Pumpkin Moon. How far've you gotten? What's your setup?

Discussion in 'PC' started by Knight9910, Oct 25, 2013.

  1. Knight9910

    Knight9910 Face Monster

    One thing - after running a Pumpkin Moon with my magic user character I can tell you, the Inferno Fork is a truly terrible weapon choice. If you set up your arena with traps properly, you won't have to worry about the regular mobs, you'll only have to deal with the Pumpking yourself, and the Inferno Fork's shots are way too slow, and it's way too fast. You'll be lucky to hit it even once.

    I suggest for magic-users, go with the Shadowbeam Staff.
  2. Tried standing in a honey bath with spikes on the floor and bonfires nearby in full turtle and with warding accessories (pally shield, cross necklace, charm of myth, ankh shield, moon charm).
    Went very well.
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  3. Strifefire

    Strifefire Cursed Skull

    With no setup/arena I can get to Wave 11, but can't complete it before morning comes. Standard Melee build.

    Tried again after making a proper arena. Got to Wave 14 but daylight came shortly after. I have ideas for refining the arena further for faster kills.
  4. Leinfors

    Leinfors Black Recluse

    Using this setup, I added spike balls to the bottom of the bit. It was enough DPS against the downstairs enemies to get me just barely into wave 14 (while before I could just barely get to 13). I was pretty surprised. I'm going to add off-screen spikeballs now to damage enemies as they spawn, since I very clearly felt a loss of my limited time chasing after enemies in the first 4 waves that hadn't gotten to me yet. If I can cut off 10 seconds from every wave, I might make wave 15.
  5. TankHunter678

    TankHunter678 Eskimo Zombie

    I suggest using a rope and focus on dodging the scythes by going up and down. The pumpkings are programmed to hover over your head so by focusing on an up and down dodge movement with the rope which works quite well and it is impossible to miss pumpkings with the inferno fork. The pumpking's scythe spells which hurt the most travel slow enough that going up and down the rope just lets you dodge them and your target never moves from side to side. So Inferno Fork becomes better then Shadowbeam for dealing with pumpkings as it stays in the aoe for very long. It also makes the nimbus rod great against pumpkings.

    That is what I learned on my melee character when I was using vamp knives. By hanging on a rope everything gets caught in the pit below me (which I should outfit with traps) and pumpkings float above me at actually a perfect level that I could just do what I did with golem and create a trap kill box to deal with them.
  6. lanep25

    lanep25 Green Slime

    Level 13 several times, but never past that. Day comes too soon, and the wimps run out on me. Magic user with Heat Ray, Magnet Sphere, Frost Hydra. I got several other staffs but those are the ones I use during the pumpkin moon. The arena is a very large pit with a lava trap running the whole length, a lot of spiky ball traps, and super darts traps on both ends of the arena. Hooked up on the platform above the traps are star and heart statues.

    Night just needs to last longer. I wish there was something we could about that without using admin cheats. Make the Pumpkin Moon last for a night, a day, and another night. Intense fighting non-stop. That would be the dream, or nightmare for some.... >:D
  7. Enigma080

    Enigma080 Zombie

    Be a dream for me :D

    It's not hard to get to wave 15 all you need is a ton of traps. The mourning wood is the only problem I am having sometimes.
  8. Majora787

    Majora787 Penguin

    Solo with no arena, no potions, and my standard turtle armor / vampire knives, I got a ways into wave 8 before day came.
  9. NiraExecuto

    NiraExecuto Angry Nimbus

    I don't know if it's still that way, but when an eclipse occurred after a blood moon, the blood moon would go on during the day and replace the eclipse, and the following night would still be a bloodmoon. So, maybe that can happen with a Pumpkin Moon too?
  10. lanep25

    lanep25 Green Slime

    This may be the case, but sadly I've never had the fortunate accident of finding out. In my opinion, summoning the Pumpkin Moon should be coded is such a way to last a night, a day, and another night. By summoning the event shows a clear intent on wanting it to happen. The event really needs to last longer. It's great, but it needs to last longer.
  11. mick1m

    mick1m Green Slime

    I can't get past wave 13. My arena's pretty simple, a pit with some Flame / Super Dart / Spike Ball traps, and it kills normal mobs just fine, but the Pumpkings have too much health for me to reliably burn down (though I can survive just fine by simply jumping up and down, that's dodging enough for these guys).

