probably replace with the Avengers Emblem)

    Generally the 2-3 kills I can get during the Final Wave tend to drop trophies. Once I have the max damage setup, I should be able to get a bit into the Final Wave, probably about 20-25 kills instead of 2-3.

    Also, Spectre Armor healing is ridiculously OP with this setup, as I'm healing for, oh, couple hundred a second due to the 10+ woods I get during the Final phase that sit right below me in the rain.

    If I could remember to stock up on mana pots, I would be able to go further with this setup...

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