Quest for the Diamond

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  1. 38dedo

    38dedo Piranha

    Hey there forum!

    I've recently finished my little RPG map, and hope to get some feedback.

    Story is rather generic. You play a simpleton who one day decides to go look for the legendary diamond told about only in stories.
    Your quest takes you from the great Terraland's skybridge, to the depths of the ancient jungle.


    Rules are simple:
    - Start with a brand new character.
    - Dump your starter pickaxe and axe in the first chest to your left.
    - No blocks are to be destroyed.
    - No blocks are to be placed.
    - You are only allowed to craft Flaming Arrows, if you have the materials.


    - Exploration is highly encouraged as chests are located everywhere you don't look!

    - A score system is measured by gems that you find in all chests.
    Topaz - 1
    Amethyst - 3
    Emerald - 5
    Sapphire - 10
    Ruby - 30
    Diamond - 500

    Currently, max score is 2300

    - Difficulty is based on monster spawn rate, a blue candle is optional for the taking at the start point. By taking it you can choose to increase your challenge when you feel the spawn rate is for some reason getting dull.

    - The map is designed for 1 player.

    I would love to hear all your feedback, if the game was too easy, too hard.
    I would love even more if you post your score! Or if you hate counting, just the amount of each gem you found.

    If you liked the map, you should check out the sequel.


    -Update 1.1

    -Widened the lake beneath the bride.
    -Added a second sign on the S.S Flare
    -Added a ladder to the secret chest location in the jungle, allowing the player to get out without having to drown self.
    -Added 2 new secret chests.


    -Update 1.2

    -The chest containing the jungle armor can no longer be reached with a jump (I hope).
    -The chest containing mud blocks had the mud blocks removed, it now also contains a heart crystal.
    -Added another chest.
    -The chest aboard the S.S Flare now contain 5 grenades instead of 2, and also contains a Flintlock pistol with 30 rounds of musket balls. Yarr!


    -Update 1.3

    -Added some platform alongside scaffolds which were hard to climb.
    -The chest containing Nature's Gift can now be reached without the Cloud in a Bottle.
    -Added 4 more chests. New max score: 2300.


    How to play:
    Extract 'world3.wld' from the .zip file
    Open up: Documents/My Games/Terraria/Worlds
    Put Wolrd3.wld in said folder.
    If you already have a world named "World3" simply rename one of them.
    Don't forget to keep the ".wld" at the end.

    If you are still having trouble, try Maldor's guide on map installing.


    You can also check out the CurseForge link:

    Here are a couple of Lets Plays made of the map. The videos contain spoilers.

    - Vaice's LP
    - WeeBaird's LP
    - Pedguin's LP
    - xtriickster8's LP
    - xJukeProxNabb's LP
    Show Spoiler

    Thank you for the LPs, enjoyed every second of 'em!

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  2. Hong Meiling

    Hong Meiling Penguin

    I just downloaded it, going to try it out now. I'll post when I'm done, with what I think. :D

    EDIT: So far, so good. The only problem I have with it is when you have the sign say "Only true heroes leap.", and you actually leap, you overshoot the pool of water below and die. So, maybe you should try widening the pool?
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  3. Zakhep

    Zakhep Demon Eye

    Got a final score of 1962
    What's the max score?

    This is one of the better maps and you should play it
  4. xadam1234x

    xadam1234x Green Slime

    heya this maps awersome :) ive paused playing atm cause theirs 3 harpys after me
  5. KingCreeper64

    KingCreeper64 Demon Eye

    i got 1567 points great map only thing to make it better would be to put (spoiler) Corruption before you go underground
    after i got up there i was like eh quite easy (spoiler)or you could uncover the chasms that would be annoying I also recommend this map to anyone its really well designed
  6. 38dedo

    38dedo Piranha

    Thank you for all the feedback ! :)
    I will expand the lake at the begining ( I myself had the feeling its too small )
    And will soon post the max score.

    Thank you for the feedback!
    I actually designed the map to feel a bit difficult in the begining, and get a little easier as it goes.
    That gives the feeling of progression and shows you how much your character changed from when you started your journey, to when you ended it.
  7. Franbo

    Franbo Green Slime

    Very enjoyable, some nice touches (I particularly liked the spikes statistics part!). I had forgotten quite how tought the jungle is with low\mid-level equipment (time to start afresh methinks).

    Great work.
  8. Umbongo

    Umbongo Green Slime

    Great map, got a score of 1814 . :)
  9. 38dedo

    38dedo Piranha

    I calculated the max score to (currently *hint*) be 1996! 2037
  10. Rarrasdas

    Rarrasdas Green Slime

    Swe FTW. I will download this.

    Video goes here: "Coming soon"
  11. Hong Meiling

    Hong Meiling Penguin

    Oh, I wanted to ask; are players allowed to place blocks they get from chests? I was wondering because some of the chests had useless items in them (I won't say what, but it has to do with a mine) that seemed to be just for story. I also got some Mud Blocks and I wasn't sure if it was okay to use them.

    If it is okay, it might be a good idea to include in the explanation sign so people don't get confused.
  12. DarkJak

    DarkJak Squirrel

    Very clever and fun. I found it very enjoyable. Only scored 1252, may do another try later.
  13. 38dedo

    38dedo Piranha

    I did fill some chests with cobwebs, mud or copper ore only to give the feeling that the chests had previous uses, or are just old.
    Technically you're not supposed to place any blocks, but on the other hand, 3-4 mud blocks won't get you far.

    Off topic:
    I just noticed one of the chests is located in a deep hole that you can't jump up from.
    I forgot to place a ladder up because I constantly relied on my rocket boots when creating the map.
    I will fix that soon.
  14. Rarrasdas

    Rarrasdas Green Slime

    I made a vid of the map, it should be up, soon.
  15. Fabled_Son

    Fabled_Son Green Slime

    i'm stuck in the jungle do i go up, over, top, or bottom, to where i first enter it
  16. 38dedo

    38dedo Piranha

    Whoops, I forgot a couple of chests, thank you.
    Fix'd max score is 2037.
    Topaz x 112
    Amethyst x 40
    Emerald x 51
    Sapphire x 42
    Ruby x 21
    Diamond x 1

    V Spoiler: Highlight to show V
    Once you reach the jungle, carry on downwards until you find your Ivy Whip, use it to continue traversing the jungle left, and past the lava pools.
    ^ Spoiler ^
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  17. Perfectionist

    Perfectionist Green Slime

    I got 1149. That is bad, huh?
  18. 38dedo

    38dedo Piranha

    Nothing's bad as long as you enjoyed the map!
  19. Netwoork

    Netwoork Demon Eye

    got final score: 3195 max score you can get: 2035

    - 3195
    =840 I was 84O p to max score!
  20. 38dedo

    38dedo Piranha

    Don't take it too seriously, I used mrkite's very handy 'Terrafirma' and can confirm to you that the max score is currently 2037.

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