    Still waiting for a Bat Scepter to drop (and a Nimbus Rod would be nice, game!) to replace the ol' Leaf Blower for my single-target DPS, and I could probably use a third Emblem and reforging my accessories to Menacing, but that doesn't seem like enough to get me through 2 more waves. I might just use the cannons after all, though I'd hoped to avoid that...
  12. kirbyeatsbomberman

    kirbyeatsbomberman Angel Statue

    The items I used during the Pumpkin Moon are all in my hotbar, and my accessories are all menacing. (I also had a Crystal Ball with me to use halfway through the night too).
    My weapon reforges were:
    Quick Staff of the Frost Hydra
    Mystic Nimbus Rod
    Masterful Magnet Sphere
    Godly Bat Scepter
    Nasty Golden Shower
    [​IMG]I didn't even need traps, all I had to do was keep in one spot (horizontally), place 2 clouds high above my head, drop my frost hydra (which I would refresh when they die), and I would just repeatedly switch between throwing a magnet sphere, covering everything in ichor, and spamming bats into the air, refreshing potions when necessary. I got roughly ten of each trophy each night by doing this.
  13. TehEuge

    TehEuge Cursed Man

    I ran a server so I could reset the night to dusk. When it was almost morning I would just use rod of discord to go rly high up in the air and alt-tab while falling and type dusk. Got all the way to wave 15 and stayed on that wave for about 3 nights. I rly thought you could defeath those pesky pumpkings. Regardless, here are my spoils:
    2013-10-27_00007.jpg 2013-10-27_00008.jpg 2013-10-27_00009.jpg

    You can see my gear there, all accessories reforged to menacing (+4% dmg) and weapons are godly for the most part. Used Vampire knives with Paladins hammers mostly, and also used Rod of Doscord excessevly to get out of sticky situations. Too bad that once I rejoined all but one chests in the picture were gone and none of the loot was there, apart from few thinks I took with me. But what is stopping me from repeating it again? :p

    Also, I used the flask of Ichor to get extra 10 dmg with every weapon, as well as minor buffs from food and beer.
  14. Leinfors

    Leinfors Black Recluse

    Hoooly crap.

    Having learned the system using Turtle Armor and Vampire Knives, I switched over to Specter Armor with Bat Scepter/Nimbus Rod/Magnet Sphere and tore through it. Got to wave 15 solo and got a dozen trophies each off the two bosses.

    Tragically, the collateral damage from the insane sickle spam managed to kill all but 2 of my NPCs. I never lost an NPC before to that, my house is fairly far away.
  15. Knight9910

    Knight9910 Face Monster

    Where are you getting this information? I've had plenty of bloodmoons lead into solar eclipses and vice-versa and it never did that.
  16. Archina

    Archina Fire Imp

    It was a bug that happened early into 1.2 and has been patched. My guess is that Nira thought it still existed.
  17. Ashey

    Ashey Undead Viking

    I'm not using any type of arena, but wave 10 is the farthest i've gotten, i need more time ):
  18. Knight9910

    Knight9910 Face Monster

    Ah, that explains it. I started over from scratch for 1.2 so I didn't get a solar eclipse until after the patch, which I'm assuming is the one that fixed that.
  19. Woundi Avalar

    Woundi Avalar Giant Worm

    Well the Pumpking is made for that. It's more like a final boss ya' know?
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  20. W1K

    W1K Spambot

    So let's get this all summed up.

    Magic solo is totally viable if you know how to spam your shits and you're full menacing, spectre, damage accessories and best prefixes.
    Melee solo is hard but viable if you have a decent arena set up and all out damage as usual.
    Ranged solo is im-fucking-possible.
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