Question: Buying the game with Steam allow download to other computers with Steam???

Discussion in 'In-Game Support Archive' started by Guyovich, Jun 23, 2011.

  1. Guyovich Green Slime

    If I buy the game off of Steam with my account on, say my laptop, can I download the game to my desktop computer for free with the same Steam account?
  2. Israel Ribeiro Green Slime

    Yes. But you can only play it while logged in.
  3. Brent Green Slime

    that's correct. Everything you own on steam is tied to the account, not the computer you buy it on. Just remember that to activate a game you must be logged in.
  4. Guyovich Green Slime

  5. Stray_Mongrel Green Slime

    You are able to run the dedicated server on one computer, and the client on another, at the same time. The dedicated server exe doesn't require Steam login to run.
  6. Brent Green Slime

    true, but you can also run the game on multiple computers, as it won't boot you from the game if steam is logged out due to another computer logging in with that steam account. Portal 2 is like this, it's how you can get LAN games going with that.
  7. Stray_Mongrel Green Slime

    Mmm, that's interesting. But with the game being pretty inexpensive, that seems like a pretty convoluted way to save a few dollars. There is no bloody way I'd share my Steam account information.

    I did a google search for something on Terraria, and I was shocked to see links for pirate versions of 1.0.5 up the same morning that it was released, so it seems that some people are unable to drum up 10-freekin-dollars. Assuming they aren't Virus-bait.

    I have tried playing on the PC Gamer public servers a few times, but there is always a group of nimrod griefers spamming dynamite at the spawn point relentlessly. It's just a completely miserable experience, and after seeing the pirate links, I could only think of the real possibility that those douchebags may not even have paid for the game. That irritated me even more.

    Now I'll always be wondering if they are cheating the Steam login.
  8. Israel Ribeiro Green Slime

    Sooner or later, steamworks are going to be applied to the game, and then, you'll need to be logged in to play.
  9. Brent Green Slime

    What I'm talking about is fair use stuff. You buy the game and you should be able to play LAN games with it. I'm not saying you should share a steam account to give all your friends terraria.

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