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Discussion in 'Released Maps' started by blindsniper, Sep 30, 2011.

  1. blindsniper Squirrel

    About The Project
    Hi guys, I've been working on this idea to remake Team Fortress 2 maps in Terraria, so I will update the thread as they are made. All maps are available at the bottom for download! Go ahead and try them out! :D

    Map Making
    I also noticed some Terrarians with an interest in making their own TF2 maps! I don't blame them, it's awesome! Here's the list of TF2 maps, which is a great reference to use for making these maps. Just click on the name of the map, and its page will have schematics for you to look at. Happy map making! You can send me stuff like maps, hate mail, and comments, to [email protected]

    • Map development is back on again! I've finished my school work for now. :D
    • As always, let me know if there are any problems so I can fix 'em. :cool:
    • To-Do List...
      • Finish Coldfront
      • Finish Gravel Pit
      • Work on beta maps
    Click the name of the map to see what it looks like in TF2!

    Notes: I'm really happy with the final version. My map making skills have come a long way since I first started.

    Notes: Definitely one of my favorite creations. It is designed for easy lateral movement with slightly challenging vertical movement, to create moments of tension when you decide to move up or down. Choose when to move wisely!

    Notes: A simple map, and very unique in that movement revolves around dodging hazards rather than overcoming the map itself.

    Notes: An ambitious project, and technically 3 maps in 1. I've been too lazy to update the picture, so play it to see the new look!

    Notes: Definitely a hard map to make. It wasn't easy, but after several redesigns I think I finally captured the feel of Nucleus in this map. The pit is designed so that you are only likely to fall in if you are pushed in by an enemy. Most of the time you can jump over it just fine.

    Gorge - BETA
    Notes: Not a very pretty map, but the framework is there. It will go under a redesign someday, making everything look more natural and less forced.

    Notes: Another ambitious project akin to Dustbowl. It is technically 2 maps in 1. I really like how it came out, and I will fix a few things here and there eventually.

    Notes: Just like Gorge, not very developed in looks but most of the platforms and building areas are where they need to be, making it at least playable. I will update it someday. The castle will get a huge overhaul. My most proud thing about this map is that the Demoman can charge and jump off the rock in the center, and hop on the platforms all the way to land on top of the castle, just like in a real game of TF2.



    You can also play as the TF2 classes!
    You can download them below!

    Special Thanks
    Klyge432 - for helping me with come up with the idea for the TF2 Mercenaries :D
    Novate - for helping me find map flaws to fix and teaching me how to upload to Curse! :cool:
    Athena - for encouraging me to go bigger when I design and make my maps :oops:
    Chocorate - for giving me the idea to use reforge modifiers to balance weapons :eek:
    Chaosoul - for helping me balance the Mercenaries with value tweaks :rolleyes:
    PauliusM - for the flat worlds on which I build my maps upon :cool:
    Puppetmaster - for making the Pyro overpowered (yes, op Pyro is intentional) :D
    Takeshidude - For using Majora's Mask to hex me with a Curse ;)

    This section is for users who have helped me greatly with this idea. These are the brave men and women who've DARED to post their thoughts on a forum. Terraria Fortress wouldn't be as awesome as it is today without them!
    Enjoy, and know that I appreciate feedback! It definitely helps, and I read everything.
    Thanks again everyone.

    Downloads are available below in .zip form.
    Also available on Curse.

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  2. Klyge432 Giant Worm

    Don't mean to spoil the great idea but someone has already made a 2fort map but so far no one has made any of the other teamfortress maps also if the map was bigger that would make it more strategic.
  3. Novate Bone Serpent

    Hmm... It looks like you can loot that beer mug through the wall via the sewer tunnel.
  4. Klyge432 Giant Worm

    I agree.
  5. Novate Bone Serpent

    I suppose you could intergrate in red bricks and blue bricks OR instead use what you have there and replace the walls with red bricks and blue walls.
    Though either might look a little overboard.
  6. blindsniper Squirrel

    Yeah I tried it, I decided it's better for me to stick with wood for now.

