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Discussion in 'Working in Progress Mods' started by rangerofthewest, Dec 17, 2012.

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    Alright, Wigglesniff and I had a mod going, then I disappeared. Died, according to some :)S) Shockah took it over, and while that's fine, I want to continue developing the mod. So, here I come to you with V 1.0 of the Quest Mod Resurrected (or 1.0.5 if you count the previous versions). This one basically allows you to have item quests. I think it works, although I haven't tested it extensively. Right now, it only works with vanilla items, I really don't want to go through the data ids and make a ban list rather than an allowed list of quest items.

    A lot of this work was Wigglesniff's.


    -Enemy quests! Obtain quests to fight enemies
    -Saveable! Need to go? Your quest will be saved periodically!
    -Overridable quests. Got stuck killing Tim? Well, get a new quest!
    -Item quests! Obtain items! (Only works with vanilla items, right now)
    -Rewards! Get paid upon completion! WOOOT!
    -Skill based! The more advanced you are, the harder and better quests you get!
    -Multiplayer support! Teams can work on quests together!

    I need help determining if you have enough items in your inventory for the item quests

    Have any ideas? Post them below! Once I figure out the item quests, I will release the mod.
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    This mod sounds really fun, I look forward to playing it.

    Something that would be cool is NPC-oriented quests, I had a few ideas:
    A building quest. Like an NPC requests you build them a house out of specific materials.
    A quest to guide an NPC from one location to another, say if the Old Man wants to visit the Dungeon again.
    A quest to protect an NPC from waves of enemies.

    I don't know how viable those ideas would be, I am quite inexperienced with modding Terraria. Regardless, I do look forward to this mod, it brings in a cool new dynamic to the game that would be fun.
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    Previous idea sounds great. E. g. save as many NPC's as you can throughout Goblin Invasion.

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