    EDIT: Just finished Double Cross. In testing, this map was really fun to play on. It's small and straight forward, yet you find yourself battling against the map's height and obstacles. :cool:
  7. Klyge432 Giant Worm

    I really like the look of the double cross it's way more straightforward than the real version ( I like that because I always get lost when playing TF2 )

    I had an Idea that you could use as a class system:
    1. scout handgun 100 bullets, swiftness potion x5, ivy whip, Hermes boots, anklet of the wind, aglet, cloud in a bottle, 120 health,
    2. soldier star cannon 20 stars, starfury, rocket boots, 300 health, 60 mana
    only have two ideas so far please test them and see what you think BTW all the listed equipment is per life.
  8. blindsniper Squirrel

    Oh wow those are some great ideas! I'll make the characters and test them out when I get the chance.
    I'm also thinking of putting Safes inside the spawn rooms to act as supply lockers for ammo refills. Not sure how well it'll work out, but I'll try.
  9. Klyge432 Giant Worm

    Resupply would be brilliant
    changes for classes and new ones:
    ( give scout Muramasa + Feral Claw+space gun+40 mana) ( give soldier aglet)
    3. Pyro, aqua sceptre, sunfury, Flamelash, obsidian skull, obsidian skin potion x2, aglet, 260 health, 200 mana ( Pyro is incomplete )
    4. Demoman, grenades x20, sticky bomb x5, fiery greatsword, Space gun, aglet, 260 heath, 80 mana
    5. Heavy, Mini-shark 400 bullets, nights edge, 400 health
    6. Engineer can place blocks destroy place blocks and build spawn rooms with resupply, space gun, Molten pickaxe, Molten Hamaxe, 160 health, 100 mana
    7. medic carries health potions, handgun 100 bullets, blade of grass, water bolt, 140 health, 180 mana
    8. Sniper musket 100 meteor shot, lights bane, magic missile, 140 health, 140 mana
    9. Spy phoenix blaster 100 sliver bullets, dark lance, invisibility potion x10, The Breaker + nightmare pickaxe ( to destroy engineer stuff), space gun, 140 health, 80 mana
  10. blindsniper Squirrel

    Lots of updates added (see the main post above), and Sawmill is now being built.
  11. Klyge432 Giant Worm

    You can't stack accessories any more so heavy doesn't really work. also soldier seems a tad too dependable on mana.
  12. Puppetmaster Green Slime

    Someone should host with these.
    Looks at blind sniper and starts a blinking hurricane.
  13. blindsniper Squirrel

    Sorry, I can't host PvP servers for everyone, which is why I have the maps available for anyone to download so you guys can host on your own servers with your friends. Using the maps yourselves is encouraged! Have fun with it. :cool:

    Personally me and my friends like to go 3v3 (because there's 6 of us lol) and we test everything out just by playing! :D
    That's why I love it when you guys test the maps for yourselves and tell me what me and my friends missed. It works out great for everyone.

    Remember, you guys can comment on anything you feel needs improvement. Anything, really!
    (Aesthetics, map design, map balance, map size, etc. etc. etc. anything means anything :rolleyes:)
  14. Klyge432 Giant Worm

    Hey is this thread still running cause i'm still extremely enticed
  15. blindsniper Squirrel

    Yes. And Sawmill has been added. :cool:
  16. Klyge432 Giant Worm

    love the use of spikes for the sawmill but maybe you should actually add a decorative sawmill in the middle
  17. blindsniper Squirrel

    LOL! I forgot those were in the game! :rolleyes:
    Definitely gonna add some good stuff to that map. :D

    Also, I used spikes because I wanted the "sawblades" to do damage, just like in a real game of TF2!
  18. blindsniper Squirrel

    Updated to version 1.1

    Progress on Dustbowl will resume after my exams! lol
  19. Klyge432 Giant Worm

    Good I almost thought this thread had died (and i completely forgot about it ;))
  20. Puppetmaster Green Slime

    Pyro loadout doesn't have a flamethrower? UMADBRO?

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